Rubio: There’s a Cease-Fire When Hamas Ceases to Exist

29 Jul 2014, 10:03 pm

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) condemned Hamas attacks on Israel during an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity, saying, “I’ll tell you when there’s a cease-fire–when Hamas ceases to exist, when they lay down their weapons.” “In the absence of that,” Rubio co

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(John Hinderaker)I have written nothing today, having spent my *free* time lining up guests and otherwise preparing to host the Laura Ingraham radio show tomorrow and Thursday. (To listen online between 9 and 12 Eastern, go here.) So, just to brighten your day, this is something I came across while

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(Paul Mirengoff)Nancy Pelosi says that the United States must look to Qatar for advice in resolving the war between Hamas and Israel. And the beginning of the wisdom Qatar has imparted to Pelosi “over and over again” is that “Hamas is a humanitarian organization.” Qatar, of c

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29 Jul 2014, 9:11 pm


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The American Spectator

Vin Scully to Return for 66th Year

Hall of Fame Dodger TV broadcaster Vin Scully will return in 2015 for his 66th year of calling Dodger games, both of the Brooklyn and the Los Angeles variety. And the team took an unusual way to get the word out. In between the top and bottom of the second inning of Tuesday’s Braves/Dodgers g

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29 Jul 2014, 9:57 am

It was Soviet civilization, but it was still civilization. Eastern Ukraine does not even have that anymore as the civil war between the Kiev-based government and pro-Russian separatists has caused the remnants of law and order to crumble. The government has gained a foothold in the separatist-contr
John Kerry's most recent trip to the Middle East earned him such discouraging reviews in the local papers, not to mention receptions from Israeli politicians, that American officials have made their diplomatic displeasure known—diplomatically, of course. Kerry spent last weekend in Cairo nego
President Obama affirmed his belief, in a press conference this afternoon, that Russia holds the keys to future peace in Eastern Ukraine. He announced plans to follow through on promises of further sanctions against Russia, saying that he and the EU were coordinating an attack on key sectors of the

The Federalist

QUIZ: Parody Or Actual Article?

Is this a real article or just a parody? Take the quiz to find out. Spotting the real crazy is harder than you think.

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The primary reason to fight against big government is that its final destination is death. As in, murder. At some point, someone’s got to say it.
The level of distrust for the validity of CBO's estimates is growing, and their latest step to game the accounting on Obamacare's ramifications is amazing.
Mixed news with this edition, as Republicans have weakened in North Carolina, strengthened in Iowa’s open seat, and we introduce a new senate elections graphic.

The Washington Free Beacon

Rubio: There’s a Cease-Fire When Hamas Ceases to Exist

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Chinese authorities are ramping up their persecution of Christian churches in response to what they perceive as an emerging threat to the communist regime, according to reports.
Moscow violated a key strategic nuclear arms accord by developing a ground-launched cruise missile banned under the 1987 agreement, according to the State Department.

Big Government

UFC Fighter Accidentally Shoots Self

Joe Riggs’s long, strange trip back to the UFC got even stranger this week. The welterweight veteran found himself out of his next fight and in the hospital after shooting himself in the hand and thigh while cleaning his pistol. The UFC reports that Sean Spencer has stepped in for Riggs in

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Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder and leader Hassan Yousef spoke about his break with Hamas and the organization’s ultimate goals of a worldwide Islamic caliphate on Tuesday’s broadcast of the “Mark Levin Show.” Yousef said he left Hamas after he saw the vici
The details of a 2009 draft of health care reform have become relevant again this month. Here's what the so-called HELP bill said and why it matters now. The Halbig case is the one about whether or not tax subsidies can be delivered to people who enrolled on a federal exchange. Last week two courts
While in Mexico discussing trade and climate change issues, Gov. Jerry Brown said that Texas governor Rick Perry’s plan to deploy National Guard troops along the nation’s southern border will be short-lived and that “wiser minds will prevail.” The Marine Corps Times re

American Thinker

Putin and Obama, the Bobbsey Twins

Serious nations need clear-thinking, mature, down-to-earth leaders. Somehow America and Russia have blundered into extremely risky leaders who can’t think straight.

