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2 Aug 2014, 12:00 am

South of the border -- that's where all the grayhairs belong.

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2 Aug 2014, 12:00 am

In a healthy society, Spellbinders are ignored or refuted or laughed out of town. In a hysterical society, Spellbinders may become dictator of Russia, Fuehrer of Germany, or President of the USA.

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Historically, the most destructive leaders are malignant narcissists with a sociopathic streak, superficially charming and impressive, but manipulative, heartless, and intent smearing their perceived enemies.

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2 Aug 2014, 12:00 am

If the Commander is self-absorbed on the party deck, who is steering the ship of state?

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The American Spectator

Libya's Not Dead Yet

Libya's post-intervention history has been so bleak that it is being compared to Iraq and cited as proof that American interventions make things worse. But that is probably a hasty judgment. The current situation in Libya is tough to explain in one paragraph, but here it goes: the parliament is mak

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Perhaps the most influential anti-immigration think-tank in the United States is the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). Their analysis of the Protect the Southwest Border Act of 2014 (H.R. 5230) is making its way around the Internet with everyone from National Review to commenters on these pages

1 Aug 2014, 3:31 am

There was never any doubt that, for Hamas, continued violence in Gaza was the real path to victory. A mere 90 minutes into a three day ceasefire, as Israeli forces moved to destroy a tunnel—an activity permitted by the truce—Hamas militants emerged from the tunnel and engaged. Two soldi

1 Aug 2014, 3:00 am

Conservative and liberal media alike were all atwitter with Thursday’s midday news that the House of Representatives was going on its summer recess without passing a border-related bill because Republicans did not have the votes to pass it. The left was particularly pleased in the apparent in

The Federalist

Three Reasons Eric Cantor Quit Early

Hint: "generosity" isn't one of the reasons why Cantor plans to quit early.

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While it's good news that the economy added more jobs last month, the unemployment rate picture is still worse than it looks due to labor force dropouts.
The terrorists controlling Iraq are torturing women and systematically eliminating its Christian minority. Does anyone care?
Part three of a series: It's too hard to govern ourselves, but too oppressive to live under the administrative state. Is this situation inevitable?

The Washington Free Beacon

Chinese Government Website Confirms New Multi-Warhead ICBM

A Chinese provincial government website has disclosed the first official images of China’s newest and largest intercontinental missile—the multi-warhead DF-41, which is capable of striking the United States. Official confirmation of the new multi-warhead missile was touted by state-run

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David Bonderman, who has contributed millions of dollars to Democratic candidates and groups, remains on the advisory board of a Russian state-owned investment firm despite the economic sanctions placed by the United States on Russia this week, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The Senate unanimously passed an extension to the U.S. visa program for at-risk Afghan translators who worked alongside U.S. troops on Friday, shortly after the number of available visas ran out and hours before Congress was set to leave for summer break. The move to authorize an additional 1,000 v

Big Government

Michael Sam Not the Same Since Fame, Says College Roommate, Steelers Hopeful

Michael Sam's college roommate says that the defensive end has changed. Eric Waters says that the openly-gay pass rusher is "not the same fun-loving, joking guy" that he knew in college. Waters and Michael Sam played together for the University of Missouri's Tigers, and Waters has watched Sam neg

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Paul George's 2014-2015 NBA season hasn't even begun. It's already over. The Indiana Pacers all-star suffered a gruesome right leg injury in a Team USA scrimmage in Las Vegas Friday night. The fractured tibia came on a James Harden breakaway in which George fouled the Houston guard. George awkwar
The office of Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa confirmed to Breitbart News on Friday that he still believes the act of the CIA spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee is “treason.” “I think Senator Feinstein is as outraged as anyone, and I share her out
As President Barack Obama threatens more executive orders on amnesty for illegal immigrants, Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer told Breitbart News, “We don’t want an imperial president dictating what we will do in our state.” Brewer, who appears to be out of optio

American Thinker

MH 17 versus TWA 800

How could it be that two plane crashes so similar in nature could be reacted to so utterly differently?  The answer lies in politics.

