Ferguson and the sad state of American protesting

28 Nov 2014, 9:01 am

That should show them

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(Scott Johnson)I still have my old copy of Quotations From Chairman LBJ. The book was inspired by Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (“the little red book”). Compiled by Jack Shepherd and Christopher Wren and published by Simon and Schuster in the annus horribilis of 1968, the book co

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(Steven Hayward)We all remember how Bill Clinton left office with a flurry of pardons to dozens of dubious people, from fugitive financier Marc Rich (represented by an attorney named Eric Holder), to an obscure figure in Arkansas who had been jailed for rolling back automobile odometers.  Touch

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(Steven Hayward)Just one day after the Supreme Court granted cert to review the EPA’s ridiculous mercury regulations, the EPA announced that it would lower the ozone standard to .06 parts per million, from the current .075 parts per million. This is the same regulation that President Obama can

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The American Spectator

‘Hands Up, Don't Shoot’: An Ignoble Lie for the Ages

We never met Michael Brown. Meeting the people who knew him makes us feel as though we had and yet relieved that we hadn’t. Brown’s mother, 34-year-old Leslie McSpadden, allegedly led a party of twenty-to-thirty people who bum-rushed Michael Brown’s paternal step-grandmother in Oc

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Larry Thornberry and I have both annoyed an Australian leftist academic with our respective commentary on the events in Ferguson.  Binoy Kampmark, who teaches at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, wrote a piece "analyzing" conservative commentary in the wake of the grand jury's decis
I just read Howard Kurtz's piece at FNC decrying the New York Times decision to print Darren Wilson's address. Kurtz doesn't conclude the NYT did this intentionally, but that they owe Wilson an apology.  An apology is the tip of the iceberg. You cannot tell me this wasn't done on purpose.

27 Nov 2014, 12:05 am

ThursdayThanksgiving Day. Here I am in beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina. The sky is speckled with clouds and the town is beautiful, It has been a terrible few days. Two days ago was my 70th birthday, and wow, was I sick. Food poisoning? Intestinal flu? Who knows but it was HORRIBLE. Pl

The Federalist

Everything You Need To Know About Winning A Thanksgiving Argument

This one cool trick will guarantee that you win every Thanksgiving political argument with your family.

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Cook's Illustrated founder Christopher Kimball believes food isn't art. Here's how his views have prevailed in a world of food porn.
If the media want to do a better job next time—and that's a big "if"—here are five rules they ought to have followed in Ferguson.
The question about Chuck Hagel isn't why he's leaving. It's why he was appointed in the first place if President Obama had no intention of listening to him.

The Washington Free Beacon

Christopher Nolan’s Cosmos

Scene: A pistol defies gravity, rising from the ground into a waiting hand. Emptied shell casings return to the chamber of the gun. Is a supernatural force at work? Not at all: Time is being reversed. We are seeing the consequences of actions before their causes. Scene: A man is being pursued in a

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Following the misadventures of Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), and Dale (Charlie Day) in the misanthropic Horrible Bosses—a film in which, Strangers on a Train-style, the protagonists decide to kill each other’s employers—Nick, Kurt, and Dale are now the bosses.

28 Nov 2014, 4:00 am

It’s Black Friday. Perhaps you are reading this at five in the morning on your smart phone, standing in line for a deal on a Dyson vacuum cleaner or a new TV. (I may be in line with you: I’ve got my eye on a new fridge.) As the holiday shopping season begins, here are some ...
William A. Reinsch, former undersecretary of commerce for export administration under President Bill Clinton, offered a surprising mea culpa in the latest annual report by the U.S.- China Economic and Security Review Commission made public earlier this month.

Big Government

BBC: China's Xinjiang to Hire 3,000 Ex-Soldiers as Guards

The capital of China's restive region of Xinjiang will recruit 3,000 former soldiers to help guard its residents, the Chinese government has said. The soldiers will be carefully vetted to determine their political views. They will join the military and police forces that often patrol Urumqi. The m

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NEW YORK (AP) — Stores are welcoming a second wave of shoppers in what has become a two-day kickoff to the holiday shopping season. The big question: How much Thanksgiving shopping will hurt Black Friday, which is relinquishing its status as the frenzied start of the holiday shopping season?
(AP) -- Black Friday is also one of the biggest days of the year for gun sales. That puts pressure on the system for background checks.  Researchers with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which is overseen by the FBI, have until the end of the third business day foll
On Monday night, after the release of the grand jury verdict rejecting indictment of Officer Darren Wilson in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of 18-year-old black man Michael Brown, President Obama took to the microphones. “We need to recognize that this is not just an issue for Ferguson, th

American Thinker

One's Politics Determines One's Conspiracy Theories

The basic (political) idea is that conspiracy theories fire people up; whereas conspiracy-theory skepticism subdues them.

