Federal investigators find no connection between Christie and Bridgegate

18 Sep 2014, 7:41 pm

MSNBC hardest hit?

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(Paul Mirengoff)I don’t think we’ve written recently about today’s vote by Scotland on whether to become independent from the United Kingdom. However, I presented my views back in March. The March post continues to reflect my opinion as to (1) what is driving the independence movem

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(Paul Mirengoff)The Senate divided 50-50 today on whether to vote on an amendment by Sen. Jeff Sessions to block the executive amnesty President Obama intends to grant many illegal immigrants after the election. The amendment thus failed. To block Sessions’ amendment the Dems needed the vote o

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"The sooner we do it, the better off the country would be."

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The American Spectator

Angels Clinch AL West

The Los Angeles Angels will make their first post-season appearance since 2009 having clinched the AL West last night. They clinched a tie with a 5-0 victory over the Seattle Mariners on a combined one-hit shutout by C.J. Wilson, Joe Smith and Huston Street. For a time, it appeared their celebratio

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Nearly two weeks after his abrupt resignation as manager of the Texas Rangers, Ron Washington revealed the reason for his decision in a brief press conference this afternoon. He had been unfaithful to his wife of 42 years. His wife Gerry stood by his side during the press conference. They

18 Sep 2014, 3:00 am

On Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, and New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo sounded the alarm about the escalating danger of a terrorist attack on America by ISIS and other jihadists. Too bad the Obama administration lacks the resolve or sense of urg

18 Sep 2014, 3:00 am

California governors, from Ronald Reagan on, have glowed over the idea that if the state were a separate country it would have the seventh- or eighth-largest economy in the world. Perhaps Silicon Valley millionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper thought that if one California was that good, six Cali

The Federalist

This Parallel Between LBJ’s And Obama’s War Plans Will Terrify You

This quote about LBJ's Vietnam War strategy will terrify you. Especially when you realize it's the same as Obama's new war strategy.

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Happy birthday to us! Here are our 10 most popular articles of the last year.
My road from decadent heathen to responsible father is well-chronicled. Who knew getting stoned and watching an ultrasound DVD would change me so much?
A brand-new study that purports to show sex-selective abortions don’t happen in the United States instead confirms the opposite.

The Washington Free Beacon

Everyone Hates Debbie

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) has become the black sheep of the Democratic Party, with liberal leaders from President Barack Obama to those in Congress doing all they can to distance themselves from the longtime Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, who Democrats say has become a maj

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President Barack Obama nominated a former Koch Industries executive and grant-maker at the Charles Koch Foundation to an administration post on Thursday.
A top former State Department official said at a Foreign Policy Initiative national defense panel Thursday in Washington, D.C., that the United States’ policy on Asia is almost in “free fall.”

Big Government

Begich Saves The Day For Obama's Amnesty Efforts

Alaska Democrat Mark Begich cast a critical vote to protect Barack Obama’s post-election amnesty in what ultimately proved to be a 50-50 vote blocking an effort by Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) who wanted to offer an amendment opposing the orders. Senate Democrats effectively blocked

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Former Labour MP and Chairman of the Yes Campaign in Scotland, Dennis Canavan, appeared to state that Scottish independence is a means of advancing Socialism in Scotland in an interview on BBC 1 Oxford’s coverage of the Scottish independence vote.   When asked “is this the way to
A new poll out by Vox Populi Polling has Republican Scott Brown leading Democrat Jeanne Shaheen 47 - 43 percent in their race for the U.S. Senate seat in New Hampshire. Republican Scott Brown 47  Democrat Jeanne Shaheen 43  Unsure 11 Vox Populi Polling was launched earlier this year and
Following an extensive job application process on Twitter, actor Seth Rogen will assume all duties and responsibilities as the official "blunt roller" for Waka Flocka Flame. Earlier this week, the rapper posted on Instagram that he was looking to staff a skilled "blunt roller" and was even willing

American Thinker

The Junior Varsity Team in the White House

It is time for us to stop playing checkers while the Ayatollahs and Caliphs are playing chess

