New James O’Keefe video: North Carolina campaign workers encourage non-citizens to vote

30 Oct 2014, 5:41 pm


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"Brace yourself."

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Timothy P. Carney If you're not a journalist, here's a trade secret: the person who wrote an article often isn't the same person who wrote the headline. Editors write many headlines--certainly in print, often online.

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Copying your own talking points

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The American Spectator

Michael Bay Might Make a Movie About Benghazi

Fresh off the latest Transformers movie, Michael Bay, it seems, is looking for a more serious film project. Thankfully, a serious project is in the works at Paramount pictures: a movie about the Benghazi incident that left four Americans dead, including the ambassador to Libya, based on Mitche

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The San Francisco Giants have done it again. They beat the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in Game 7 of the 2014 World Series. The Giants also won World Series titles in 2010 and 2012. This is the first time a National League team has done this the St. Louis Cardinals pulled it off in 1942, 1944 and 1946.&n
Cosmopolitan, clearly NOT content to keep their #CosmoVotes initiative squarely within the two-dimensional realm, has expanded their Get Out the Vote campaign to include a party bus full of shirtless male models who, because there is clearly nothing less insulting to the female intelligence, will e
Michael Jordan has never played golf with Barack Obama, but when Ahmad Rashad asked him who his dream foursome would be, Jordan left out the President. His reason? Despite the cool 200 rounds of golf the President has played during his term in office, his game hasn't improved enough to pose a chall

The Federalist

If You Strike Bill Maher Down, He Shall Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

The best way to deal with a bully is to beat him on his own ground. In Maher’s case, that means to let him speak, and to beat him in debate.

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Jews are buying houses in Jerusalem. Call an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, pronto!
Call it chivalry or just plain manners, but men and women previously had a better framework for acceptable behavior, on and off the streets.
To all the people fulminating about that catcall video: have you never been to New York City before?

The Washington Free Beacon

Whole Sections of Empty Seats at Hillary Clinton Event

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is paying a researcher $17,500 to make students at New Mexico State University wear a fat vest for “weight sensitivity training.” The 20-pound fat vest will be worn for an “empathy exercise” so non-obese students can experience what
CARSON CITY, Nev.—Not far from Lake Tahoe, just around the corner from the Comstock Casino, within two miles of no fewer than nine trailer parks, is a resort owned by a U.S. senator. It bills itself as a resort, anyway. Democrat Sen. Mark Begich’s home state of Alaska is proudly not of
Former Trek President and COO Tom Albers' comments come on the heels of a report that detailed several former Trek employees' claims that the current Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor, Mary Burke, was fired by her own family after a catastrophic stint overseeing European operations.

Big Government

Obama Admin to Bring More Ebola to America

HOUSTON, Texas -- The U.S. State Department is pushing to bring more Ebola patients to America for medical treatment. A leaked memo obtained by Fox News’ The Kelly File revealed patients will be brought to the U.S. even if they are not American citizens. The White House is attempting to deny

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Memo to "The View": America is just not that into you. ABC's news division is taking over the failing daytime program, which is tanking in the ratings after hiring the boring, cautious, and technocratic Nicolle Wallace (does she even have a personality?) as a co-host. Wallace only got that positio
MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Pollster Andy Smith of WMUR is pushing a poll that shows former Sen. Scott Brown down 8 points, contradicting the results of most other polls that have come out. The poll results were announced on local television here on Thursday afternoon just a couple
HOUSTON, Texas –Mayor Annise Parker, Houston’s first openly lesbian mayor, rescinded the subpoenas sent to five Houston area pastors. The subpoenas originally demanded all sermons and correspondence dealing with homosexuality, gender identity and the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HER

American Thinker

'Vote-Shaming': An Effective Leftist Strategy

Rush Limbaugh is wrong about leftists' "vote-shaming" efforts being a "desperation" tactic.  It's statistically proven to be effective.

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With the burgeoning host of diseases now entering the U.S., courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama, a witch’s brew of problems faces the blood supply quality
 Libya is today a dangerous place and a chaotic society with continual fighting among Islamist terrorists, Arab nationalists, and a host of regional militias.

