Hillary Clinton: Corporations and Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

24 Oct 2014, 4:06 pm

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Democrats' "Colorado model" doomed?

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(Scott Johnson)We have yet to hear from the White House press office in response to our request for a comment on our reader’s report that a major network problem has hit the computers used by staff in the Executive Office of the President. Our source, however, updated us with the latest on the

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Help by not helping.

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The American Spectator

Re: DHS Wants Your KC Royals Panties

I appreciate Emily for briefing us on this government sponsored panty raid. There are many things I'd like to say to Homeland Security, but they are unmentionable.

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Craig Shirley and Laura Ingraham have written a superb piece in the Los Angeles Times on the Reagan Time for Choosing speech  Among the important points the two made was this: … Yet in the face of the failed big-government Republicanism of recent history and the failed collectivism of

24 Oct 2014, 3:00 am

With exquisitely bad timing, and amid furious protests, this week the Metropolitan Opera premiered a new version of John Adams’ controversial opera, The Death of Klinghoffer. The opera focuses on the 1985 murder of a disabled American tourist, Leon Klinghoffer, by Palestinian terrorists durin

24 Oct 2014, 3:00 am

Terror struck in two disparate venues Wednesday, places — in the Talmudic phrase — “as far apart as east from west.” Indeed Jerusalem, Israel, is the hub of the Middle East and no place is as bleached in its Western-ness as Ottawa, Canada. Yet the hills of each played grim h

The Federalist

Millennials Don’t Really Suck That Much—Consider Ariana Grande

It’s time to shift our eyes to the new revolutionaries, the Millennials, who will become part of our tradition whether we like it or not.

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Heightened interest and concern about Ebola is not panic and the media really need to stop characterizing it as such. Besides, why trust reporters?
With the midterms looming, Obamacare politics are again prominent. But some Republican candidates find themselves defending that law.
We can’t both prevent and encourage suicide.

The Washington Free Beacon

Hillary Clinton: Corporations and Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) project designed to track “misinformation” on Twitter has removed portions of its website that monitored political users, including conservatives who used the “tcot” hashtag.
The John Bolton PAC announced a 6-figure, 11-state expansion of its ongoing ad campaign in support of Republican nominees for the U.S. House and Senate this morning.

Big Government

Exclusive–Mark Levin: Tom Donohue's 'Chamber of Horrors' Is Democrats' Secret Weapon to Keep Senate

Radio’s Mark Levin told Breitbart News that if a Georgia or Louisiana loss is the reason why the Democrats keep control of the Senate in November, it’s the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s fault. “I hope everyone understands that if Harry Reid remains Senate Majority leader b

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BuzzFeed's Evan-McMorris-Santaro is blaming a Democrat tracker for a hit on Republican Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue that blew up in the left-wing outlet's face. Why it's a "fail" for a Democrat tracker to assume Buzzfeed will post oppo-research without questioning or vetting it, remains u
America's sweetheart, Jennifer Garner, called Hollywood out for being sexist during a very real and straightforward interview she gave at Elle's annual Women in Hollywood Awards event this week. Garner told reporters that she and husband Ben Affleck compared no
The NYPD revealed in a press conference on Friday that Zale Thompson, the hatchet-weilding lone Muslim terrorist who attempted to ax four police officers to death in a Queens, New York subway on Thursday had several prior arrests in Oxnard, California and was released.  Thompson converted to

American Thinker

Paul Krugman's Indefensible Defense of Barack Obama

For Krugman, an economically equitable society, drained of all prejudice and bigotry, where man pays obeisance to Nature and where its abundant resources are distributed equally amongst the world's citizens, should apparently be the goal of our presidents

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Whatever Vladimir Putin’s objectives may be in general, Russia while he has been in power has been more cordial, or less hostile, towards Israel.
If the GOP hopes to win in November – and actually make a difference afterward – it will have to stand for something!
The Supreme Court puts the kibosh on a last-minute attempt to play the race card in the 2014 Texas midterms.

