Mandatory jury service is not an excuse for mandatory voting

30 Mar 2015, 7:01 am


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30 Mar 2015, 6:40 am

(Scott Johnson)Charlie Rose interviewed Bashar al-Assad last week. 60 Minutes broadcast a portion of the interview last night (video below, transcript here). Rose reported that the interview was conducted “under the conditions that we use Syrian TV technicians and cameras.” Assad inherit

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Byron York Now that the public knows Hillary Clinton destroyed all the emails on her secret server — her lawyer told the House Benghazi Select Committee that there's nothing left to search — a question remains: Did Clinton destroy documents that were under subpoena from Congress? The an

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The American Spectator

Max Blumenthal Slimes Ayaan Hirsi Ali

In an example of what progressives call “punching down,” Alternet's Max Blumenthal — privileged son of former Bill Clinton aide and Hillary confidant Sidney Blumenthal — recently took to trashing professional Islam critic and constant target of death threats, Ayaan

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Owning an old muscle car can be a lot of fun. But it’s not all fun — and you ought to know what you’re getting yourself into before you get yourself into it. First, some definitions. Muscle cars are old. Nothing new — nothing modern — qualifies as a muscle car. The def

30 Mar 2015, 3:00 am

Willie Nelson. A face like a cactus, but a voice like an angel. At least an angel whose vocal chords have been cured by decades of controlled substances. Nelson, an American original, is one of the nation’s most revered and versatile singers, songwriters, and guitar pickers. He now has plans
The libertarian-leaning me believes an American employer should be able to hire pretty much anyone he or she wants to hire. But the taxpaying me believes that if the federal government limits immigration yet creates a special visa program for highly skilled foreign workers with the assurance that t

The Federalist

Meet 10 Americans Helped By Religious Freedom Bills Like Indiana’s

Ignore the hysteria against Indiana's religious freedom bill. Here are 10 actual Americans who used religious freedom legislation to fight for their rights.

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You've got questions: How do RFRAs work? Why is everyone so mad about Indiana's? Do religious freedom protections hurt gays? We've got answers.
If a student throws her arms around her boyfriend and kisses him without his permission, even if she has done this dozens of times before, she has violated affirmative consent policies.
As the Earth’s temperature remains steady, believers double down on climate change.

The Washington Free Beacon

ABC: ‘Growing Firestorm’ Over Hillary Clinton Decision to Wipe Private Server of All Emails

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JERUSALEM—Iran, whose pursuit in recent years of imperial ambitions in the Middle East has seemed inexorable, found itself over the weekend confronting a hostile coalition of nine Sunni states from Morocco to Turkey, with nuclear-armed Pakistan a possible add-on.
LAUSANNE, Switzerland—Iranian negotiators are becoming rigid and unmoving in their stance on a range of key nuclear issues in talks, according to multiple sources familiar with the negotiations who said Tehran is angling to elicit as many concessions as possible from the United States as the t

30 Mar 2015, 4:00 am

The worst part about taking a two-week vacation to Iran happens before you ever set foot in the country. “Oh really, where are you going?” people inevitably ask over the course of a normal conversation. And then you tell them.

Big Government

Pope Francis' Disturbing Cuba Activism

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be changing its policy toward Cuba, opening a Havana embassy and expanding travel. “Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people and begin a new chapter among the na

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President Barack Obama revealed his favorite film of the year to People Magazine in an interview released on Wednesday.  Obama named Richard Linklater’s Boyhood his favorite movie of 2014.  “Boyhood was a great movie,” he told People Magazine. “That, I think,
On Wednesday's broadcast of ABC's "World News," network report Cecilia Vega confirmed North Korea was behind the cyber-attack on Sony. “Tonight, ABC News has learned federal investigators have determined North Korea is responsible for the worst corporate cyber-attack in history,” Vega
Minnesota State Representative Greg Davids is calling for embattled MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, the "architect" of Obamacare, to return all $329,000 he was paid by the state of Minnesota as a subcontractor on a 2011 contract to analyze the state's plan to develop its Obamacare he

American Thinker

Obama's Mental Health: A Checklist

There is one particular test on which Barack Obama scores very high.

