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25 Nov 2014, 9:41 pm


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(John Hinderaker)The Obama Administration’s IRS scandal is multi-faceted. In addition to the persecution of conservative non-profits by Lois Lerner et al., the question has been percolating for some years whether Obama’s IRS has transferred confidential taxpayer information to Obama&rsqu

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Only fair.

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The American Spectator

A Silver Lining in Ferguson

Despite the fire, spraying of bullets, looting and general mayhem last night in Ferguson following the grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, the silver lining in all of this is no one died. That might not be of much comfort to those who had their property damaged or destroyed,

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Last night, I tried to stay off social media, but felt the urge to Tweet about how looting and destroying local businesses does nothing to harm corporations, the police, or the legal system, but it does harm community members who are working hard to put food on the table for themselves. No matter h
President Obama has now twice made remarks concerning the grand jury verdict in Ferguson, Missouri. He first made remarks last night at the White House and again earlier this evening during a speech in Chicago concerning immigration. On both occasions, Obama has spoken about having "more representa
Look, I think the last thing you should talk about at Thanksgiving is politics. There's too much food, too much alcohol, too much football-related disappointment, and generally, far too many relatives you'd rather not see let alone be related to by blood. But in anticipation of the dinner table con

The Federalist

Here’s The Difference Between Feeling Thankful And Thanksgiving

While gratitude based on temporal things will eventually fail us, thanksgiving is an act of communion with the eternal.

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A queer man of color and woman face white men chanting, ‘Racist, sexist, antigay! Christian facists, go away!’ as they merely suggest children have rights, too.
The Pilgrims would be astonished at our abundance and our response to it.
As a capitalist, I want to love the car-sharing app company Uber. But they sure are making it difficult.

The Washington Free Beacon

Hagel Tells Congress He is Unaware if Cash Paid in Failed Hostage Release

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has told to a member of the House Armed Services Committee that the Pentagon has no information about a covert U.S. Special Forces ransom payment earlier this year that was made in a failed bid to win the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

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25 Nov 2014, 4:20 pm

Star Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt decided to show his appreciation to the men and women of the Houston Police and Fire Departments by sending them pizza.
The pace of home price increases slowed in September, according to figures released on Tuesday, but other data show that houses have not become more affordable despite government efforts.

Big Government

Cancer Fears for Chiefs Safety Eric Berry

Kansas City Chiefs Strong Safety Eric Berry made a shocking announcement this week reporting that he is undergoing testing for a mass in his chest that doctors think might be cancer. The 2010 first round draft pick reported that he felt a tightness in his chest during last Thursday's loss to the

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As America prepares for a second night of violence in Ferguson Missouri, the Saint Louis County Police Department has set up two phone lines to handle donations from community members to officers that are working to regain the peace despite the harsh cold weather expected for the night. On Monday
Students at the University of California Los Angeles held a protest in solidarity with demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri and around the country on Tuesday, as they blasted the grand jury's decision not to prosecute police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in A
An Afghan woman, only known as Rezagul, told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty how she murdered between 10 and 25 Taliban militants after they murdered her 27-year-old son right in front of her. The attack occurred on November 17 in western Farah Province. "I was so enraged that I took a gun and st

American Thinker

Obama and the Dispensing Power

Those who view this sweeping assertion of presidential authority by Obama through the prism of politics are missing the point. This is not merely a political outrage -- it is a historic offense against the Constitution and public liberty.

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Yes, the majority are not terrorists.  They are worse! Passive aggressors might be a better description for most of the silent Muslim majority.
Unhappily, as a result of the mediocre quality of science education, many people do not know how to evaluate either a scientific hypothesis in general, or AGW in particular.
Marquette provides the latest example of academic fascism.

Heritage Foundation

White House, Congress Raided Hundreds of Millions from Anti-Bioterrorism Fund

Congress and the Obama White House looked for billions of dollars a few years ago to offset the costs of a legal settlement with black... Read More The post White House, Congress Raided Hundreds of Millions from Anti-Bioterrorism Fund appeared first on Daily Signal.

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Smokers and nonsmokers alike in Westminster, Mass., came together to push back against a move by the town’s board of health to ban the sale... Read More The post After Debate, Massachusetts Town Won’t Ban All Sales of Tobacco appeared first on Daily Signal.
Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Tom Wolf won’t take office for another two months, but one part of his Fresh Start policy plan already has business types feeling... Read More The post Governor-elect’s Proposal for Sick Days Upsets Some Businesses appeared first on Daily Signal.
As a startled nation watched on television, protesters turned violent in Ferguson, Mo., after a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who... Read More The post Raw Footage of Violence in Ferguson After No Indictment appeared first on Daily Signal.


Chuck Schumer: ‘Public Knows in Its Gut’ That Big Govt is ‘Only Way’ to Help Them”

Yeah thats what I want. Please tax me more. Please make it harder for me to start a business. Please make it even harder for me to hire someone. Please mess up the healthcare system even more...

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Every day theres another story about women who have been raped, or claim to have been raped, by famous and not so famous people. Most men are dumfounded by the women who have kept silent. If she was really RAPED, why didnt she go to the police and report it THEN?
President Obama's political barometer moved from bad to worse this week after his ill-conceived, illegal executive action to rewrite our immigration laws.
If Darren Wilson had been indicted, he almost certainly would have been acquitted, precisely because important details of his deadly encounter with Brown are hard to pin down.

The Corner

Of Maturity, Prudence, and Open-Mindedness

I’m sure there are conservatives who are upset that the House Republicans have exonerated the Obama administration on Benghazi. Indeed, even Lindsey Graham — not exactly an extremist conservative — has expressed outrage about the House Republicans’ conclusion. But conservati

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Senator Rand Paul is introducing a bill to authorize the war against the Islamic State for one year, but at the same time terminate the authorization to use military force passed after the 9/11 attacks. Senator Paul has been reading 1984 again, because labeling this bill a declaration of war is aki
Today is the day that my friend Austen Ivereigh’s book, The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope is released in the United States. It’s a good read, providing a better understanding of this man from Argentina, Jose Mario Bergoglio, the first pope from the Americ
Kerry enjoys Zarif’s company too much for comfort | pic.twitter.com/xsQYfJVW5W — Mike Doran (@Doranimated) November 25, 2014 Hard to imagine John Kerry’s been that animatedly happy to see anyone since the last time a Hinckley repair came in under budget.

Red State

Ezra Klein’s House of White Privilege Explains the News

I finally understand white privilege. It is a detachment that lets certain people be detached from the real world while pretending to cover it accurately and emote with it. I The post Ezra Klein’s House of White Privilege Explains the News appeared first on RedState.

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I'm just going to summarize it: Senator Chuck Schumer today ever-so-casually indicated that working first on Obamacare was a mistake; that, in fact, Congress should have instead worked on pretty The post Chuck Schumer quietly starts distancing Democrats from Obama for 2016. appeared first on RedSta
On Friday, the United Food and Commercial Workers union will be engaging is street theater trying to embarrass Walmart. Their schtick is that Walmart is not paying a "living wage." The post The farce of the UCFW’s anti-Walmart Black Friday protest appeared first on RedState.
Forget about restrictive laws that curtail and limit the purchase, ownership and use of real firearms. Liberals have their eyes set on a new set of guns in need of The post Liberals Want Toy Gun Control Now appeared first on RedState.