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Something big is happening in the Democratic Party – something that bodes well for conservatives.
Liberal politics, not people, matter to our evil media.
Nobody has produced one shred of evidence that STEM fields are more sexualized than fields with large numbers of women.

Heritage Foundation

Daily Signal Story Inspires Social Media Action to Mend This Iraqi Boy Wounded in ISIS Attack

Ali Albayati, a neurologist in Iraq, learned of a little boy wounded in deadly bombings by ISIS terrorists the old-fashioned way: through a written story.... Read More The post Daily Signal Story Inspires Social Media Action to Mend This Iraqi Boy Wounded in ISIS Attack appeared first on Daily Sign

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This week was supposed to be a celebration of thanks and Americana. However, a grand jury decision in Ferguson shifted the nation’s focus to Ferguson,... Read More The post 21 Photos Recap This Week’s News appeared first on Daily Signal.
I listened to progressive leaders for a full day last week—and learned they’ve got no new ideas to offer. The speakers at the 2014 Policy... Read More The post Progressives Seem Unaware the Election Results Proved Their Policies Aren’t Popular appeared first on Daily Signal.
No good deed goes unpunished. Or at least, such was the case earlier this month when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the Gunnison... Read More The post How the Government’s Decision to Declare This Species Threatened May Hurt Its Survival appeared first on Daily Signal.


Singapore: A Remarkable Free-Market Success Story

Ive written about the success of Hong Kong (particularly when compared to nations such as Cuba, France, and China), but havent paid as much attention to Singapore.

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Sometimes, those attacking America seem to understand our economy and the source of our power better than we do ourselves. Terrorists plot big, jarring attacks, in part hoping the spin off effects will cascade throughout our economy, pyramiding the ultimate costs.
No one in Washington much cares what House Democrats do these days. House rules tend to ensure that the main job of members of the minority is to show up, vote "no" and lose.
There is little hope for progress on the crony capitalist front with Boehner and McConnell in power. But the alternatives (for the time being) are Pelosi and Reid 2 crony capitalists of the highest order. So what are we to do?

The Corner

The End of RG3

This Thanksgiving, spare a thought for Robert Griffin III, who at just 24 seems to have reached the end of his career with the Redskins and may be washed up as an NFL quarterback. An impossibly promising rookie, a guy born to be a franchise QB (and, I’ve always suspected, a secret conservativ

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27 Nov 2014, 7:49 am

Here’s a huge roundup of Thanksgiving links, including (without limitation) Christopher Walken and John Madden’s video of The First Thanksgiving, Ben Franklin’s account, calculating how much stuffing it would take to stuff your whole house (or the Empire State Building o

26 Nov 2014, 10:46 pm

The New Yorker has a (very) lengthy—and largely admiring—article by George Packer on Angela Merkel.  It’s well worth reading by anyone interested in either modern Germany or, for that matter, the modern Europe in which she is probably the most powerful political figure. Some
Folks on the homepage and the Corner have pretty well covered the appalling violence stemming from Ferguson. Just a footnote that, in neither of his two public statements since the grand jury’s decision, has President Obama uttered a word of praise for the legal system. No comment on its

Red State

Barack Obama cannot, in any way, be said to have white working class support.

Gallup is being a bit, ah, antiseptic on this story: "President Barack Obama's job approval rating among white non-college graduates is at 27% so far in 2014, 14 percentage points The post Barack Obama cannot, in any way, be said to have white working class support. appeared first on RedState.

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A few days ago we discussed the utterly ridiculous claim made by House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers that in the upcoming slapfight with Obama over his brutalization of immigration law The post CRS to Hal Rogers: Do you even appropriate, bro? appeared first on RedState.

28 Nov 2014, 3:30 am

I will keep nothing from you. Today, let me share with you the truth. Republicans will not stop Barack Obama's executive overreach. In fact, while you were enjoying your Thanksgiving The post The Truth appeared first on RedState.
Promoted from the diaries by Jake It's a tradition of mine to re-read the first Presidential proclamation declaring a day of Thanksgiving, so I figured I'd share with all of The post President Lincoln’s 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation appeared first on RedState.