Two legal guests tell CNN their Brown shooting audio might be a hoax

27 Aug 2014, 9:41 am

Where's the plane?

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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) admitted that she once worked against former Florida Republican and current Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist, but did not articulate what exactly had changed about Crist to make her now support him. After Schultz told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd

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With Labor Day next week, America will return to being inundated by a cascade of the only thing more obnoxious than midterm political ads; the debate over the Washington Redskins team name. MRCTV went to the Skins/Browns game last week to ask fans of both squads about their opinion of the name. Fan

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(Steven Hayward)Last month I taped an episode of the Claremont Institute’s “American Mind” video interview series with Claremont Review of Books editor and professor extraordinaire Charles Kesler.  This first segment describes the writing of The Age of Reagan as well as some o

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The American Spectator

Now It’s Official

To the surprise of no one not on controlled substances, Rick Scott and Charlie Crist overcame weak primary opponents in a low turn-out election Tuesday to become the Republican and Democratic nominees for Florida governor. So it’s officially Mr. Sunshine against Mr. Clean (anyone who has seen

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Beijing Today China’s big cities look much like urban areas anywhere else in the world. There are cars, lots of cars. What I didn’t expect was to see a Christian “fish” on an auto. In traffic. In Beijing. Christianity is real, growing, and visible. “Religion is on the
Warren Buffett must pen another letter to his favorite uncle. The last one was a little too cloying. It was a personal missive, which somehow wound up on the top of the op-ed page of the New York Times on November 16, 2010. Here are a few of the key passages: DEAR Uncle Sam, My mother told me to s

27 Aug 2014, 3:00 am

It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that the trend away from party affiliation is gaining steam. In January a Gallup poll showed no less than 42 percent of respondents identified themselves as independent voters, with both Democrats (31 percent) and Republicans (25 percent) operating at 2

The Federalist

Radfems Versus Trans: A Different Breed of Catfight

Why would those we’d expect to march in a transgender rainbow parade rain on it instead?

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History shows how local, mutual aid fed hungry children, covered medical emergencies, and empowered working-class men—no formal government necessary.
Moral clarity in recognizing the evils of ISIS can sometimes stop us from asking hard questions about how we plan to deal with them.
Gov. Bobby Jindal has gone to war to oust the Common Core tests that extend the hand of the federal government directly into classrooms

The Washington Free Beacon

Wasserman Schultz Fails to Explain Why She Now Supports Crist

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An IRS ethics lawyer is fighting against disbarment after the D.C. Court of Appeals recommended that she should lose her law license for lying in court during a personal injury case, the Washington Times reports.

27 Aug 2014, 9:03 am

A U.S. Coast Guard boat fired a warning shot at an Iranian sailboat in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday, the Washington Post reports.

Big Government

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Sues Obama Administration over Common Core

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) of Louisiana said he will file a lawsuit against the Obama administration, accusing it of illegally manipulating states with federal grant money and regulations that forced them to adopt the Common Core standards. According to the Associated Press, Jindal will argue that the

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WNCT, the CBS affiliate in Greenville, N.C., reports that healthcare provider Vidant will undergo “big cuts” that they blame on the Affordable Care Act. According to the WNCT, Vidant says the “operational margin [on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements] is less than half of what
Last week, Virginia Democrat Sen. Mark Warner agreed to 2 televised debates with his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie, but requested that the Libertarian candidate, Richard Sarvis, be invited to the debates as well. Ordinarily, incumbents may be expected to want to minimize the number of opponents
Vienna, Austria has been named as a hub for jihadists travelling to Sweden, second only to London as "jihadists playground". Der Standard reports that Austria is being used as a hub for the recruitment and organisation of European jihadists, who then travel through the Western Balkans to Syria. Co

American Thinker

Conservatism's Family Snapshot

If we are to counter the Left's poisons, we must first win the battle of hearts and minds by showing that ours is the better road to achieving temporal happiness.

