Reagan and Bush 41 provide no precedent for Obama’s amnesty by executive order

20 Nov 2014, 2:06 pm

(Paul Mirengoff)Tonight, President Obama will override Congress and effectively declare amnesty for at least several million illegal immigrants. As Scott has noted, Obama himself has repeatedly said that he lacks the constitutional power to make this move. Some of Obama’s defenders claim that

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An edifice of lies.

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4 ET!

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Ashe Schow Remember Larry Craig, the former Idaho senator who was arrested in 2007 for soliciting sex in a men's airport bathroom? Well, he’s back. The Idaho Republican Party — which found itself in total disarray and without a chairman earlier this year, despite its statewide sweep in

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The American Spectator

Israel Eases Gun Control Following Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Yesterday, Israel's Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch announced that gun control measures would be eased in Jerusalem and 41 other municipalities across Israel. This announcement comes in the wake of the attack on the Jerusalem synagogue which left five people dead including three Ameri

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I saw this tweet from an AmSpec alum Philip Klein which links to a website called The Right Scoop which posted a YouTube video by Ami Horowitz who stands on the campus of Berkeley first waving an ISIS flag and then an Israeli flag. Guess which flag makes Berkeley students angrier? But then why shou

20 Nov 2014, 9:14 am

Mike Nichols, director of film and Broadway, died suddenly last night of a heart attack. He was 83. Born in Germany, Nichols was sent to America along with his brother in 1938 as anti-Semitic measures against Jews intensified. Nichols would study medicine, but his real passion was the theater and&n

20 Nov 2014, 3:00 am

Sadly, someone I care deeply about was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer — one that is difficult to survive. The problem with this cancer is that it is rarely found until it reaches what oncologists call Stage III or Stage IV, meaning that treatment options are limited and the

The Federalist

Welcome To The Eric Cartman Presidency

Welcome to the Eric Cartman presidency – “whatever, I do what I want.”

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House Republicans should stop pretending they can't do anything to stop Obama's executive order. They can, they just don't want to.
Don't let anyone con you into believing that Reagan pushed amnesty via lawless executive order. Nothing could be further from the truth.
President Obama versus Woodrow Wilson on the democratic process, executive orders, and overreach.

The Washington Free Beacon

Feds Spending $191,995 on ‘Farm Theater’

The federal government is spending nearly $200,000 to teach older farmers about safety using “reader’s theater.” “Farm Theater: A Novel Safety Strategy Approach for Agricultural Communities” is a new project funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Unive

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Palestinian terror attacks and West Bank leaders’ perceived support for violence are drawing new calls for cutting U.S. aid to the Palestinians, and groups that have traditionally supported financial assistance may not intervene to stop the cuts.
According to Air Force documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the flight cost for President Obama’s Labor Day 2014 weekend trips for fundraising, personal business, and politicking came to a total of $1,539,402.10 in taxpayer-paid transportation expenses.
A new report says that the Obama administration mixed in dental plan enrollments with other health plan enrollments without notifying the public. The numbers the administration touted included several hundred thousand of these dental plans.

Big Government

Jordanian Parliament Holds Moment of Silence for Jerusalem Synagogue Terrorists

The Jordanian Parliament on Wednesday opened a cabinet meeting with a moment of silence—not for the victims of Tuesday’s Jerusalem synagogue massacre, but in honor of the two Palestinian terrorists who carried out the attack, reports The Algemeiner. Following the moment of si

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Chaos in the halls of power in Monrovia has reigned amid Liberia's fight against the Ebola outbreak engulfing it, with foreign donors clashing with Liberian officials on how to best distribute funding and resources in the country. In an exclusive report based on minutes from meetings between high-
A prominent Democrat activist was indicted for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old boy. The suspect, 66-year-old Terrence Patrick Bean, was a co-founder of Human Rights Campaign, which takes a pro-abortion stance.  The alleged abuse occurred in 2013 in Eugene
A gunman who opened fire "inside or near" the Florida State University library on November 20 was shot and killed by university police after refusing to drop his gun.  He wounded three students before being killed in what police describe as "an isolated incident [of] one person acting alone."

American Thinker

Ben Bradlee and the Death of American Journalism

Ben Bradlee was almost singlehandedly responsible for the shift in the role of the print media in the early 1970s from an institution which sought to gather, present, and analyze the news to one that became fixated on the pursuit of justice.