30 Oct 2014, 12:00 am

Because of the arrogance of information and the glut on “experts,” we can no longer read with charity, with curiosity, only with suspicion.

Heritage Foundation

School Issues ‘No Trespass Order’ on Iraq Veteran Who Questioned Daughter’s Homework Assignment on Islam

An Iraq veteran was banned from his daughter’s high school after objecting to a required homework assignment about Islam. Kevin Wood, father of an 11th-grader... Read More The post School Issues ‘No Trespass Order’ on Iraq Veteran Who Questioned Daughter’s Homework Assignmen

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A long-awaited report from the Department of Justice’s inspector general criticizes U.S. law enforcement officials for allowing a grenade trafficker with a dangerous drug cartel... Read More The post US Lawmen Allowed Drug Cartel’s Grenade Trafficker to Move Freely, Report Finds appeare
In a sign that Republican efforts to target the youth vote is paying off, a new poll finds a majority of young Americans who intend... Read More The post Poll Shows Young Voters Switching Allegiance From Democrats to GOP appeared first on Daily Signal.
Hopes for repeal of  Obamacare by a Republican-controlled Senate dimmed a week before the crucial midterm elections with surprising words from the man who likely... Read More The post Senate’s No. 1 Republican Explains Why a GOP-Controlled Senate Doesn’t Mean Repeal of Obamacare ap

The Era of Trust in Government Is Over

Barack Obama proves Ronald Reagan was Right

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30 Oct 2014, 12:23 pm

The issue is mandatory isolation - quarantine - of doctors, nurses, and military personnel who have been in the Ebola area of West Africa. I have unending respect for Americans who make the decision go into dangerous places to help try to save people's lives.
Feathers are flyingin Washington and in Jerusalemover the off-the-record comments by a senior Obama administration official to the respected Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. The unnamed dovish Obama policy maker said the thing about Bibi [Netanyahu] is hes a chicken****! Direct quote, characterizat

The Corner

Mayor Menino, R.I.P.

Tom Menino, one of the longest-tenured big-city mayors in America, died this morning at 71. For an overview of the man and the politician, there’s no better resource today than the Boston Globe’s obituary, which you can read here. Menino was a Democrat, and not even a conservative one a

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30 Oct 2014, 4:26 pm

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has a problem with self-control. It’s time the blustery governor takes a chill pill, stops trying to act like some character from The Sopranos, and learns how to act like an adult instead of like an over-amped adolescent trying to prove h
Hours after nurse Kaci Hickox violated her Ebola quarantine to go on a bike ride, Maine governor Paul LePage warned that he would use the “fullest extent” of the law to ensure she stays three feet away from other residents of his state. Hickox chose to leave her house to go ridi
Looks like former cabinet officials aren’t the only ones criticizing President Obama’s foreign policy. On Wednesday, the New York Times published a story on rumors that the Obama administration, angry over a series of international slip-ups, may fire top foreign-pol

Red State

GOP Governors Haley (SC) & Jindal (LA) The Importance Of Voting In This Election #GOTV

On Thursday, Louisiana's Republican Governor Bobby Jindal joined Governor Nikki Haley on a Get Out To Vote bus tour through South Carolina. After speaking to a sizable crowd at one The post GOP Governors Haley (SC) & Jindal (LA) The Importance Of Voting In This Election #GOTV appeared first on

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We come at last to the home stretch, and that means it's time to consider again what the polls mean, what they can tell us, and what they can't. The The post Senate Breakers Report October 30, 2014 appeared first on RedState.
With the secular media convinced that Pope Francis is on the verge of disavowing Christianity (that, of course, excludes those of you reading this who are already convince Catholics jettisoned The post Neil DeGrasse Tyson Practices Theology appeared first on RedState.
The media's sense of entitlement is really something to behold whenever they feel like they aren't getting their due. The most recent example of this phenomenon has been the media's The post Joni Ernst is Right to Skip Editorial Board Meetings appeared first on RedState.