5 Ways to Give Your Front Porch a New Look

1. Paint your front door – Choose a bold and exciting color such as fire engine red. It will be scary going to the paint department at your local hardware store and actually CHOOSING a color so bold, but it will be worth it. When painting your front door be very careful that your brush strokes are all going the same direction and that they are even. You and all who come through your front door will see your technique, or lack thereof, so a little patience while painting will pay off in the end. Coming home to a nicely painted, bold colored door will make you smile every day!
2. Clean it – Nothing says BLAH like a dirty, dusty, and buggy front porch. Get out a vacuum cleaner or shopvac and use the attachments to get in the cracks and corners. Look up, and check out the porch ceiling. Make sure that you vacuum as high as you can reach and get those spider webs down. Dust and wipe down any furniture. Clean as little or as much as you like, but just make sure that after sitting on your porch you don’t need to go and hose off!

3. Acquire comfortable seating – When I think of a relaxing front porch I think of rocking chairs or a swing. Why not add these gems to your front porch? In early July at a local hardware store, rocking chairs were only $88 a piece and a swing was $150. If the price tag is too high, check out your local Craigslist or even Freecycle to find cheaper or free alternatives. Or, if you’re feeling extra crafty, why not try to make your own swing? The price tag will be much lower and you’ll value the learning experience as well.

4. Add some flowering plants – Try a hanging plant or put beautiful red flowers (that match your freshly painted red door) on a plant stand. Plants give life and energy to a room; just don’t forget to water them!

5. Update the floor – If you have concrete or solid wood flooring, a fresh coat of paint will completely transform your porch. Choose a color that is clean and fresh such as white. If your floor has carpet on it consider installing a new outdoor carpet or even a rug to throw over it would do wonders. Your feet will be happy for the new digs!

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Cabinet Refacing Costs

The cost of cabinet refacing can be manufactured in a variety of methods. Choose the one that I think is easier to understand and explain. My method and by most companies that are fixed by the cabinet load per linear foot of the cabinet. This means that only the measurement of the total length of the base units and adds the total length of the wall units and the total number of linear feet of storage space. It is only necessary to the space where it is to measure doors and drawers. For example, it is necessary to add on all four sides in a kitchen island, if only the doors and drawers on one side.

The most typical 10 × 10 kitchen was about 20 or 25 running feet of cabinets. The method consists in the price of labor per linear foot. Polished for easy replacement of doors and drawers with a layer of wood with hinges Euro-modern style and hand would be about $ 140 per linear foot. If you choose solid wood doors in the style of frame and panel, the price rises to $ 160 to $ 180 per linear foot required depending on the type of wood and level the surface. The cost for a “new” kitchen can be as low as $ 2,800 for a kitchen-type panel with a picture of the oak, maple, mahogany, cherry or walnut. The prices of other companies in the bathroom or in the office were also taken from the counter, it becomes easier to live in a household and get the look you want the house. $ 150 to $ 160 per linear foot is a good estimate for many customers who want to use corrected more than the basic package for cabinet refacing.

A comparison of the closet again with tears of hope and installation, you can spend over $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 for the same aspect that could be achieved by the correction. The zero indicates the existence, modern cabinets are now high quality and custom carpenters are prohibitive. And furniture available in stores, fine woods like mahogany, cherry, walnut and cost more. Refacing customers can use the same timber of about $ 3,500 and $ 6,000 will get a kitchen of 20 meters.

Refacing is different from the surface. Restoring the existing doors and drawers used. The goal is removed or painted to give a different look. These options are typically priced less than $ 3,000 for a kitchen 10 x 10, depending on the version and the current state of the cabinet refacing. Several times the current models of doors and drawer fronts are a big part of what comes out of the kitchen. A new objective can be better, but you can not up for this country kitchen 80s. We see many new painting techniques to a large change in the air, which can work well for those with the tightest budget build.

In conclusion, the options from lowest to highest cost of the paint, correction and substitution. $ 150 to $ 170 per linear foot is a good estimate of what it will cost corrected. For those who correct a very modern look and saw in today’s modern White kitchens design , bathroom and fashion magazines, office furniture, want, to create the best look for the lowest price of cabinet refacing.

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Tips for Building a Simple Home Network

Many people have uncomplicated needs (or wants) for their home networks. Even though 80% of users have multiple computers within a single home, many of these users don’t even network the systems together. Their file transfers are usually done by means of “sneaker net”, or copying files to and from a USB/CD or by sending the file(s) through email.

If this sounds similar to you, then this would be a great time to build your own home network by home builders charlotte nc. The costs and installation of these systems are lower then many people thing. The biggest barrier for many first-time home network builders is getting past the technical terminology used. The equipment you need for your net work is simple, you will need Ethernet cables for a wired network: figure out where you plan to set up the computers, and then determine how much cable you will need to cover the required distance and add 1/5 more cable onto that (you will always need a little bit more then what you account for). If you wish to build a wireless network, you can skip the cables.