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30 Mar 2015, 12:00 am

When it comes to terrorism, the left tends to define it in tendentious ways that protect favored actors,  which is why most mainstream media refer to terrorists variously as militants, gunmen, or fighters, and their acts those of resistance as desperation or workplace violence. 
A program to mostly benefit families earning more than $160,000 a year is being sold as help for the poor.
Given all his hijinks as a political figure, perhaps the dishonorable Frank should lay off the outing game.

Heritage Foundation

Will Harry Reid’s Retirement Shake Things Up in the Senate?

Five-time Democratic senator and Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada announced his retirement Friday, starting a series of events in motion as Democrats look to... Read More The post Will Harry Reid’s Retirement Shake Things Up in the Senate? appeared first on Daily Signal.

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Senators prudently left Washington for a two-week Easter recess last Friday without saddling Americans with $500 billion in new debt over the next twenty years.... Read More The post The House Just Hiked the Deficit. Now It’s the Senate’s Time to Be Responsible. appeared first on Daily
On this day, in 1973, the last of the U.S. troops withdrew from South Vietnam. The eight-year war was over. Sort of. Two months earlier,... Read More The post Remembering the Vietnam War, 42 Years After U.S. Troops Withdrew appeared first on Daily Signal.
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said there’s a very high chance she’ll enter the race for president. “What are the chances that you’re going to... Read More The post Carly Fiorina on What Sets Her Apart in a Crowded GOP Field appeared first on Daily Signal.

The Bear and the Community Organizer

Vladimir Putin scheduled the war to retake the Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for the first half of the last Final Four college basketball game. He anticipated, correctly, that the Presidents focus would be on his brackets instead of Russias plan to recapture its former glory.

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29 Mar 2015, 11:01 pm

In 1979, the year before Republicans nominated Ronald Reagan as their presidential candidate, the Rev. Jerry Falwell and conservative activist Paul Weyrich founded the Moral Majority.
Deeply and deceptively interesting, is how New York Times Magazine described Sen. Harry Reid in January of 2010. Deceptive indeed. Five years later, Reids cache of secrets in the Senate chamber puts Harry Potters wizardry to shame

29 Mar 2015, 11:01 pm

The Middle East witnessed something radically new two days ago, when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responded to a plea by Yemen's president and led a 10-country coalition to intervene in the air and on the ground in the country.

The Corner

A Grim and Supremely Important Subject

Recording our podcast last week, Mona Charen and I talked to George Will. One of the things I mentioned is that Will had an influence on me where the issue of abortion was concerned. When I was in college, kind of figuring things out, I read a column or two by him about abortion, at least one of th

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First, let me just say that I hope Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post is wrong and that President Obama has no intention of making a dramatic break with Israel in the coming months. But alas, the story he tells is very convincing. According to Diehl, the Obama administration i
When Indiana governor Mike Pence signed a religious-liberty-protection statute into law this past week, he probably didn’t expect the activist backlash and accusations that he’d just endorsed or legalized discrimination. In part, that would be due to the fact that dozens of states and

29 Mar 2015, 3:03 pm

I appreciate a punchy headline as much as the next reader, but whoever wrote this one was trying too hard: “Cardinal Burke: Gays, remarried Catholics, and murderers are all the same.” It’s childish and not just overstated but false. It announces an article by David Gibson and was

Red State

Republicans Give Tax Increases and Treat Religion as a Lesser Right

If the government wants to curtail your freedom of speech, it must have a compelling governmental interest. If the government wants to curtail your freedom of assembly, it must have a compelling governmental interest. Bill Clinton and a majority of Democrats and Republicans in Washington agreed tha

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One of the reasons I switched from being conservative pro-choice (genuine choice, not “choose to have an abortion”) to pro-life was because I recognized something, something I should have recognized a very, very long time ago: It becomes impossible to hold the line when the line is eras
Hillary Clinton isn't much, but she's all the Democrats have for 2016. The post This is why the Democratic Establishment is still desperate to run Hillary Clinton. appeared first on RedState.
At a time when the human trafficking bill is locked up in the Senate over ‘s refusal to prevent federal funds from being used to provide abortions, the GAO has released a study showing Reid’s resistance as just a part of the rapacious, cash-(and baby)-vacuuming abortion industry. U.S. f