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2 Aug 2014, 12:00 am

In a healthy society, Spellbinders are ignored or refuted or laughed out of town. In a hysterical society, Spellbinders may become dictator of Russia, Fuehrer of Germany, or President of the USA.
At all costs, Israel should be encouraged to win this war, not fight to a stalemate.

2 Aug 2014, 12:00 am

If the Commander is self-absorbed on the party deck, who is steering the ship of state?

Heritage Foundation

Should State Funding Go to School Books or Orange Jumpsuits?

Most people would agree education and public safety should be among states’ top spending priorities. But few realize we actually invest more in criminals than... Read More The post Should State Funding Go to School Books or Orange Jumpsuits? appeared first on Daily Signal.

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The most successful lobbyists in the nation’s capital are masters of masquerading propaganda as fact. Repeat even outright falsehoods with a modicum of conviction, and... Read More The post Ignore the Rhetoric: The Ex-Im Bank Is Risky and Inefficient appeared first on Daily Signal.
Aetna has picked up 600,000 customers thanks to the Affordable Care Act. But is the company any more profitable? CEO and Chairman Mark Bertolini couldn’t... Read More The post Aetna CEO Admits Obamacare Customer Numbers Worse Than Expected appeared first on Daily Signal.
Obamacare’s initial open-enrollment period ended in mid April. The big question since then has been, “What were the results?” Hard data have been lacking —... Read More The post At Most, Obamacare Will Help This Many People Get Insured appeared first on Daily Signal.

Small-Government Group Now Stumping For Harry Reid’s Internet Tax

The first clue that the Market Place Fairness Act is antithetical to the philosophy of small government is, that it was passed by Harry Reid’s Senate. Do you really think Harry just let some small government, Federalist, piece of legislation slip by on accident?

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By only spending the minimum on yourself, you may find that you have much more than you would ever need. This was Gershon Burd's discovery, and it was how, on a modest income, he gave away (anonymously) so much to so many. Modesty helps us see the big picture -- that our lives should be integrated w
This week Major Theodore Van Kirk, the last surviving Veteran of the Enola Gay that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan, joined the rest of his comrades. His passing is a reminder of why using the atomic bomb was the right thing.
The press will cover the good news adequately, while the press will cover-up the bad news adequately, too. It's all the same, after all. It's helping Obama, the only economy anyone should care about.

The Corner

The Border Bill

Here is the take of one immigration hawk who’s been following it closely, via e-mail: I think this deal is a net winner for us. At the beginning of the week, they were going to leave town without even mentioning the president’s planned unilateral amnesty. Now, after the public burned

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El Rancho Verde Unified School District will stop requiring its high-school students to take geography and instead require them to take a class on diversity and inclusion. ERUSD president Aurora Villon said the class is necessary because minority students “need to feel validated.”
Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) pushed members of Congress to increase sanctions against Venezuelan officials and cronies for the country’s widespread human-rights violations amid the “complete erosion of democracy.” While Rubio commended the current sanctions, namely visa restrict
After the successful expansion of National Review Institute’s Regional Fellows program to New York City earlier this year, it is growing again. In September, we will launch the NRI Dallas Fellows using the same model as our New York and Washington programs. We are looking for 20 mid-career p

Red State

BREAKING: House GOP Pull Their Immigration Bill

House Republican leaders do not have the votes to fund Barack Obama’s amnesty/immigration plan. So they pulled it. The House leaders are thus far insistent they will not close the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. They would rather be embarrassed in their failure to do an

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Wait, what? The post Democrat in Ohio-GOV losing ground among people who… know who he is? appeared first on RedState.
Progressives are language manipulation masters. Their arguments for or against an issue are designed to corner you with words created to make the ill-prepared and/or the simple-minded retreat from the argument. And they love to play victim and scream about their rights being violated if you do not
On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Erick Erickson to discuss next weekend's RedState Gathering in Texas, why you should attend and who will be speaking. The post Erick Erickson with a Preview of the RedState Gathering appeared first on RedState.