Could Louisiana elect an 87 year old Democrat felon to Congress?

20 Sep 2014, 12:01 pm

This is really ... er... something

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(Steven Hayward)It is not often that you see someone of Steven Koonin’s prominence publicly immolate his future in Democratic Party politics and perhaps in the senior reaches of academia at the same time. But that’s what Koonin does today with his Wall Street Journal feature “Clima

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20 Sep 2014, 11:00 am

After a series of lackluster reviews, the traveling global warming musical that was financed by the U.S. taxpayers is ending its run early. The Great Immensity, a musical described as “painfully long” and “awkward,” was made possible by a $697,177 grant from the National Sc

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"Gave a play-by-play account..."

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The American Spectator

Kerry Seeks Iran's Help Against ISIS

You know things are going badly in terms of recruiting a broad coalition against ISIS if the Obama Administration is seeking Iran's help. During a UN Security Council Meeting on Iraq, Secretary of State John Kerry said, "There is a role for nearly every country in the world to play, including Iran.

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19 Sep 2014, 11:48 am

With 26 of 32 precincts reporting, the BBC is projecting that Scotland has voted against independence. The No forces are expected to win 55% of the vote.  As Quebec referendums have become a permanent feature of Canadian politics, Scottish referendums will become a permanent feature of U.K. po
Less than 24 hours after the Scottish Referendum, SNP Leader and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has announced he will step down in November. Although the Yes side lost by a 10 point margin, it is certainly far better than anyone expected. So I doubt there was any pressure brought to bear on h

19 Sep 2014, 3:00 am

When Scotland “voted” on union with her southern neighbor 307 years ago, English troops flowed to the border and English pounds flowed through the Scottish parliament. English force sought, unlike Hadrian, to welcome and not repel. The parliamentarians quietly voted “yes”; t

The Federalist

Proof That Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome Is Real

Sarah Palin is a good way to tease out Freudian levels of weirdness. But why are conservative women such a threat? Is it their embrace of life?

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Washington's foolish approaches to the Islamic State will not destroy them or discourage others from following in their footsteps.
I have a few theories about why parents nowadays hover about their kids like hornets.
The Scottish referendum should prompt some long-overdue soul-searching among the Brits, and to some extent it already has, which is a good sign.

The Washington Free Beacon

The Show Won’t Go On

After a series of lackluster reviews, the traveling global warming musical that was financed by the U.S. taxpayers is ending its run early. The Great Immensity, a musical described as “painfully long” and “awkward,” was made possible by a $697,177 grant from the National Sc

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20 Sep 2014, 4:00 am

In 2011, Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir Technologies, worried that the future might be over. In a cover story for National Review, the entrepreneur and investor argued that, “when tracked against the admittedly lofty hopes of the 1950s and 1960s, technological progress has fal
Republicans who are backing President Barack Obama’s plan to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels expressed concerns on Friday about whether the strategy would be far-reaching enough to defeat Islamic militants and other regional adversaries in the Middle East.
On Friday, this year's POW/MIA Day, the Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office issued a new fact sheet on its efforts to recover US POW/MIAs from North Korea and the Korean War. But there may be some roadblocks on the way, according to a report from KPOW.

Big Government

Former Tea Partier Cory Gardner Has Betrayed His Conservative Principles

Much of the media chatter about the close Colorado Senate race between Rep. Cory Gardner (R) and incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D) seems focused on Gardner’s decision to claim over-the-counter (OTC) birth control pills as a main plank of his platform. The real issue for conservatives regarding G

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Breitbart’s Sonnie Johnson employed her “favorite liberal trait,” the ability to dodge questions, on Saturday’s “Red Eye” on the Fox News Channel.   When asked about Ben Affleck’s involvement in card-counting at a casino, Johnson replied “I
On Friday evening, George P. Bush said he will not endorse anyone in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. This includes his father, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, should he decide to run. Speaking at The Texas Tribune Festival, Bush, who endorsed Ted Cruz in the GOP Senate primary in 2012, was as
The watchdogs of social media criticized Katherine Heigl after she seemingly confused the setting of her new show "State of Affairs" with Afghanistan, rather than Iraq. The actress, who is playing a CIA analyst in the series, posted a photograph to her Instagram and Facebook pages on Thursday, whe

American Thinker

How the NFL Should Fight Domestic Violence

Liberalism is no friend of football -- especially professional football.

