Last week in baseball history — cursed going and coming

26 Jan 2015, 12:26 am

(Paul Mirengoff)Ask an old-time Cleveland Indians fan to name the worst trade the Tribe ever made and he’ll probably name the deal that sent Rocky Colavito to the Detroit Tigers. Ask him to name the second worst and he might say the deal that brought Colavito back to Cleveland. The Indians fam

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26 Jan 2015, 12:00 am

The “international community” has not repudiated the provocative remarks of the Turkish leaders which are not only morally repulsive but also implicitly critical of the Western war against Islamist terrorism.

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What amazed me is that Obama mentioned it all.

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26 Jan 2015, 12:00 am

Encouraged by the Democrat Media complex to write his own narrative, President Obama has apparently decided to deliver it in the form of a comic book supervillain monologue.

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The American Spectator

Democratic Pickpockets and Purse Snatchers

Like walking in a neighborhood full of pickpockets and purse snatchers, living under the Obama administration should leave all Americans worried about what will be pilfered from them next. In one of the most hypocritical moves yet — and that’s saying something — by a man who exhal

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I put off reading Steven Brill’s new book for much the same reason I procrastinate when it’s time to clean the gutters on my house. I was sure it would be a boring chore that would leave me yearning for a shower. A previous encounter with this writer’s work in a 2013 edition of Ti

26 Jan 2015, 12:00 am

Life is not fair, as all adults know. Many examples are put forward to illustrate this melancholy truth. For baseball fans of a certain age the argument-ender on this one is the sad fact that Ernie Banks never got to play in a World Series. In fact, one of the best players of the fifties and sixtie
“I don’t believe I’m poking anyone in the eye,” House Speaker John Boehner asserted Wednesday. That was after His Speakership told the media that he had invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress about “the grave threa

The Federalist

Eight Parenting Lessons I Learned From My Parents’ Early Deaths

Don’t make the same mistakes my parents did. Prepare for the worst, so if it happens, your children will be as secure as possible.

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When personal investments are converted to universal entitlements, quality declines for everyone while the tax increases are a burden we will pay forever.
When Pope Francis damages the cause of liberty across the globe, it's only right that its defenders should speak up.
Politicians pushing everyone to extend tax-paid education should explain why thirteen years isn't enough.

The Washington Free Beacon

White House Defends Embattled Counterterrorism Strategy

As chaos in Yemen continued to escalate, Denis McDonough, the White House chief of staff, appeared on all five major talk shows on Sunday to defend the administration’s counterterrorism efforts in the region.

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Big Government

Pope Francis' Disturbing Cuba Activism

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be changing its policy toward Cuba, opening a Havana embassy and expanding travel. “Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people and begin a new chapter among the na

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President Barack Obama revealed his favorite film of the year to People Magazine in an interview released on Wednesday.  Obama named Richard Linklater’s Boyhood his favorite movie of 2014.  “Boyhood was a great movie,” he told People Magazine. “That, I think,
On Wednesday's broadcast of ABC's "World News," network report Cecilia Vega confirmed North Korea was behind the cyber-attack on Sony. “Tonight, ABC News has learned federal investigators have determined North Korea is responsible for the worst corporate cyber-attack in history,” Vega
Minnesota State Representative Greg Davids is calling for embattled MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, the "architect" of Obamacare, to return all $329,000 he was paid by the state of Minnesota as a subcontractor on a 2011 contract to analyze the state's plan to develop its Obamacare he

American Thinker

Sarah Palin Too Toxic for 2016?

There are those on our side who suggest that we kick Palin to the curb because she has become “too toxic.”

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26 Jan 2015, 12:00 am

Encouraged by the Democrat Media complex to write his own narrative, President Obama has apparently decided to deliver it in the form of a comic book supervillain monologue.
I'm ready to be a part of political history, and that ain't happening in California.
In another era the EPA officials responsible for these human exposure experiments would be in jail after losing their jobs and medical licenses. 

