Amnesty: The Death of America

23 Jul 2014, 12:00 am

Traditional America is being diluted, deliberately, in two ways

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What would Fluke see in a Rorschach test?

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This year’s conference of Christians United for Israel brought thousands to the nation’s capital.

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23 Jul 2014, 12:00 am

Our current education system is like taking novice skiers up on the black-diamond slopes...which would make perfect sense if you were trying to kill kids.

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The American Spectator

Court Issues Devastating Ruling Against Obamacare

In a highly anticipated decision, this morning the D.C. Circuit Court ruled on the Halbig v. Burwell case argued back in March. The decision, which had court-watchers on edge for a better part of a month, was closely watched because of its potential impact on Obamacare subsidies and the power the I

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I'm not making this up. Apparently, a tree planted in honor of the late George Harrison has been killed by Beetles. So yes we have a Beetle on Beatle crime. Well, I suppose all things must pass. It's kind of odd though. Earlier this morning, I finished reading Marc Shapiro's posthumous biography of
A longtime reader sent me a Toronto Star article by Tarek Fatah titled "Muslim Double Standards Abound". Here's a sample: As I write, Muslims around the world have taken to the streets and social media to protest Israel's Operation Protective Edge, that has resulted in the deaths of near

22 Jul 2014, 10:08 am

Monday, Sandpoint, IdahoA trying day but a rewarding day. The smoke has returned somewhat but temperatures are pleasant and a delightful breeze blows across the lake and the beach. I lay out on the balcony for a while, then came inside to nap with my Big Wifey by my side. My “smart phone&rdqu

The Federalist

Money Can’t Buy Public Support For Common Core

If politicians listened to their constituents like Glenn Beck does, U.S. education might be in for less of a Common Core-induced trainwreck.

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22 Jul 2014, 11:31 am

Today, a federal appeals court read the law as written. Panic ensued.
Corporate tax inversions are a lame bogeyman. The real problem is stupid U.S. tax policy that creates incentives to move capital overseas.
Yes, inflation is a real problem. The prices of major goods are rising faster than American incomes, straining family budgets.

The Washington Free Beacon

Krauthammer: ISIL Conducting ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Against Christians

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate for New Mexico Gary King appears to have bought 1,000 Twitter followers, according to an analysis of his account.

Big Government

#No Class: Haters Attack Tony Dungy's Late Son

What does Tony Dungy's late son have to do with the Super Bowl-winning coach's admission that he would have passed on openly-gay pass rusher Michael Sam in the draft? Everything, according to those lurking in the darkest recesses of the Twitterverse. That's a legit question for Tony Dungy tho. D

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Osama Hamdan, the head of the Hamas international relations department, told Wolf Blitzer Tuesday on CNN it is "clear Israelis are targeting civilians." According to Hamdan, the Palestinians expect the "international community" to protect them from the Israelis because Prime Minster Benjamin
NASHVILLE, TN -- Talk radio show host Laura Ingraham skewered Sen. Lamar Alexander during a rally this evening in support of his primary challenger Joe Carr, comparing him to an “old sweater” that had become full of moths, with faded colors. “It’s just tired. It’s j
In an ironic twist of fate, a pine tree that was planted near California's Griffith Park Observatory to honor the late Beatle George Harrison was destroyed by... beetles. The tree had been placed at the observatory in 2004, and the pine had grown to be close to 12-feet-tall before falling victim t

American Thinker

Education: Schools for Sabotage

Our current education system is like taking novice skiers up on the black-diamond slopes...which would make perfect sense if you were trying to kill kids.

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This year’s conference of Christians United for Israel brought thousands to the nation’s capital.
In 2006, facing off against Hizb’allah, Israel blinked and let Hizb’allah off the hook. Is the same thing happening in Gaza?
Which of the three branches of our federal government started the wholesale corruption of our Constitution?

Heritage Foundation

City Officials Accused of Cronyism in Fight Over Uber, Lyft

MEMPHIS—City officials, citing public safety concerns, have imposed cease-and-desist orders against private ride-share companies Uber and Lyft. Now, in the wake of those decisions, officials... Read More The post City Officials Accused of Cronyism in Fight Over Uber, Lyft appeared first on Da

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Tragedy struck Malaysia Airlines for the second time in four months when a passenger plane flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot out of... Read More The post Q&A: The Attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and Why It Matters appeared first on Daily Signal.
City of Hidalgo, Texas—Othal E. Brand Jr. is a man in control, and as such, when drug cartels began exploiting the stretch of river at... Read More The post Border Crossings Stop After Texas Man Takes Security Into His Own Hands appeared first on Daily Signal.
A coalition backing government export subsidies will host several executives of purportedly “small” businesses at a briefing Tuesday to build support for the Export-Import Bank... Read More The post The Not So ‘Small’ Businesses Ex-Im Bank Boosts appeared first on Daily Sign

The Left's Dark Money Managers: Meet Philip Gara LaMarche

Philip Gara LaMarche is a secretive political operative who funnels billions of dollars from undisclosed donors to nonprofits and astroturf groups. But you won't hear unhinged Harry Reid railing Queegishly about him on the Senate floor. Why?

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22 Jul 2014, 11:01 pm

Washington and Lee University is removing the Confederate flags from the place they occupied in the chapel, where one of its namesakes lies buried. A group of law students at the university objected to the flags' being displayed there, and so they had to be moved.
The courts have found another illegal aspect of Obamacare. (Of course, our Commander in Chief has declared war on the judicial branch by refusing to acknowledge their ruling.) Ilya Shapiro, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, joined the show to discuss the latest blow to Obamacare’s survival
?There’s nothing in the United States Constitution stating Americans have the right not to pay their bills. In fact, the Declaration of Independence, which gave birth to our nation, notes the only unalienable rights we have are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yet thousands of Detro

The Corner

Clarification re Mississippi Mud

In a cordial phone call with me Tuesday regarding my column this week called “Barbour’s Mississippi Mud,” Henry Barbour, Mississippi’s Republican National Committeeman, clarified several points. Specifically, he said his earlier comments acknowledging his involvement in sign

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A Liberal Democrat member of Britain’s parliament is facing disciplinary action after a second public remark backing Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.  British MP David Ward tweeted the following Tuesday: The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? &ndas
David Perdue is on an electoral winning streak, one that he hopes will extend to November’s midterm elections. The former chairman and CEO of Dollar General barely edged out longtime U.S. representative Jack Kingston to win the GOP Senate nomination in Georgia in Tuesday’s run-off
Some four decades ago, the Monty Python crew did a classic sketch called “The Summarize Proust Competition.” (NB: The link, at its very end, is mildly NSFW.) Unfortunately, none of the contestants in that competition did very well, so the prize ended up being awarded in a rather memorab

Red State

The case against an Unconditional Basic Income

An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it. –Sir Isaac Newton Many moons ago with I was a mid-grade infantry captain in the US Army I was selected for an assignment as an investigator with the Department of the Army Inspector General’s office at th

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A divided panel of the DC Circuit this morning handed down its long-awaited decision in Halbig v Burwell, holding 2-1 that Obamacare does not provide subsidies for purchases of insurance on the federal exchange, and that the individual mandate does not apply in states that have not e
Airfare is getting more expensive. The Transportation Security Administration is raising security fees. Fox News has a report on it. But in the interests of intellectual honesty, we here on a Republican site and I, a formerly elected Republican official, do need to point out that the American publi
On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Aaron Blake to discuss the opening salvos fired in the 2016 GOP primary, Rick Perry's makeover and who the GOP dark horse may be. The post Rick Perry vs. Rand Paul and the Start of the 2016 GOP Primary appeared first on RedState.