Valerie Jarrett Assured Insurance CEO Concerned About Losing Profits on Obamacare

28 Jul 2014, 3:10 pm

A letter from Valerie Jarrett to Care First's CEO revealed that the White House actively pursued ways to protect insurance companies after they threatened to raise premiums, according to the National Review.

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White House Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken told reporters Monday that Russia is “increasing the supply of heavy equipment, weapons and fighters to the separatists across the border.” “This is well documented in what we’ve seen, it’s well documented in so

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Ashe Schow

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The American Spectator

Morning Round-Up 7-28

Feature of the Day: We're Missing the Story   Morning Headlines   Domestic                                   &nbs

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Sunday—Beverly HillsI awakened this morning to a cloudy sky. Off to swim while pausing every minute or so to throw the ball for Julie. We have had no rain in just about forever, and even any rain at all would be a Godsend. Then, breakfast, and while my English muffins were toasting, I opened

28 Jul 2014, 3:00 am

Describing his approach to dealings with the Soviet Union near the end of the Cold War, President Reagan famously warned, “Trust, but verify.” A version of that wise caution should be used in dealing with the increasing efforts by the Chinese Navy to cultivate more cooperative military
So whose job is it, exactly, to stem the tide of illegal entries into a state? Someone sneaking across the Rio Grande from Mexico is entering both the state of Texas and the United States of America, but if the authorities take notice of his presence here, the federal government will claim jurisdic

The Federalist

Ira Glass Has Opinions About Shakespeare

This American Life host Ira Glass has seen King Lear, and has some thoughts.

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Energy prices present a golden opportunity to break the left's coalition and win over the working class.
ObamaCare's defenders think they can rewrite the law on the fly because that's how we legislate now.

28 Jul 2014, 6:38 am

Why conservatism still needs a political conscience informed by nature.

The Washington Free Beacon

Valerie Jarrett Assured Insurance CEO Concerned About Losing Profits on Obamacare

A letter from Valerie Jarrett to Care First's CEO revealed that the White House actively pursued ways to protect insurance companies after they threatened to raise premiums, according to the National Review.

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More than twice as many Americans blame Hamas for the current conflict than blame Israel; however, this division is far less clear among Democratic voters, according to a new Pew Research poll.

Big Government

Rush Limbaugh: 'God Bless Jeff Sessions'

On his Monday radio show, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh praised the efforts of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for urging Americans to push back against any effort by President Barack Obama to unilaterally impose amnesty for those immigrants here illegally. “If we’re going to hav

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The Kurdish Peshmerga forces-- a co-ed military considered the most organized military force in Iraq-- have been largely responsible for limiting the advance of the Islamic State in the nation. As the Kurds seek independence from a flimsy Iraqi government, they look toward the West, and America es
Bay Area Planned Parenthood executives, used to presenting their pro-abortion case to prospective clients without a countervailing response, are whining that the San Francisco police and the city attorney aren’t protecting them from those nasty pro-life protesters who are appearing at the or
While most fans seeking autographs shove player photos, game programs, or slips of paper in front of professional athletes, one football fan is pulling up his sleeves trying to get every Redskins starter to sign his arms so he can turn the signatures into tattoos. Redskins fan Charlie White is on

American Thinker

John Boehner Vindicated on Foreign Policy?

Put the Speaker's domestic actions aside for a moment, and you'll find a thrilling, rousing and prescient speech on neo-Soviet Russia.

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Ten commandments are not enough for Elizabeth Warren.
No matter what one thinks of the Halbig decision, the critics’ overheated rhetoric is inappropriate and unjustifiable.
This nation’s charitable impulses have already been exploited to the limit, and the ultimate effect of Beck’s actions will be to encourage the growth of a multicultural secular welfare state.

Heritage Foundation

Why This Judge Dissented—And Said There Is No Right to Same-Sex Marriage

Today, in a 2-1 split decision, the 4th circuit ruled that Virginia’s marriage amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman... Read More The post Why This Judge Dissented—And Said There Is No Right to Same-Sex Marriage appeared first on Daily Signal.

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This week the Senate will debate a House-passed bill to pay for federal highway and transit programs through May 31, 2015. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.,... Read More The post ’Lame Duck’ Is Not the Time for a Highway Bill appeared first on Daily Signal.
Before lawmakers adjourn for August recess, they’re expected to vote on the Sunscreen Innovation Act (H.R. 4250), designed to streamline the Food and Drug Administration’s... Read More The post Government Agency Faces Heat for Blocking New Sunscreen appeared first on Daily Signal.
At the plate, Frank Thomas struck fear into the hearts of pitchers throughout Major League Baseball. At Cooperstown on Sunday, Thomas battled back tears during... Read More The post Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Thomas Credits Family for Success appeared first on Daily Signal.

Obama Administration Turns to “Hand-Packed” Court

When it comes to defending Obamacare subsidies, the Justice Department appears none too eager to take its case to the Supreme Court. Instead, the administration announced it would appeal Tuesday’s adverse ruling by a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to… the full D.

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The EPA's war on coal is no less than a war on seniors and our nation's most vulnerable. Seniors on fixed and diminishing incomes pay a disproportionate share of their monthly budget on utilities, and Obama's EPA will serve only to make them poorer and more vulnerable.

28 Jul 2014, 10:41 am

There is a growing battle between the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Democrat-controlled White House.
You and I avoid visiting the doctor by eating well. Doctors like Lee Silverman carry concealed in order to care for us when we do need them.

The Corner

House to Offer Less Than $1 Billion for Border Crisis

House appropriators plan to unveil a supplemental funding bill that authorizes less than $1 billion for the border crisis, which is about one-third the amount of money Senate Democrats want to give President Obama. “It’ll be less than $1 billion and it will be until September 30,

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Pundits can’t be experts in everything. I, for instance, know nothing about the relative merits of the different varieties of Moldavian folk dancing. But I’m also not on national TV confidently offering an opinion. George Will’s comments yesterday suggest his famil
As I noted here last night, Simon Romero, the New York Times bureau chief in Brazil, repeated on Twitter an utterly false story about Michele Bachmann, based on a “report” from a parody news site that cleverly disguises its nature by not being funny. Mr. Romero still has made no pu

Red State

Will the Chamber of Commerce Back Democrat Mary Landrieu?

Avowed enemy of conservatives and champion of corporate welfare the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is reportedly contemplating backing Democrat Mary Landrieu over Bill Cassidy in the LA Senate race. Per the Hill, New York Times columnist Joe Nocera may have inadvertently leaked plans on the part of the C

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On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss Alan Greenspan's opinion on market swings, if we just go from bubble to bubble and what to expect as the Fed raises rates. The post Alan Greenspan: Market Bubbles are Human Nature appeared first on
Salon justifiably takes a lot of flack around these parts for the many insane things they print, but this this piece by Bill Curry is worth a read as a damning indictment of the Democrats’ wholesale abandonment of populism in favor big business corporate donations. Some of Curry’s piece
The situation in Iraq grows more perilous by the day. The nation seems of the verge of dissolving into now only warring ethnic enclaves but warring ethnic enclave engaged in their own civil war. Barack Obama and his administration has stood idly by as the situation has spiraled out of control and a