Heritage Foundation

Those Ebola Vaccines in Testing Now? You Can Thank Dick Cheney for That

Democrats looking to blame Republicans for the lack of an Ebola vaccine may owe Dick Cheney an apology. It turns out that as vice president,... Read More The post Those Ebola Vaccines in Testing Now? You Can Thank Dick Cheney for That appeared first on Daily Signal.

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A Russian-born terrorist who attacked U.S. soldiers in 2009 and is now detained in Afghanistan will be brought to the United States and prosecuted in... Read More The post A Terrorist Who Attacked U.S. Soldiers Will Be Prosecuted in Federal Court appeared first on Daily Signal.
In one Texas town, a business owner is in trouble for displaying too much patriotism. Andre “Frenchy” Rheault, who owns a landscaping company based in... Read More The post Man Ordered By City to Remove Most of U.S. Flags Hung at His Business appeared first on Daily Signal.
Facebook’s massive reach and emergence as a top source of news make it a critical component to any political campaign. But even in 2014, with... Read More The post Can Facebook Predict This Year’s Winning Candidates? These 9 Charts Could Hold a Clue appeared first on Daily Signal.


Republicans and the Language of the Left

As the mid-term elections approach, its high time for Republican commentators to walk the walk. Just the other morning, Mark Steyn, busily promoting his new book, made an appearance on Bill Bennetts radio program. The latter agreed enthusiastically with the former that in order for conservatives to

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The Metropolitan Opera in New York City is hardly a site for hundreds of angry protesters. But they have erupted over their current selection, an opera called "The Death of Klinghoffer." Leon Klinghoffer was the 69-year-old paralyzed New Yorker who in 1985 was aboard the hijacked cruise ship Achille
Iraqi Kurdish leaders have agreed to send fighters to help defend Kobani, now that Turkey said it would allow them to cross Turkish territory.

The Corner

Is Tough Talk on Immigration Just Boob Bait for Bubba?

Several GOP Senate candidates are successfully using the abysmal immigration record of the Democratic Senate and the Obama administration in their races, including Scott Brown, Thom Tillis, Bill Cassidy, Tom Cotton, and Pat Roberts. Their attacks are clearly helping them against their pro

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24 Oct 2014, 4:11 pm

Jay has just returned from his annual foray to the Oslo Freedom Forum, and offers reflections on the stunning bravery of so many people in so many awful places on the globe. One young person in particular, 21-year-old North Korean escapee Yeonmi Park, makes you aware of how undeserving you are
Nurse Nina Pham is headed back to Dallas after being declared free of the Ebola virus at the National Institutes of Health hospital in Maryland on Friday — but not before making a quick stop in Washington for a hug and a photo op with President Obama. Pham spoke outside of the Bethesd
Republican governor Rick Scott trails his Democratic opponent Charlie Crist by three percentage points among likely voters, according to a new poll from St. Leo University Polling Institute. Crist’s lead falls within the margin of error, which is consistent with a series of recent polls

Red State

The Ferguson powder keg

"Tensions are rising in Ferguson as new details about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown emerge," reports CBS News in St. Louis.  That would seem odd to the proverbial man The post The Ferguson powder keg appeared first on RedState.

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See, this is why we can't have nice things. Background: Vincent Sheheen, the slowly-drowning Democratic nominee for South Carolina governor, had this to say yesterday about Governor Nikki Haley. The post OK, let us address Vincent Sheheen calling Nikki Haley a ‘wh*re.’ appeared first o
It's time for a break up. If you haven't already seen, Sarah Palin has endorsed Bill Walker and Byron Mallott's Independent-Democrat "Unity" ticket in the Alaska gubernatorial race over Republican incumbent The post Politically, I am Through with Sarah Palin appeared first on RedState.
The fight for justice is never the easy road, and it doesn’t always win the first round. Yesterday a federal district court dismissed two lawsuits (at least a majority of The post Federal Court Puts Road Block in the Way of Justice for Conservatives Targeted by the IRS appeared first on RedSt