Ukraine Easter truce collapses, three dead at pro-Russian separatist checkpoint

21 Apr 2014, 7:41 am

Bipartisan call to ramp up sanctions.

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21 Apr 2014, 7:28 am

(Scott Johnson) The visit of French economist Thomas Piketty to the United States has not quite induced Beatlemania, Scott Winship writes at Forbes, but rather the Washington analogue of teenage frenzy. In the New York Times, Jennifer Schuessler might lends credence to the Beatlemania that Winship d

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Plus, a word about Media Matters.

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Democrat-controlled cities are becoming a class society starkly divided between squalid favelas and safe, beautiful downtown playgrounds for the rich.

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The American Spectator

A Study of Reading Habits

My Life in Middlemarch By Rebecca Mead (Crown, 304 pages, $25) Here is a variation on a phrase you will encounter often in the course of reading about Middlemarch: “When I was such-and-such years old, I read Middlemarch for the first time.” Everything else unfolds from there. This is, o

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Last Thursday, the president announced the Obamacare debate over for the second time this month. The pretext for his repetition of this talking point was yet another implausible claim concerning the number of people his health care law has helped gain coverage. He offered this new total, 8 million,

21 Apr 2014, 3:00 am

My Life in Middlemarch By Rebecca Mead (Crown, 304 pages, $25) Here is a variation on a phrase you will encounter often in the course of reading about Middlemarch: “When I was such-and-such years old, I read Middlemarch for the first time.” Everything else unfolds from there. This is, o

21 Apr 2014, 3:00 am

Rand Paul will never be elected president—and that is a very good thing for our country, for a great many reasons. Paul is a libertarian first, a Republican second, and a conservative only when his libertarianism accidentally intersects with conservative values. And that’s not very ofte

The Federalist

Why Democrats Are the Party of Inequality

Democrat-controlled cities are becoming a class society starkly divided between squalid favelas and safe, beautiful downtown playgrounds for the rich.

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In its effort to eliminate allegedly close-minded and bigoted views, the university itself has become illiberal, dogmatic, and intellectually hegemonic.

21 Apr 2014, 6:49 am

Yes, Game of Thrones does have heroes among its characters. Don't let the sex and violence put you off.
Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens suggested he could fix the Second Amendment with just “five extra words.” He's wrong.

The Washington Free Beacon

‘Morning Joe’ Slams Latest Delay By Obama on Keystone

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21 Apr 2014, 4:00 am

The former hedge fund of one of the Democratic Party's most important donors was allegedly involved in a scheme to defraud foreign investors out of tens of millions of dollars, according to documents filed in a Texas court. Farallon Capital Partners L.P., a fund run by Farallon
ADEN, Yemen (Reuters) - Air strikes in southern Yemen killed about 30 suspected al Qaeda members on Sunday, local tribal sources said, in the second day of strikes against militant targets in the country.
DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran says that a plane which landed in Tehran airport flying the American flag was leased to Ghana's presidential office and carrying a business delegation from the West African nation.

Big Government

Does Corruption in California Have Coattails?

Scandal happens.  Larry Craig, Anthony Weiner, Trey Radel, Vance McAllister--and on and on and on. We know what happens to them, but what happens to the 20-30-something staffers who wake up one morning, suddenly out of a job? When the firestorm has died down and the media cycle moves on, what

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A Northern California man (right) survived the avalanche on Mount Everest last Friday that killed at least 13 people.  Contractor Jon Reiter told the Santa Rose Press Democrat that his Sherpa guide saved his life when his first instinct was to take out his camera and film the avalanche. "We w
More bizarre facts about California State Sen. Leland Yee are coming to light, and they range from receiving the severed head of a pig several years ago, to allegedly supporting or creating laws to benefit special interests who supplied him with campaign contributions. Yee, who was suspend
When former Indiana Hoosiers great Cody Zeller took the court for the Charlotte Bobcats, it marked the first time I recall seeing five former College Value Add All-Americans in the same NBA game (see All-Time Value Add database here) and nine players who were in the top 1% of Value Add players. Bo

American Thinker

Rogue Hall Monitors

IN HIS 1951 book God and Man at Yale, the document that, to simplify only a little, launched the conservative movement, William F. Buckley, Jr. lamented what he later called “the phenomenon of the somnolent college trustee.” Looking back in 2007, Buckley concluded that little had change