You will also want a network switch or router for your network (whether you build a wired OR wireless network). A network hub or switch is a box with multiple ports to plug your Ethernet cables into. Generally a switch has slightly more functionality then a hub does. A router has greater functionality then both a switch and hub, a router is able to handle internet connection sharing, and this is almost a must for home networks.

You are also going to need a NIC (also known as Network Interface Card) in each of the computers you are networking together, this also includes printers, or any other device you plan to network. The NICs can be your normal 10/100 ethernet cards or, 802.11b/g if you plan to use a wireless network. If you’re building a wired network, you can use equipment (switches, hubs, routers) with 10MB or 100MB speeds.

As I said earlier, network equipment is inexpensive, and there is really no reason to not buy 100MB equipment. 100MB equipment generally supports the older standard of equipment as well. There is also 1000MB (Gigabit Ethernet) equipment; however this is expensive for the means of home networks.
Install, and attach all hardware to your router as per the manufacturers’ directions. Every device you attach to your network will need at least ONE IP address for itself. IP addresses are the numbers which you may have seen before that look like: However, in a home network, IP addresses will look like

Your first IP should begin with the router. The router is the centre (gateway) of your network; picture a star with rays of light emanating from it. Each Ethernet cable or wireless signal is one of these rays of light. The end of the rays is your device. So if the router has an IP of, then the devices and computers should be numbered,, etc. You cannot assign the same IP to more then one device.

You will most likely need to read the manual for your router on the specifics on assigning IP addresses.

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For Car Lover-Mazda 3 in the new age

The Mazda 3 (3rd gen.) is an innovative model that has evolved since its original introduction in 2003 and namely in positive ways that take advantage of new technologies to bring you a car that is enjoyable to drive with an impressive range of features. The varieties of features the Mazda 3 will give you are truly impressive and offer something for everyone. You can expect benefits from advanced safety technologies, amazing performance, collision-prevention technology, great fuel economy, car covers, minimal environmental impact, smooth handling, and the latest in connectivity.

Modern, stylish, and sophisticated, the Mazda 3 is so pleasing to the eye you almost won’t want to put that tonneau covers on just so you can see it. Don’t worry though you will be taking pictures to show your friends and family anyway so you can put the car cover on and keep her clean, shiny, and damage-free for longer. Available in a range of bright and refined colors, you can have the shade that gives your touch to your Mazda 3. With the wide range of car covers on the market today, you could even find a matching shade or pattern for your car cover.


Mazda 3 models give you choices of multiple stylish trims; Sport, Touring, or Grand Touring. You have the usual choice of an automatic or manual gearbox and a choice between 155-horsepower and a 184-horsepower engine. Mazda 3 body models are in sedan and hatchback styles and car covers are available for both body types. If you love driving then there is a strong chance you will love this car. It grips you and really just feels great to drive for most behind the wheel. It is most certainly worthy of a durable and breathable car cover.

This car’s reputation for reliability is outstanding and matched only by a good car cover to keep it in nice condition. In support of that reliability is the impressive spread of technology offered like the advanced safety features. Mazda 3 has i-Activsense safety features like Smart City Brake support which helps prevent low-speed collisions through monitoring surrounding vehicles. For those long road trips, you can use Driver Attention Alert to monitor your attentiveness when driving for hours. The Lane-Keep Assistance system ensures you stay within the lines which is also beneficial to those long trips where you are prone to spacing out or getting fatigued. If only there we could be alerted to bring our car covers. Long trips mean front ends covered in bugs and washing the area before you put on your car cover is important to remember.

The safety does not end there. An Adaptive Front-Lighting System swivels your lights when you turn corners allowing you greater vision of the corner and preventing accidents with hazards like animals and hitchhikers. Do not fear for motorcyclists around you, as the Mazda 3 has you covered with Blind Spot Monitoring that notifies you when there is something in the blind spot areas around your mirrors. If you have taken off the car cover and need to reverse from a tricky area, you can use the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system to be sure there are no obstructions in your way before reversing.  Emergency Brake Assist helps you stop faster after detecting you are breaking suddenly by breaking all four wheels and SRS Airbags can detect the kind of collision you are experiencing to provide you with the right airbags for the situation such as the side airbags. Car covers will keep all of this wonderful technology hidden from thieves and in 2016 there is a wide range of car covers to choose from.

Personalization is no longer a dream and driving doesn’t have to feel like sitting in the car with the car covers on. Mazda 3 offers you the MZD Connect which can be linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth to personalize your driving experience, access music, social media, and contacts all from one convenient screen. Hands-free capability keeps you safe and GPS will keep you heading in the right direction. Just make sure you have not forgotten the car cover before the weather swings you a curve ball. Now all we need is a technology that will put the car cover on for us and all we will have to do is shop through a range of useful car covers.

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