For Car Lover-Mazda 3 in the new age

The Mazda 3 (3rd gen.) is an innovative model that has evolved since its original introduction in 2003 and namely in positive ways that take advantage of new technologies to bring you a car that is enjoyable to drive with an impressive range of features. The varieties of features the Mazda 3 will give you are truly impressive and offer something for everyone. You can expect benefits from advanced safety technologies, amazing performance, collision-prevention technology, great fuel economy, car covers, minimal environmental impact, smooth handling, and the latest in connectivity.

Modern, stylish, and sophisticated, the Mazda 3 is so pleasing to the eye you almost won’t want to put that tonneau covers on just so you can see it. Don’t worry though you will be taking pictures to show your friends and family anyway so you can put the car cover on and keep her clean, shiny, and damage-free for longer. Available in a range of bright and refined colors, you can have the shade that gives your touch to your Mazda 3. With the wide range of car covers on the market today, you could even find a matching shade or pattern for your car cover.


Mazda 3 models give you choices of multiple stylish trims; Sport, Touring, or Grand Touring. You have the usual choice of an automatic or manual gearbox and a choice between 155-horsepower and a 184-horsepower engine. Mazda 3 body models are in sedan and hatchback styles and car covers are available for both body types. If you love driving then there is a strong chance you will love this car. It grips you and really just feels great to drive for most behind the wheel. It is most certainly worthy of a durable and breathable car cover.

This car’s reputation for reliability is outstanding and matched only by a good car cover to keep it in nice condition. In support of that reliability is the impressive spread of technology offered like the advanced safety features. Mazda 3 has i-Activsense safety features like Smart City Brake support which helps prevent low-speed collisions through monitoring surrounding vehicles. For those long road trips, you can use Driver Attention Alert to monitor your attentiveness when driving for hours. The Lane-Keep Assistance system ensures you stay within the lines which is also beneficial to those long trips where you are prone to spacing out or getting fatigued. If only there we could be alerted to bring our car covers. Long trips mean front ends covered in bugs and washing the area before you put on your car cover is important to remember.

The safety does not end there. An Adaptive Front-Lighting System swivels your lights when you turn corners allowing you greater vision of the corner and preventing accidents with hazards like animals and hitchhikers. Do not fear for motorcyclists around you, as the Mazda 3 has you covered with Blind Spot Monitoring that notifies you when there is something in the blind spot areas around your mirrors. If you have taken off the car cover and need to reverse from a tricky area, you can use the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system to be sure there are no obstructions in your way before reversing.  Emergency Brake Assist helps you stop faster after detecting you are breaking suddenly by breaking all four wheels and SRS Airbags can detect the kind of collision you are experiencing to provide you with the right airbags for the situation such as the side airbags. Car covers will keep all of this wonderful technology hidden from thieves and in 2016 there is a wide range of car covers to choose from.

Personalization is no longer a dream and driving doesn’t have to feel like sitting in the car with the car covers on. Mazda 3 offers you the MZD Connect which can be linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth to personalize your driving experience, access music, social media, and contacts all from one convenient screen. Hands-free capability keeps you safe and GPS will keep you heading in the right direction. Just make sure you have not forgotten the car cover before the weather swings you a curve ball. Now all we need is a technology that will put the car cover on for us and all we will have to do is shop through a range of useful car covers.

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