Circular firing squad: Democrats ready to dump on Obama if they lose the Senate

23 Oct 2014, 11:41 am

The stages of grief.

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Now onto some lighter things. San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy will one day be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame regardless if the Giants can win their third World Series title in five years. Bochy can be counted on the make the right move almost every time. I say almost because I hav

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A Korean War veteran is being threatened with a $500 fee for flying an American flag and a POW-MIA flag outside of his home. “It means a lot to me. We fought for that flag,” Robert Willits told WTHR. The homeowners’ association for the Indiana neighborhood Willits lives in believe

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Large-scale NATO war games underway in Europe this week include the deployment of B-52 nuclear-capable bombers, as non-NATO member Sweden hunts for a Russian mini-submarine in its territorial waters.

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The American Spectator

Canadian Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers Gets Standing Ovation

Yesterday morning, Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers was just that guy who totes a giant golden mace around the Canadian Parliament. Yesterday afternoon, Kevin Vickers became a global hero as he stopped an active shooter in his tracks. This morning, as he did his ceremonial entrance to Parliament, Kev

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The death of a Chaya Zissel Braun, an American infant, at the hands of a Palestinian terrorist comes only days controversial opera The Death of Klinghoffer premiered at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. For those of you not old enough to remember, Leon Klinghoffer was an elderly man bound i
Mirabile dictu! Fully 28 profs and former profs from the Harvard Law School have taken a stand for freedom and for the rule of law. They are on the side of the Constitution and simple fairness. As Ivy Leaguers go, their stand took courage. No other Ivy League school has had the temerity to buck the
Business reporters and talking heads are tripping over themselves to predict the next bubble. It’s the least they can do after so many of them fueled the dot-com and real-estate booms and busts that tanked the economy and robbed millions of Americans of their hard-earned (or at least borrowed

The Federalist

‘Potty-Mouthed Princesses’ And The Feminist Rabbit Hole

If you like indignant children dressed as princesses screaming at you about imaginary oppression while dropping F-bombs, you will love this video.

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No program has reversed the disincentive for marriage among the poor caused by America’s current welfare programs. Contraception won't, either.
Jennifer Garner recently noted that her interviewers always want to know how she “makes it all work,” but nobody asks that of her husband, Ben Affleck.
For midwives or doulas to support abortion contradicts their usual pro-woman, pro-baby attitudes.

The Washington Free Beacon

Korean War Veteran Fighting Homeowners Association for Right to Keep Flying American Flag

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Large-scale NATO war games underway in Europe this week include the deployment of B-52 nuclear-capable bombers, as non-NATO member Sweden hunts for a Russian mini-submarine in its territorial waters.

Big Government

GA Dems Try to Increase Black Turnout by Exploiting Michael Brown's Death: Vote 'If You Want to Prevent Another Ferguson...'

Democrats in Georgia are trying to motivate black voters by exploiting Michael Brown's death, urging them to vote "if you want to prevent another Ferguson..." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution obtained flyers that use images from the Ferguson protests and of two black children holding up

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More than one in four Americans are afraid to fly because of recent Ebola scares.  A GfK poll conducted for The Street asked respondents, "Has recent news about Ebola made you afraid to fly?" Twenty-seven percent said yes.  The poll found that 20% of Americans "feared both domestic and i
Thursday on "CBS This Morning,"  former CIA deputy director Mike Morell said he is more worried about ISIS easily crossing the wide-open border the United States shares with Canada. Morell said, "I'm much more concerned about the Canada border, Charlie, than I am the Mexican border because it
HOUSTON, Texas -- Texas House candidate for District 137, Morad Fiki received the endorsement of former U.S. Representative Allen West (R-FL). The endorsement of Fiki, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Navy Reserve Lieutenant, came after a recent “Points of Light” celebration dinner host

American Thinker

Obama: They Still Don't Get Who He is

Obama will not impose a travel ban from Ebola infected countries, no matter how many Americans get sick and die. God help us.