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It's time for Republicans to do what Democrats did forty years ago this month to Richard Nixon.

29 Jul 2014, 12:00 am

I’ve been in the Israel Defense Forces for forty years, and I’ve never seen morale so high, and never seen the country so united
For the first time in history, the U.S. is getting poorer.

Heritage Foundation

Obama Follows Europe in Expanding Sanctions on Russia

Following the lead of the European Union, President Obama announced expanded sanctions against Russia Tuesday for supporting separatists in Ukraine. The latest American sanctions target... Read More The post Obama Follows Europe in Expanding Sanctions on Russia appeared first on Daily Signal.

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The Export-Import Bank announced today it would halt financing deals with Russia and Russian companies. The Department of Treasury notified House Financial Services Chairman Jeb... Read More The post Obama Administration Halts Export-Import Bank Deals With Russia appeared first on Daily Signal.
An Export-Import Bank official who was fired on suspicion of taking cash in exchange for helping a Florida company obtain financing cited his Fifth Amendment... Read More The post Fired Export-Import Bank Official Pleads the Fifth at Hearing on Corruption, Fraud appeared first on Daily Signal.
Can people respect each other and treat one another civilly even while disagreeing about marriage? No, according to New York Times domestic correspondent Josh Barro.... Read More The post My Exchange with Two New York Times Writers on Marriage Equality and Civility appeared first on Daily Signal.

Jesus, Today's Church, and "Inequality"

?That Jesus commanded His disciples—of which I am one—to love “the poor” is beyond dispute. Equally beyond dispute, however, is that, regardless of what growing legions of left-leaning clerics would have us believe, Jesus never—never ever—addressed the issue of &l

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Friday, the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 235,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate remained steady at 6.1 percent, but that hardly tells the story.
We think we may finally have a decent handle on how to compensate for the echo effect in our forecasting of the S&P 500's future.

29 Jul 2014, 11:01 pm

In order to have credit card debt, one first must have credit. However, some without traditional credit show up as delinquent on account of late utility, medical, or other bills. The key general finding is: Of those with credit files, an astonishing 35% have debt in collections.

The Corner

Jeff Sessions: House Border Bill Is a 'Surrender to a Lawless President

Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ariz.) denounced the House Republican border bill as a “surrender to a lawless president” because the legislation does not include any language to prevent President Obama from expanding his unilateral legalization of illegal immigrants. Here’s the state

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Well, this was predictable. Per Talking Points Memo: Roger Pielke Jr. said Monday that he left FiveThirtyEight, ending a short-lived but turbulent stint with the site launched by Nate Silver earlier this year. Pielke, a professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado, told&nbs
National Review is seeking an assistant to the editor to work in our New York office. Must be organized, detail-oriented, interested in politics, calm under pressure, and friendly. Key responsibilities and duties include: Handling scheduling and travel arrangements Light research, fact-check
House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) of making a “deceitful and cynical attempt to derail” the House Republicans border crisis package by suggested Democrats would add the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration legislation to the Ho

Red State

2006 and the GOP’s attempt to flog impeachment as a base-motivation issue.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The post 2006 and the GOP’s attempt to flog impeachment as a base-motivation issue. appeared first on RedState.

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A new CBS/NYT poll has been released which is thus far the most exhaustive simultaneous battleground poll that has been taken this election season. It shows Republicans holding all their “close” seats, with McConnell leading Grimes 50-46 and Perdue leading Nunn 50-44. Obviously, these r
July has been a strange month politically. With virtually no primaries scheduled, we have been left with watching the debate over whether or not to begin impeachment proceedings for President Obama, lamenting over what to do with the current influx of illegal immigrants on the border, rooting for I
It has been well documented that Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, has been intentionally firing thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians while using Palestinian civilians as human shields, basing their attacks in hospitals, and hiding their rockets in schools. Despite these grave war c