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Common Core is not just a set of standards. That we very well may have been deceived and that there is the potential for total control in the hands of a few who may or may not exploit it, is what keeps this teacher and parent up at night.
The most important vote that the Republican Senate takes next year may be a procedural vote.

20 Nov 2014, 12:00 am

Inside Washington, the Republican establishment -- and everyone else in the beltway to Manhattan media bubble for that matter -- is still obsessed with the few days of shutdown late last year.

Heritage Foundation

Republicans Differ Over ‘Power of Purse’ to Stop Obama Immigration Action

Republicans in the House and Senate disagreed today over whether they can “defund” President Obama’s imminent executive action on immigration. Lawmakers on the House Appropriations... Read More The post Republicans Differ Over ‘Power of Purse’ to Stop Obama Immigration

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Jonathan Gruber, once heralded by President Obama and Democrats for his work on Obamacare, in two short weeks has become a lightning rod for criticism... Read More The post Meet the Man Who Found the Jonathan Gruber Videos appeared first on Daily Signal.
A petition to get the Duggar family’s show, “19 Kids and Counting,” off the air is gaining steam. The petition, which has gathered close... Read More The post Some People Want the Duggars’ Show Cancelled Because They Oppose Men Using Women’s Bathrooms appear
The 2014 Global Slavery Index (GSI) found that there are nearly 36 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. Of that, 36 million, nearly two-thirds, are... Read More The post Nearly Two-Thirds of Human Trafficking Victims Are from Asia appeared first on Daily Signal.

King Obama Secures His Legacy

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20 Nov 2014, 9:42 am

Phil Crane, a pillar of conservatism before I was politically active, died over the weekend. I didnt know him as a politician, although my Reagan-era boyfriend and this University of Vienna (Austria) graduate were drinking buddies in and around DC.

20 Nov 2014, 9:06 am

The Keystone XL Pipeline bill failed in the U.S. Senate this week by one vote. It needed 60 votes to proceed to a final vote, but it got only 59.
The president addresses the nation tonight at 8 PM EST. My show will add an extra hour to collect reactions from callers and experts, and thus will be carried on most of my stations until 10 PM EST.

The Corner

Republicans Start Overreaching: Ted Cruz's Adaptation of Cicero's First Catilinarian Not Directly Applicable

Ted Cruz adopted Cicero’s First Oration against Catiline today on the Senate floor, replacing the conspirator Catiline’s name with President Obama’s to protest the latter’s plans to give effective legal status to millions of illegal immigrants: However, Cruz’s decis

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Hours before announcing executive amnesty for as many as five million illegal immigrants, the president and first lady were craving a slice. Barack and Michelle Obama visited Capitol Hill’s “We the Pizza” on Thursday, backing up traffic and attracting throngs of onlookers as th
Nestled in a Politico story about whether Republicans will overreach in their response to the president’s overreach (natch), there’s mention of a few Democrats who are expressing qualms about the plan: Republicans want to seize on [ceaselessly ceasing, they are] the div
Another day, another Obamacare lie. Bloomberg reports: The Obama administration included as many as 400,000 dental plans in a number it reported for enrollments under the Affordable Care Act, an unpublicized detail that helped surpass a goal for 7 million sign-ups.  Without the dental plans

Red State

Dump Gruber Ally, Doug Elmendorf, as CBO Director

A critical decision facing the new Congressional majority is the appointment of a director for the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO acts, in the words of former Bush economic advisor The post Dump Gruber Ally, Doug Elmendorf, as CBO Director appeared first on RedState.

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You people are being played by the GOP. Remember when the GOP wanted to raise the debt ceiling, but claim they would oppose it. They voted to raise it, but The post Republicans Will Vote to Fund President Obama’s Amnesty. Then Try to Take It All Back. appeared first on RedState.
Virginia Democrat and former senator Jim Webb has created an exploratory committee as the first stage in a 2016 presidential run. Via Politico: “I made this decision after reflecting on The post Jim Webb throws his hat in the 2016 ring appeared first on RedState.
In the 1920s many Ivy League schools faced a conundrum. Their admissions policy was based on how an applicant placed on an admissions test. If you scored high enough, you The post Asian students sue Harvard for discrimination appeared first on RedState.