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Barack Obama has created so much havoc with his ideology and policies that it will take us years to recover.
How would a covertly leftist media treat the uncomfortable fact (and it is a fact) that conservatives overwhelmingly outnumber liberals in America?
Democrats think that the voters are stupid.Democratic candidates also count on the fact that their supporters who do recognize the lies and deceptive strategies are as unprincipled as the candidates themselves

Heritage Foundation

A Doctor’s Take: How Medical Professionals Can Take the Lead on Ebola

The situation surrounding the recent Ebola outbreak is changing rapidly. Since the spread of the deadly virus in West Africa and emergence of cases in... Read More The post A Doctor’s Take: How Medical Professionals Can Take the Lead on Ebola appeared first on Daily Signal.

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When President Obama canceled two political fundraisers last week amid concerns over the Ebola crisis, it was big news. The commander in chief has attended... Read More The post Obama’s 2014 Fundraising Tour in One Infographic appeared first on Daily Signal.
Yesterday, a Canadian soldier fell in the service of his country. He didn’t die on some far-off battlefield. A cowardly murderer shot him down as... Read More The post Americans Today Should Say: ‘We’re All Canadians’ appeared first on Daily Signal.
After shooting and killing the man who gunned down Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, at Canada’s National War Memorial yesterday and then began a rampage through... Read More The post Canada’s Emotional Welcome for Hero Who Killed Terrorist appeared first on Daily Signal.

Five Compromises Obama Should Embrace to Boost the Economy

If Republicans win the Senate, President Obama risks another bruising recession if he doesnt embrace compromise and abandon ineffective populist prescriptions.

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A free speech courage award should go to U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa for his recent ruling blocking the enforcement of part of Wisconsin's campaign finance law that prohibits coordinated issue advocacy between outside groups and candidates.
We have now learned what can happen in this Era of Obama when an American who does not have Ebola vomits near the Pentagon.
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz doesn't trust Barack Obama to protect Americans against Ebola, defeat the Islamic State, oversee the IRS or revamp the health insurance system. He decries the expansion of federal power Obama has brought about. But Cruz wants to give him another power by letting him de

The Corner

WaPo: 'A Half-Dozen Unnamed Black Witnesses' Corroborate Officer Wilson's Story

The Washington Post reports that a significant number of witnesses in the Michael Brown case are offering testimony that supports Officer Wilson’s story:  Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown fought for control of the officer’s gun, and Wilson f

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North Carolina senator Kay Hagan became the latest in a growing line of Democratic politicians refusing to clearly state what they think of President Obama and his leadership. Hagan spoke on Tuesday with MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt, who asked the senator point-blank whether she thought President Ob
In the New Hampshire Union Leader, Drew Cline notices that gun control isn’t an issue in the midterms: In the six months after the Sandy Hook shootings, the left brought up gun control constantly. In April of 2013, Granite State Progress brought the daughter of a Sandy Hook victim to a
Senator Mary Landrieu (D., La.) has no love for the black state senator who left the Democratic Party and urged his constituents to abandon Landrieu’s reelection campaign. Landrieu thinks Guillory switched parties as a cynical stunt. “There’s one in every crowd that will promot

Red State

White House pretends that not trusting them on immigration is crazy-talk.

There are times when I don't really get this administration's messaging strategy. The White House said Wednesday it was “crazy” to attempt to divine the president's post-election plans for an immigration executive The post White House pretends that not trusting them on immigra

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23 Oct 2014, 9:43 am

I noted last night that we do not hear of new converts to Christianity going on to kill, behead, or blow themselves up. More often, though, we are finding in The post Moral Equivalence appeared first on RedState.
The evidence by this point has become pretty overwhelming that the White House plans some sort of mass amnesty via executive fiat immediately after the elections have concluded. Disgruntled Democrat The post The White House Gaslights America on Immigration appeared first on RedState. Download Podcast | iTunes | Podcast Feed On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by David Inserra to discuss yesterday's terror attack in Canada, The post Terrorist Attack in Canada: How the Internet Plays a Role i

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