Neil Tyson’s Final Words On His Quote Fabrications: “My bad”

1 Oct 2014, 11:04 pm

Neil Tyson's second attempt at a fake apology for fabricating quotes is as bad as his first one.

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(Paul Mirengoff)The 1964 baseball season is best remembered for the collapse of the Philadelphia Phillies — the result of an 10 game losing streak to close out September. But it should also be remembered for three remarkable surges: (1) the Cincinnati Reds’ nine game winning streak durin

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(Steven Hayward)I never much cared for the political analysis of Thomas Bryne Edsall, nowadays of the New York Times—especially his book Chain Reaction, which helped to launch today’s popular leftist narrative that conservatism is just racism and . . . well, just racism. I did meet him p

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1 Oct 2014, 9:41 pm


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The American Spectator

The Next Time the Obama WH Tells Reporters They Can't Interview People

Earlier this week, First Lady Michelle Obama went to Milwaukee to make a speech on behalf of Mary Pratt, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate challenging Scott Walker. Prior to the event, aides for both the White House and the Pratt campaign told reporters they could not interview anyone in the cr

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The Democrats’ biggest worry heading toward November is Obama’s fall from grace with his base. This could make things even worse for them than currently expected. Democrats’ only hope to offset Republicans’ anticipated midterm surge is their base’s high turnout. Howeve
Not so long ago the Left was mocking Oklahoma for joining the “anti-Sharia movement,” treating its worries about creeping radical Islam in America as paranoid. Liberals chortled over the silliness of the state’s measure to prevent judges from considering Sharia law in any of their
Let’s see if we can all agree on a few points: 1. Whether our leaders wish to accept it or not, it is a fact that throughout America’s history, including current times, there have been and are people who do not subscribe to our way of life and wish to destroy us. Such people have been a

The Federalist

Neil Tyson’s Final Words On His Quote Fabrications: “My bad”

Neil Tyson's second attempt at a fake apology for fabricating quotes is as bad as his first one.

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As Americans, we must make sure that democracy is equally onerous for all races and creeds.
President Obama's team has added meat to his My Brother's Keeper initiative. Here's a deprecatory ode.
With several notable exceptions, ‘A Skeptic’s Guide to Climate Change’ is a welcome departure from alarmist climate-change rhetoric.

The Washington Free Beacon

Kelly: Iraqi Christian Village Doesn’t Give Holy Communion For First Time In 2,000 Years

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Rep. Bruce Braley (D., Iowa) previously voted against funding for U.S. combat operations in Iraq before claiming at the first Iowa Senate debate that he supported President Barack Obama’s military efforts in the country.

Big Government

President Football: The Rough Rider's Love Affair with the Rough Sport

“I hereby grant you unconditional permission to play on the third Eleven,” Theodore Roosevelt wrote his namesake wishing to continue to compete on the Groton gridiron after breaking his collar bone. “Now do not break your neck unless you esteem it really necessary. About arms and

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Local news station WJLA reports that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notified United, the airline which transported Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan from Dulles International Airport to Dallas, Texas. However, the federal health agency abandoned its normal policy of informing f
Though Alison Lundergan Grimes continues to trail in recent polls, Democrats are doubling down on their ad spending to prop up her faltering challenge to incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in the Kentucky U.S. Senate race. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is spending
A member of the mosque attended by Alton Nolen, the man who beheaded a woman and stabbed another in Oklahoma recently, said that the mosque taught members to wage jihad against non-believers on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel. The man, who spoke

American Thinker

Oklahoma Terror and Gun Control

The Oklahoma beheading doesn’t just undermine the Leftist narrative of Muslims as a persecuted minority -- it also presents a problem on the issue of gun control.

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When the royal invalids come to town, hundreds of thousands of individuals are inconvenienced; frustration rises, and time and money are lost.
Saudi Arabia discovers the truth of the ancient Arab proverb, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.
Republicans just don’t get it; it’s not personal, it’s all about power.

Heritage Foundation

How to Wage a Better (Information) War Against Terrorism

Defeating ISIS “requires the application of all the tools of national power–diplomatic, economic, information, military,” stated Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,... Read More The post How to Wage a Better (Information) War Against Terrorism appeared first on

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An “extremist” … “a threat” … “an infiltrate.” These are the words Chinese mainland authorities, national security and pro-Beijing newspapers use to describe 17-year-old Joshua... Read More The post The 17-Year-Old Leading Thousands to Protest Commu
The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says Congress should “go to court very quickly” to stop President Obama if he decides to act alone... Read More The post If Obama Acts Alone on Immigration, House Judiciary Chairman Vows Court Challenge appeared first on Daily Signal.
As protesters in Hong Kong continue their demands for greater democracy, China’s Communist government is restricting media coverage of the events to the rest of... Read More The post China Cutting Off News of Hong Kong Protests appeared first on Daily Signal.

Ebola in America

Late yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported the first case of Ebola in America. Officials stressed the virus will be contained, but this is the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of.

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The director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, was questioned this past Tuesday by members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding lapses in Secret Service Performance. The hearing focused primarily on an incident that took place on September 19. Omar J. Gonzalez, 42,
Stability, both in the internal and in the external environment, is one of China's highest national policy priorities. It guides nearly every Chinese policy initiative, from managing Uighur militants to managing South China Sea claims.
President Obama is known for wanting to "spread the wealth around," but he has now gone a step further. He is spreading blame around for his failure to notice the rapid rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The Corner

Krauthammer's Take: 'Crisis of Competence' at WH Exposes a 'Presidency Falling Apart'

There “is a sense in the country,” says Charles Krauthammer, “that we have a presidency that is falling apart” — call it a “crisis of competence.” On Special Report, the panelist explained how chaos abroad and at home — much of it caused by the deci

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At the Long War Journal, Tom Joscelyn and Oren Adaki report that a high-ranking member of al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula franchise has called on rival jihadist factions in Iraq and Syria to unite for the greater good of confronting the United States and the West. The AQAP leader, Sheikh Nasser
Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz accused just-resigned Secret Service director Julia Pierson of outright “deception” over an incident involving President Obama riding in an elevator with an armed man – adding that he believes she may have also been part of a cover
White House press secretary Josh Earnest admitted on Wednesday that President Obama was not told that he unwittingly shared an elevator with an armed felon, learning about the Secret Service snafu only after the press corps began investigating the breach. During the president’s visit to th

Red State

Secret Service Director Resigns– Open Thread Julia Pierson, the first female director of the Secret Service, resigned her post Wednesday after a fence jumper gained access to the White House on Sept. 19 and a subsequent congressional inquiry uncovered other secu

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One of the questions everyone has been asking since 20111, when Obama started his slow motion, unilateral and ineffectual wars against a lot of stuff in the Arab world, is where the hell is Cindy Sheehan? Sheehan, you may recall, was the frothing, addled woman who shambled about the political lands
In terms of direct influence both Rick and I think these tactics are not going to motivate Democratic voters to go to the polls on Election Day. The post RedState Interview: Rick Wilson and I discuss the Democrats’ Cruel Emails of Fear. appeared first on RedState.
With 1,600 military “advisers” on the ground in Iraq, 2,300 of our troops being deployed to the Middle East as a “special purpose marine air ground task force,” and ongoing airstrikes being conducted in Iraq and Syria against ISIS’s jihadist army, it is absolutely stun