Pivot: China building ‘airstrip capable’ island in disputed waters near Spratly Islands

24 Nov 2014, 5:01 pm

European and Pacific threats.

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24 Nov 2014, 4:30 pm

No, seriously. We really shot at explosives and made them blow up. We even experienced some near-full-auto fun with a slide fire!

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Paul Gonzalez The holiday season is now upon us. Although Black Friday is still officially four days away, several online retailers such as Amazon have already begun offering sharply discounted products.

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Zero likes out of nine

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The American Spectator

Barack Obama: A GOP President Had Better Not Follow My Lead

One of the dangers of using the Executive Action to accomplish your campaign goals six years after the fact and despite having an agreeable Congress right about the time you could have fulfilled your campaign promises, is that, if the EA survives the endless litigation and bellyaching it's headed f

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By now, I'm sure you've seen Saturday Night Live's Schoolhouse Rock-themed cold open making fun of President Obama's use of executive actions to bypass a Congressional deadlock on a rather important subject. But just in case you haven't: It's pretty good, or as good as we can expect 

24 Nov 2014, 10:03 am

President Obama today again followed in the footsteps of President Bush and forced his Secretary of Defense to resign in the wake of a devastating mid-term election. Chuck Hagel, who was brought in to be a "tougher", more "authoritarian" hand (thanks John McCain!) for the administration as it attem
President Obama has politely relieved Chuck Hagel of his duties as Secretary of Defense. I love how The New York Times spins that Hagel just didn't fit on Team Obama as if Obama hadn't appointed him in the first place. But I blame John McCain just as much for the Hagel debacle as I do President Oba

The Federalist

Chuck Hagel Is Out As Defense Secretary, So You Know What That Means

Now that Chuck Hagel is on the way out as Secretary of Defense, America needs a SECDEF who actually understands the job: Dick Cheney.

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In 2005, a baby died of vicious head injuries. The man sent to death row for Baby Angel’s death was recently released after a team of hotshot lawyers took on his case for free.
Reporters celebrated a congressional Benghazi report that supposedly debunked criticism of the Obama administration. It didn't. Not by a long shot.
Building city trains and streetcars in 2014 is a regressive move that stymies future innovation.

The Washington Free Beacon

Free Beacon Shoots Explosives

No, seriously. We really shot at explosives and made them blow up. We even experienced some near-full-auto fun with a slide fire!

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Reducing government subsidies to housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could shrink the federal deficit by more than $8 billion in a decade, according to a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The CBO found that several potential approaches could achieve the projected savings
The District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said the city has received a total of 38 applications for concealed carry permits since it began accepting them last month.
The union front groups organizing anti-Walmart protests across the country are recruiting the aid of a “Supreme Being” even as they forget to bring actual employees to their Black Friday demonstrations.

Big Government

Sebelius Promoted 'Facts' From Obamacare 'Architect' That She Claims She Never 'Personally' Worked With

According to an article this morning on CNN.com, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said that “she never worked with Gruber ‘personally’ though he worked ‘with a number of our agencies.’" Jonathan Gruber is the MIT professor who

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Jerry Brown scolded the University of California Board of Regents and its president Janet Napolitano saying that they need to spend existing dollars more wisely. The governor and Napolitano are at odds over raising tuition costs for UC students. According to the Los Angeles Times columnist George
A homeschooling family in Missouri filed a lawsuit in a federal district court this week against two police officers, claiming that the officers deprived them of their rights under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution for actions that allegedly occurred when the p
The School District of Clayton in St Louis, Missouri has cancelled after school activities in anticipation of “unconfirmed media reports stating that the Ferguson grand jury has reached a decision,” according to a release from the school district. Clayton is the area of St. Louis that

American Thinker

Obama Shreds Constitution

Obama's executive action on illegal immigration proves that he does not care about the will of the American voters. This is because he does not participate in America’s Constitutional Democracy.

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With his immigration executive order that sells out blacks and fails to satisfy Hispanics, Barack Obama has completed his destruction of the former claims of the Democratic Party on the loyalty of its base .

24 Nov 2014, 12:00 am

It is official: Obama has now ushered in the Age of the Dictator for America.
Once again, the rabidly human-hating Obama administration is going to use an obscure bird to make life difficult for ordinary Americans.

Heritage Foundation

Relief from the Hagel Budgets

Secretary Chuck Hagel served as the head of the Department of Defense (DOD) for a grand total of 21 months and, like those previous to... Read More The post Relief from the Hagel Budgets appeared first on Daily Signal.

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Should guides have to pass a multiple-choice history test, background check and drug screen to be eligible to provide tours in cities? The Supreme Court... Read More The post Should Your Tour Guide Have to Pass a Government Exam? appeared first on Daily Signal.
If you’re a worker and you have a pension, there’s a government agency that will pay that pension if your company is unable to fulfill... Read More The post Taxpayers May Be on the Hook for Another Massive Bailout. This Time, It’s Unions Who Might Benefit. appeared first on Daily
It comes as no surprise that the U.S.–China cybersecurity talks at the Asia–Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) largely failed. While Obama was in China The Washington... Read More The post Cybersecurity: Time for the U.S. to Stop Negotiating with China and Start Acting appeared first o


With Immigration Action, Obama Moves to Cement His Coalition

As things stand now, President Obama will leave the White House with two legacies. The first legacy is historic: Obama will always be the nation's first black president.

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24 Nov 2014, 1:46 pm

Among the 25 freest countries in the world, America now ranks 21st - down from the ninth spot for calendar year 2009, Obama's first year as president.

24 Nov 2014, 1:05 pm

Barack Obama is back -- the one who electrified and united a nation a decade ago when he delivered the keynote address at a national convention. Remember? There was a time when he was still a young, idealistic senator, not a failing and flailing president who has taken many a wrong turn since, and s

The Corner

Here's How Citizens Are Preparing for Possible Mayhem in Ferguson

Residents of the Greater St. Louis area are preparing for potential chaos tonight following the scheduled announcement of whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted in the killing of Michael Brown this past summer. Our Ryan Lovelace is on the ground, where citizens don’t entir

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President Obama’s team is suggesting that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had to go because he doesn’t have the skill set to run the military during such turbulent times. “When Secretary Hagel was first nominated for this job . . . the threat that was posed by ISIL was not nearly a
Senator Rand Paul recently introduced a resolution that would soon repeal the current authorizations being used to attack the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for the Use of Military Force), declare war on the militant group, and authorize a limited range of militar
There is no shortage of half-the-story reporting from the mainstream media as journalists seek to frame our understanding of the grand jury’s imminent decision about whether to file an indictment in Ferguson. One theme being pounded in the last few days is that prosecutors are failing to &ldq

Red State

The Vine

Welcome to The Vine, where every week I strive to bring you updates from around the pro-life community to help you keep up with the ever constant battle to save The post The Vine appeared first on RedState.

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24 Nov 2014, 4:00 pm

There's been a lot written about the impact of the 2014 elections, but let's not overlook one of the really crucial points: its effect on Republican morale. Republicans didn't just The post 2014 and Republican Morale appeared first on RedState.
One of the most pernicious things the advocates of various deviancies and social pathologies are fond of doing in finding morally corrupt alleged "clergy" and getting them to endorse whatever The post Planned Parenthood becomes a religion appeared first on RedState.
The first time I wrote about Chumponomics, a rural homeowner in Tennessee lost his house in a fire after refusing to pay the modest fee for fire protection from a The post Amnesty, Chumponomics, and the rule of law appeared first on RedState.

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