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27 Aug 2014, 12:00 am

The bullet flying over any Black boy's head is more likely to be fired from a firearm brandished by another Black person than by a cop.
Presuming that Islam‘s faithful warriors and shamans will give up their supremacist mindset by stroking their egos and stifling all criticism of their holy book is a dangerous delusion.
This is not a matter of ending Bush's war, though that's how Barack Obama sees it.  Rather, it is a golden opportunity.

Heritage Foundation

In Under 60 Seconds, George Will Takes Down Claim That It’s Too Hard to Find ‘Lost’ IRS Emails

Justice Department lawyers say that retrieving lost emails from Lois Lerner when she was head of the Internal Revenue Service’s tax-exempt division, would be “too onerous.” Last... Read More The post In Under 60 Seconds, George Will Takes Down Claim That It’s Too H

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It’s probably unusual for political contributors to thank a candidate for taking their money, but that’s what Mike Elliott, executive director for the Marijuana Industry... Read More The post Pot Business Owners Donate Money to Politicians appeared first on Daily Signal.
Is opposition to same-sex marriage at all like opposition to interracial marriage? One refrain in debates over marriage policy is that laws defining marriage as... Read More The post 7 Reasons Why the Current Marriage Debate Is Nothing Like the Debate on Interracial Marriage appeared first on Daily
About three out of four voters say the terrorist killer of American journalist James Foley should be sentenced to death if convicted for the murder,... Read More The post Poll: Terrorist Who Beheaded James Foley Should Die appeared first on Daily Signal.

Jackie Robinson West, Pardon the Adult Sympathy

Boys, I'm hoping you can forgive us grown-ups for some of the nonsense coming out of our mouths after the Little League World Series.

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In some prominent corners of the liberal media, the grousing has begun about President Obama's habit of hitting the golf course during crises without any concern for looking cavalier.
Contrary to what you may have heard, the armored vehicles that appeared on the streets of Ferguson, Mo., during the unrest that followed the police shooting of Michael Brown did not come from the Pentagon. "Most of the stuff you are seeing in video coming out of Ferguson is not military," Rear Adm.

26 Aug 2014, 11:01 pm

Can you imagine a television program airing in America that portrayed Muhammad as a foul-mouthed pothead? Given that earlier this year ABC canceled Alice in Arabiaa show about an Arab-American who goes to live with her grandparents in Saudi Arabiabecause CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relatio

The Corner

NYT Turns Up Nose at Cuomo

The editorial board of the New York Times has declined to endorse New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary — and also has declined to endorse his opponent, the poetically named Zephyr Rain Teachout, a professor at Fordham law school associated with the 2004 Howard De

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A nationwide debate is raging over Common Core, a set of federally supported standards for teaching English and math at the state level. But critics call them a cookie-cutter approach that overemphasizes testing, invades privacy, and can be easily manipulated. Grassroots parental rebellions have l
This image has already popped up in my social media accounts a few times today. It’s fascinating. I think it originated with a tweet from Marek Sotak. What a brave new world we are entering. — Michael R. Strain is a resident scholar and economist at the American Enterprise Institute.

Red State

Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Help Republicans Look Anti-Cronyism

Did you happen to catch this story the other day at National Journal? “Only one week after Sen. Mitch McConnell took the CEO of Delta Air Lines to breakfast in the exclusive Senate Dining Room last month, the airline executive and his wife wrote $10,000 worth of checks to

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On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by Mollie Hemingway to discuss feminism through the eyes of Beyonce, what the modern feminist movement has become and why HBO's "Girls" may be secretly produced by Rick Santorum. The post Mollie Hemingway on Mode
We’re all going to die or something according to the latest hysteria from the United Nations now that government bureaucrats have sufficiently added hype and hyperbole to the IPCC report on global warming a/k/a climate change. Folks, I do not care. Let me assure you that the world is not goin

27 Aug 2014, 8:00 am

Image Credit: (Wall Street Journal and News Busters) The revenue from a 100% Tax Rate against a revenue base of zero equals zero. The revenue of a smaller and more reasonable rate of taxation against a significantly large base of revenue is still a pretty big number. This fundamental truism eludes

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