Boehner to Obama: You’re damaging the presidency

21 Nov 2014, 12:21 pm

"The House will, in fact, act."

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Senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Friday that the American people’s views of the economy are mistaken. “People don’t feel as good about it as they should,” Pfeiffer said speaking with reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. Pfeiffer said that Demo

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The American Spectator

Thoughts on Obama's Amnesty Speech

I did not watch President Obama's amnesty speech last night. However, I did read it this morning and would like to share my thoughts on it with you. Obama is in fine disingenuous form. Obama says "our immigration system is broken -- and everybody knows it" and then a minute later says, "Overall, th

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21 Nov 2014, 9:57 am

The world is ending. Okay, it's not even close to ending, but if you can't be hyperbolic on days like this, and suggest that a single man can bring about the apocalypse with a seventeen minute speech that people probably confused with a cold open to the Latin Grammys, what good is being a conservat
Perhaps President Obama envisions that the Internet is operated by Ernestine, the condescending telephone operator played by Lily Tomlin on Laugh-In. Otherwise, it is difficult to justify why he would want to hobble the 21st century broadband industry with regulations designed in the early 20th cen
It is an axiom of long standing that Jewish blood is cheap. The moral equivalence displayed by President Obama in the wake of a brutal massacre of Jews in prayer — “Too many Jews have died; too many Palestinians have died” — is despicable but not surprising. What possible di

The Federalist

Sorry, President Obama: Scripture Doesn’t Support Amnesty

Where’s the separation-of-church-and-state crowd when you need them? AWOL on amnesty.

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The Department of Justice/OLC legal memo justifying Obama's executive order power grab is fascinating. Here are 4 things you should know about it.
Obama is building a system in which everything depends on executive power.
All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States – unless the President says it's important

The Washington Free Beacon

Top Obama Adviser on Economy: ‘People Don’t Feel As Good About it as They Should’

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Chinese cyber attacks on U.S. businesses and the U.S. government cost the United States trillions of dollars and millions of jobs, the Epoch Times reports.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday sued over the implementation of President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, according to court documents.

Big Government

Executive Amnesty: 400,000 Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Free Health Services in California

Roughly one million undocumented immigrants in California qualify for President Obama’s executive action of deferred deportation he announced on Thursday. Of those 40% will be eligible for the states free Medi-Cal health services, while the remaining will be ineligible under the program&rsqu

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As the news of President Barrack Obama’s executive action on immigration spreads, the Texas border could see a new immigration surge in the near future. One of the concerns of law enforcement is criminal aliens trying to hide within the surge.  “That is a given, human smugglers wi

21 Nov 2014, 11:46 am

This morning’s New York Post cover features President Obama’s “Bamnesty,” pointing out that thanks to Obama, anybody can come to America.
The Independent business section published a shock exposé on privatised British industry today, revealing that after decades of being subsidised by the taxpayer national infrastructure, including the railways, is now turning a profit. This, they paradoxically claimed, would be a "boost" to

American Thinker

Obama's Perfect Storm?

The Perfect Storm being created by the juncture of Ferguson and immigration policy point to a trial run of executive authority backed by lethal force

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The illegals about to get Obama-stamped amnesty could not give a rat's derrière about what it means to be an American.
The one thing separating the rights and safety of citizens within a state from the indignities and transformational edicts of Mr. Obama and his attorney general are the state governors.
One could say that the reaction of the mob in Ferguson is the act of spitting on the tomb of Martin Luther King.

Heritage Foundation

ISIS Is Getting Smarter About Avoiding U.S. Surveillance

Social media can be a double-edged sword for terrorists groups such as ISIS, a fact that its leadership appears to be aware of. According to... Read More The post ISIS Is Getting Smarter About Avoiding U.S. Surveillance appeared first on Daily Signal.

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If you caught President Obama’s immigration speech last night or have scanned the conversation on Twitter today, you might have read some congratulatory remarks as... Read More The post 29 Tweets About Obama’s Immigration Speech appeared first on Daily Signal.

21 Nov 2014, 11:21 am

Immigration, immigration and more immigration. After reports surfaced about President Obama’s 10-step plan to take executive action on immigration, lawmakers and the media flooded our... Read More The post This Week’s News in 16 Photos appeared first on Daily Signal.
  Earlier this week, Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky and John Malcom wrote: According to the Associated Press, as well as House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Reps.... Read More The post Cartoon: Obama, the Constitution and Immigration appeared first on Daily Signal.

Norquist Rallies Conservatives, Liberatarians to Oppose Online Gambling Ban

Conservative advocates, including Grover Norquist and Lawson Bader, joined the fight to stop Congress from banning internet gambling, through H.R. 4301 and S. 2159, companion bills both titled Restore America's Wire Act with a blistering coalition letter.

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21 Nov 2014, 9:32 am

Progressives may be going after Big Soda, but, when they finish off that industry, they will set their sights elsewhere. Beware.
Memo to dude who lives inside the DC bubble: Youve just found out what conservatives have argued for years. And in finding it out, youve made the most compelling argument for smaller government?
For all intents and purposes, Barack Obama's scandal-filled, deeply unpopular presidency is effectively over. Yes, he'll still go through the political motions of being president during his last two years in office. But he is no longer seen, if he ever was, as a real chief executive who knows how to

The Corner

Obama and the Corruption of the Language

Illya Somin writes: I would add that the part of the president’s new policy offering work permits to some of those whose deportation is deferred in no way changes the analysis above. The work permits are merely a formalization of the president’s exercise of prosecutorial discretion he

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President Obama last night removed any remaining doubt that he shares Jonathan Gruber’s assessment of the American voter. The group toward whom he’s shown the greatest contempt, however, is low-skilled American workers, particularly blacks. The president’s edict purporting to gra

21 Nov 2014, 11:07 am

Big Jim, who has become a true cruise aficionado, recounts his week on the recent NR Post-Election Cruise. There are plenty of photos and videos, although none featuring our intrepid reporter in a Speedo or holding a pina colada. Still, it’s worth your seeing the

21 Nov 2014, 9:02 am

This Christmas you simply must get those favored little kiddies in your life these two wholesome books, Volumes 1 and 2 of The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories. Combined (the handsome hardcovers total over 700 pages!) they present 20 delightful and clas

Red State

Obama’s Justice Department declares war on school choice

Now that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has effectively gelded the Wisconsin teacher's mafia and limited its ability to extort dues from members that become the mother's milk of the Democrat The post Obama’s Justice Department declares war on school choice appeared first on RedState.

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  In the classic television series, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Detective John Munch -- played by Richard Belzer -- confronts a murder suspect over lying to him. He isn't The post @RepHalRogers thinks he is Jon Gruber appeared first on RedState. Download Podcast | iTunes | Podcast Feed On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by David Harsanyi to discuss last night's immigration orders from The post David Harsanyi on Obama’s Abuse of Power appeared fi

21 Nov 2014, 3:30 am

I oppose comprehensive immigration reform. I think Congress always fails as comprehensive legislation. But, long time readers know I am squishier on the immigration issue than many RedStaters. There are The post You Are Being Played appeared first on RedState.