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This woman has no idea what it's like to suffer.
Ben Shapiro explains how impeaching the president would legitimize his actions too much.
The world is now full of Jihadist groups, whether al-Qaeda, the Nusra Front, or the Islamic State, some of whose supporters are trained to carry out terrorist attacks in their Western countries of origin.

Heritage Foundation

Q&A: Meet Khorasan, the Terrorist Group That Might Be Scarier Than ISIS

As the Islamic State terrorist organization commands attention with its cold-blooded tactics of rape and murder, another group of violent extremists in Syria considers itself... Read More The post Q&A: Meet Khorasan, the Terrorist Group That Might Be Scarier Than ISIS appeared first on Daily Si

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After two months on the job, the reshuffled leadership of the House of Representatives drew accolades this week from the Republican conference’s conservative faction for working... Read More The post Listen Up: House Conservatives Like the New Leadership Tone appeared first on Daily Sign
The protests outside fast-food establishments last week featured calls for a $15 hourly wage. Unemployment is only the most obvious unintended consequence we could expect under such... Read More The post Higher Fast Food Wages Could Leave Some Workers Behind appeared first on Daily Signal
SANTA FE, N.M. – There is now a state element to wooing “The Bachelor.” The New Mexico Tourism Department is joining the Santa Fe City Council in... Read More The post New Mexico to Give $100K to ‘The Bachelor’ appeared first on Daily Signal.

The HRC Is Inciting Fear and Hate

The pictures are dark and ominous, the charges chilling: There exists a network of extremists . . . [who] spew venomous rhetoric, outrageous theories, and discredited science.

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Volatility, the potential for the market or a stock to swerve sharply in value, serves as a deterrent for many prospective investors. After all, who wants to lose a sizable portion of hard-earned savings in a flash?
Most baby boomers will remember the summer of 1967 as the Summer of Love, with huge gatherings in cities across the United States and Canada. Years later, Time magazine said that the overriding theme of the Summer of Love was trust your feelings.
Just imagine how much more campaigning Obama will do if Republicans take control of the Senate... Well, in between golf games anyway. Political consultant Brent Littlefield spoke with John about the political landscape heading into the 2014 elections. Also, Ezra Klein is still an idiot.

The Corner

Shhhh . . .

In the 1980s and even into the 1990s, I think, some of us Republicans had a habit: If our nominee was down in the polls, we would tell ourselves that the people were lying to pollsters. Sometimes we would even say this out loud. Left-leaning types with clipboards would arrive on doorsteps (went our

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You won’t hear this from the media too busy calling for Roger Goodell’s head, but the facts show that, under Goodell’s tenure, the domestic-violence rate among NFL players has actually decreased. He should be commended rather than attacked. A Think Progress article on Thursday cl
Charles Krauthammer has little confidence in President Obama’s decision to personally approve each American bombing strike in Iraq and Syria. “Lyndon Johnson, who had a lot more experience, was also the one who directed air strikes in the north of Korea” during the Vietnam War,

Red State

The War on Poverty: failure redefined as success

On the 50th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation posted a devastating after-action report pronouncing it “a colossal flop” at the Daily Signal: Since its beginning, U.S. taxpayers have spent $22 trillion on Joh

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But it's a good thing that I'm not a cynical blogger. The post A cynical blogger might think that these White House security breaches were deliberate. appeared first on RedState.
The Scots rose up yet again against the oppressors from London. They held a vote to decide whether or not to dissolve their ties with the United Kingdom yesterday. The bag-pipes wailed and the claymores were sharpened. In Glasgow they appeared set to Caber Toss about 3 centuries of membership in th
If you were hoping for a doozy of a debate Friday night, the Texas Gubernatorial debate proved to be a wonderful experience for us all, and definitely a learning experience as Wendy Davis was shut down in an argument she was making, then proceeded to lose her mind. In case you missed it, here&rsquo