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18 Sep 2014, 12:00 am

Obama has just discovered his pre-midterm election method of wagging the dog -- the deadly international threat of Ebola!!!
It might be wise for us and our NATO allies to take seriously Sun Tzu's admonition that we "Know the Enemy" – particularly when that enemy is actually headed in our direction.
The wrong side of everything

Heritage Foundation

For Lawmakers, an ‘Agonizing’ Decision on How to Confront ISIS

One popular notion is that members of Congress who oppose helping Syrian rebels confront the Islamic State terrorists fall into one of two groups: anti-war Democrats who... Read More The post For Lawmakers, an ‘Agonizing’ Decision on How to Confront ISIS appeared first on Dail

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It’s Sept. 2014 and the country is $17.6 trillion in debt. In Jan. 2009, when President Obama was inaugurated, the nation’s debt was $10.6 trillion.... Read More The post How Many Cheeseburgers Could You Buy With Your Share of the National Debt? appeared first on Daily Signal.
Will Scotland’s future be as part of the United Kingdom or an independent country? Today, the streets of Scotland are filled with Scots heading to the polls... Read More The post Here’s What the Streets of Scotland Look Like Right Now appeared first on Daily Signal.
The House’s Republican leadership hasn’t made any promises that an embattled government bank won’t be saved again after an expected nine-month reprieve, a conservative lawmaker... Read More The post Export-Import Bank Got Reprieve With No Assurances End in Sight appeared first on


Why We Must Revisit The Iraq War

While listening to Bill Bennetts radio program the other morning, a caller, respectfully, yet passionately, expressed his incredulity over the fact that anyone continues to take the Bill Kristols and Max Boots (and, by implication, the Bill Bennetts) of the world seriously when it comes to issues pe

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Late one Friday afternoon, the Obama Administration announced its plans to cut the Internet loose from U.S. government oversight, giving control to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a private corporation created by the U.S. to manage the web.
The most important words printed in The New York Times since "REAGAN EASILY BEATS CARTER" were from a front-page article last Sunday about how, after six years of Obama, the federal judiciary is now dominated by Democratic appointees.
Scots will be worse off if they vote for independence. Its not good economics and not much else is at stake.

The Corner

Ex-Im's Defenders Are Now Making Delusional Arguments

The arguments supporting Ex-Im reauthorization continue to quickly deteriorate: Now they’re claiming that ending Ex-Im would just eliminate all the exports it currently finances. In a recent blog post, Tony Fratto throws centuries of economic wisdom out the window and argues that e

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President Obama’s proposal to arm Syrian rebels passed, along with a continuing resolution to fund the government, with the support of 78 senators. “I want to thank leaders in Congress for the speed and seriousness with which they approached this issue,” Obama said
In his speech on the threat of the Islamic State last week, President Obama compared his plan for Iraq and Syria to what the U.S. government has done to confront Islamist insurgencies and terror threats in Yemen and Somalia — a combination of air power, support for a friendly government, and
After a nine-month investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice has found no information indicating New Jersey governor Chris Christie knew of or ordered the closing of lanes onto the George Washington Bridge in 2013. From NBC 4 New York: Federal officials caution that the investigation begun n

Red State

Scotland and the end of centralization

Mark Leonard at Reuters has some interesting thoughts about how the Scottish independence vote could be “the canary in the independence coal mine,” a harbinger of both statehood movements and political trends in “many nations that do not face imminent break-up – from America

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The polls have closed in Scotland, and the results will soon be coming in. The time of reckoning for the United Kingdom is upon us, and a 307 year old union is at risk of breaking up. The BBC is tracking the results of the referendum on their website. The Guardian will be liveblogging the
"Don't get high on your own supply." The post Frank Bruni wants EVERYBODY ELSE to lay off ‘At Least Obama’s Better Than Bush!’ appeared first on RedState.
No one sentence could better sum up the American spirit than the opening line of our Constitution. For 227 years these words have served not just as a set of guiding principles for our nation, but as the building blocks for the greatest democracy the world has ever known. But let me ask you a sim