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11 Nov 2013, 5:09 am

President Obama’s foreign policy record remains intact. Across the world from which he is withdrawing American power and influence, governments are recognizing that where once a superpower resided, now only a shadow remains. First it was left to the Communist Chinese to admonish us against sp
It is wrong, of course, to take pleasure in the misfortune of others. Still, I must confess that I have derived no small amount of schadenfreude from news stories about Obamacare advocates who have been adversely affected by the not-so-Affordable Care Act. It would take a stronger man than yours tr

11 Nov 2013, 5:08 am

Private “Rondi” Rondinoni had been in B Company for a little more than one hitch (three years). He had reached the rank of Private First Class (PFC), but was busted back to buck private for repeated fractures of discipline. It didn’t matter to Rondi. He just enjoyed being a soldie

Heritage Foundation

Latest Trick for Illegal Immigrants: Granting Amnesty in Return for Military Service

Here’s a disturbing new idea from some members of Congress: Trade instant citizenship to illegal immigrants if they’ll agree to serve in the U.S. military. Serving in the military is a high calling and a privilege—certainly not something to be treated as a bargaining chip in immig

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Gosnell, a movie in the works about notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell, has now raised over $1 million through a crowd funding campaign, making it the largest non-celebrity promoted film  of its kind.  The film’s co-producers, Phelim McAleer and Magdelene Segieda, will s
In medical care, you have to get the diagnosis correct. But if you want to solve the problem, you’ve also got to get the treatment right. At the Vox website recently, reporter Sarah Kliff posted a blog titled: “Our Health Spending Problem is All About Prices.” That diagnosis is on
As a working woman and mother of four young children, I strongly support fairness in the workplace. And that is why the Paycheck Fairness Act worries me. It would unintentionally harm working women by taking away some of the freedoms and choices we currently enjoy. The Paycheck Fairness Act seeks &

Weed is the New Jesus in Colorado

The marijuana smoke was so thick in Denver on Sunday, that most Christians took Communion because of a case of “the munchies”. And, heck, that was just a contact high.

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Since President Johnson launched the war on poverty, government has spent trillions, poverty remains, and more and more Americans are increasingly dependent on government support.
Take a look at this impressive graphic. We’re #1 in some bad ways, but it seems we’re also #1 in a very good way.
According to preliminary data published by the U.S. Census Bureau, the trailing twelve month average of median sale prices for new homes fell in February 2014 after peaking a month earlier.

The Corner


Impromptus today is a Nebraska journal (Part I). I’d like to add a musical note, here in the Corner. In the journal, I quote a friend of mine about Billy the Kid: “He’s often thought of as a romantic hero. But he was a really bad guy.” I comment, “Was he. One of the le

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Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) said Sunday that the Democrats are in a strong position for the midterm elections despite a growing litany of wobbly statements from party officials, elected politicians and liberal commentators. Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic Na
Celebrated Ronald Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan said Sunday that Hillary Clinton is trying to prove she mattered in her tenure as President Obama’s first secretary of state. “I think part of the purpose of this book,” Noonan said about Clinton’s upcoming Hard Choices,
Washington Post columnist George Will said Sunday that the Obama administration has a habit of shouting down debate on matters that are not going President Obama’s way. Will made the observation in response to the president’s push to persuade voters and media that Obamacare is workin

Red State

The Good Friday Show

At 4:00 pm ET, I will start my annual Good Friday radio show. This is a show a lot of RedState readers have tuned in to over the years. You can listen live here and later will be able to get a download of the show. You can call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK as well if you’d like to participate. The sh

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One of the marks of a civil society is the relegation of political disputes to the political realm and not criminalize disagreements. This has historically been the downfall of third world countries as they attempt to move from totalitarianism or despotism to a more democratic form of government. I
And Jimmy entered the temple and invited in all who sold and bought in the temple, and he set up the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of politics,’ but you make it a den of rich
  Nine years ago the US Supreme Court, in an opinion authored by noted Second Amendment authority John Paul Stevens, eviscerated the “takings” clause of the Fifth Amendment. That decision, Kelo v. City of New London, essentially eliminated property rights so long as someone more po