Heritage Foundation

Carly Fiorina: ‘Hypocrisy of Liberals’ on Abortion Is ‘Breathtaking’

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina criticized House Republican leadership in a speech Saturday for their decision this week to postpone the vote on the Pain... Read More The post Carly Fiorina: ‘Hypocrisy of Liberals’ on Abortion Is ‘Breathtaking’ appeared first on Dai

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Two U.S. senators – a Republican and a Democrat – called for an increased American presence in Yemen this morning on CBS’ Face the Nation.... Read More The post McCain, Feinstein Call for More US Presence in Yemen appeared first on Daily Signal.
White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough evaded a question today on whether he agreed with an unnamed senior American official who told the Haaretz... Read More The post White House Chief of Staff on Netanyahu Visit: Our Relationship With Israel is ‘Deep and Abiding’ appeared first on
An internal investigation into how the federal government awarded contracts for developing and building the Affordable Care Act’s most important public element — the online exchanges... Read More The post Audit: HHS Failure to Screen Obamacare Contract Recipients Cost Taxpayers $40

Syriza Trounces New Democracy; Greeks Stop Paying Taxes; Run on Greek Banks Escalates; Get Out!

As late as last Friday polls expected New Democracy would lose but not get trounced.

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Hes definitely the greatest president of my lifetime and, with one possible rival, he was the greatest President of the 20th century.

25 Jan 2015, 11:01 pm

We desperately need a messenger who can talk persuasively to the boardroom and to the apartment house. One out of two aint good enough.
With all of the talk of Chris Kyle, the subject of Clint Eastwoods latest blockbuster film, American Sniper, a politically nave spectator could be forgiven for thinking that it really is Chris Kyle of whom people are talking.

The Corner

Rand Paul Spars With Rubio and Cruz About Foreign Policy

An economic policy panel discussion sponsored by a Koch-backed free market group turned into a foreign policy debate between Senator Rand Paul (R.Ky.), Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), and Senator Ted Cruz (R. Texas) “I’m kinda surrounded on this one,” Paul cracked as ABC’s

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Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) said that Mitt Romney should “never” run for president again, because he doesn’t make the “visceral connection” with voters necessary to win a general election. “I’m kind of with Ann Romney on this one: no, no, no, no, never,&rd

25 Jan 2015, 1:19 pm

Greece has voted and, on the basis of early(ish) polls, it looks as if the far-left Syriza has done what it needs to secure an absolute parliamentary majority or come very close.   Panic to ensue. Fun fact No. 1: One of the two sons of Syriza’s leader was given the middle name &ld

25 Jan 2015, 12:46 pm

Dan Hannan takes aim at Davos: When it comes to free markets, Davos Man is often on the same side as the Lefties. He derives most of his income, directly or indirectly, from state patronage. If he is in the private sector – and he is more likely to be a lobbyist, politician or bureaucrat th

Red State

The Iowa Corral

RedState assisted in sponsoring ‘s event in Iowa this past weekend. I did not go, but made sure to pay attention to what was going on and who said what. As I have previously written, this is the most substantive field of Republican contenders since 1980. The number of Governors, Senators, and

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25 Jan 2015, 11:00 pm

In the Politico, David Rogers laments there are no rules now in Washington. Everybody is doing there own thing. Well of course they are. For the last four years, Democrats have championed the President more and more going it alone. They have watched the President overstep the boundaries of his auth
Russia’s elites have been feeling the bite of US sanctions coupled the the near halving of the price per barrel of oil. As the West starts to look at Russia more as a gigantic criminal enterprise rather than as a nation-state, everyone is becoming more comfortable with reducing economic ties
I don’t know whether this is demonic, inspired, or both: “A sweeping proposal to cut taxes for Maine families and businesses could upend one of the most widely accepted practices in the country: the property-tax exemption for nonprofit organizations… A recent budget pla

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