5 Ways to Give Your Front Porch a New Look

1. Paint your front door – Choose a bold and exciting color such as fire engine red. It will be scary going to the paint department at your local hardware store and actually CHOOSING a color so bold, but it will be worth it. When painting your front door be very careful that your brush strokes are all going the same direction and that they are even. You and all who come through your front door will see your technique, or lack thereof, so a little patience while painting will pay off in the end. Coming home to a nicely painted, bold colored door will make you smile every day!
2. Clean it – Nothing says BLAH like a dirty, dusty, and buggy front porch. Get out a vacuum cleaner or shopvac and use the attachments to get in the cracks and corners. Look up, and check out the porch ceiling. Make sure that you vacuum as high as you can reach and get those spider webs down. Dust and wipe down any furniture. Clean as little or as much as you like, but just make sure that after sitting on your porch you don’t need to go and hose off!

3. Acquire comfortable seating – When I think of a relaxing front porch I think of rocking chairs or a swing. Why not add these gems to your front porch? In early July at a local hardware store, rocking chairs were only $88 a piece and a swing was $150. If the price tag is too high, check out your local Craigslist or even Freecycle to find cheaper or free alternatives. Or, if you’re feeling extra crafty, why not try to make your own swing? The price tag will be much lower and you’ll value the learning experience as well.

4. Add some flowering plants – Try a hanging plant or put beautiful red flowers (that match your freshly painted red door) on a plant stand. Plants give life and energy to a room; just don’t forget to water them!

5. Update the floor – If you have concrete or solid wood flooring, a fresh coat of paint will completely transform your porch. Choose a color that is clean and fresh such as white. If your floor has carpet on it consider installing a new outdoor carpet or even a rug to throw over it would do wonders. Your feet will be happy for the new digs!

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