Awkward: DNC Chair Can’t Name One Senate Race Where Obama Will Campaign

23 Oct 2014, 4:02 pm

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23 Oct 2014, 3:50 pm

(Scott Johnson)There is something to offend everyone on the American political scene in the comments of senior Iranian presidential adviser and former intelligence minister Ali Younesi. The comments were offered to for domestic political consumption to the official Iranian news agency. The Washingto

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The Iranian president’s senior advisor has called President Barack Obama “the weakest of U.S. presidents” and described the U.S. leader’s tenure in office as “humiliating,” according to a translation of the highly candid comments provided to the Free Beacon.

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The American Spectator

Memo to Bruce Bochy: More Lincecum, Less Strickland

Now onto some lighter things. San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy will one day be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame regardless if the Giants can win their third World Series title in five years. Bochy can be counted on the make the right move almost every time. I say almost because I hav

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Yesterday morning, Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers was just that guy who totes a giant golden mace around the Canadian Parliament. Yesterday afternoon, Kevin Vickers became a global hero as he stopped an active shooter in his tracks. This morning, as he did his ceremonial entrance to Parliament, Kev
The death of a Chaya Zissel Braun, an American infant, at the hands of a Palestinian terrorist comes only days controversial opera The Death of Klinghoffer premiered at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. For those of you not old enough to remember, Leon Klinghoffer was an elderly man bound i
You might be terrified to leave your house lest you catch the Ebola from a male stripper or two, but there are a few health care lobbyists in Washington who couldn't be more pleased that Americans are shivering at the thought of a disease that has killed less people than have been married to Kim Ka

The Federalist

Rand Paul: ‘Huge Percentage’ Of Washington Elites Are Neoconservatives, Hardly Any Are Realists

Rand Paul previews his foreign policy address, in which he intends to lay out the case for "conservative realism".

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If you like indignant children dressed as princesses screaming at you about imaginary oppression while dropping F-bombs, you will love this video.
No program has reversed the disincentive for marriage among the poor caused by America’s current welfare programs. Contraception won't, either.
Jennifer Garner recently noted that her interviewers always want to know how she “makes it all work,” but nobody asks that of her husband, Ben Affleck.

The Washington Free Beacon

Awkward: DNC Chair Can’t Name One Senate Race Where Obama Will Campaign

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The Iranian president’s senior advisor has called President Barack Obama “the weakest of U.S. presidents” and described the U.S. leader’s tenure in office as “humiliating,” according to a translation of the highly candid comments provided to the Free Beacon.
The Obama administration is claiming executive privilege over more than 15,000 documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, including correspondence between Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife, according to records received Wednesday night by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Big Government

Video: Bikers, Mid-Ride, Taunt California Highway Patrol Officer

A video posted to YouTube Tuesday shows a pack of bikers doing wheelies and taunting a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer on route I-60 in Milpitas and San Jose as he tried unsuccessfully to stop them. At one point during the 10-minute ordeal, the biker who was wearing the helmet camera that

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On October 23 Breitbart News reached out to super model Chrissy Teigen's US Congresswoman--Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY-Dist. 12)--to see if Maloney would like to make a comment on Teigen's decision to bash America while Canada was under attack. We contacted Maloney's office, and her commu
It’s a food truck-no, it’s a plumbing truck-no, it’s--a headshot truck? Welcome to Los Angeles, where a young couple decided to make headshots more accessible by using a truck to bring their headshot business around town. The truck is painted in a bright magenta, with &ldqu
Actor Frank Sivero filed a $250 million lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Fox Television Studios on Oct. 21 alleging that the creators of The Simpsons ripped off his Goodfellas character Frankie Carbone. The lawsuit obtained by Deadline states that in 1989, Sivero l

American Thinker

Obama: They Still Don't Get Who He is

Obama will not impose a travel ban from Ebola infected countries, no matter how many Americans get sick and die. God help us.

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Barack Obama has created so much havoc with his ideology and policies that it will take us years to recover.
How would a covertly leftist media treat the uncomfortable fact (and it is a fact) that conservatives overwhelmingly outnumber liberals in America?
Democrats think that the voters are stupid.Democratic candidates also count on the fact that their supporters who do recognize the lies and deceptive strategies are as unprincipled as the candidates themselves

Heritage Foundation

The Wrongdoers at the IRS Get Away Scot-Free

Federal district court Judge Reggie Walton has dismissed two lawsuits filed against the IRS, Lois Lerner and other agency employees by True the Vote, Linchpins... Read More The post The Wrongdoers at the IRS Get Away Scot-Free appeared first on Daily Signal.

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There is no doubt that the rights the First Amendment protects–freedom of speech and freedom of religion–are increasingly the most attacked. Some of the most... Read More The post Is Next Step in War on Religious Liberty Inspection of Religious Schools? That’s Happening in the UK
Federal regulators have finalized a new risk-retention rule, a process mandated by the 2010 Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Title IX of... Read More The post New Mortgage Rule Exempts Everyone from the Rule appeared first on Daily Signal.
Don’t go blaming willpower for the obesity epidemic–that’d be a “crime” according to the documentary “Fed Up,” by the producer of “An Inconvenient Truth” Laurie... Read More The post Sugar Is Evil and Other Silly Claims in the Obesity Wars appea

Why Narratives Are More Powerful Than Ideas

There is an enormous amount of whining these days about our ideological debates. This gets the problem wrong. Ideological debates are fought over ideas, but politics is more often about competing stories, or, as the eggheads call them, "narratives."

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23 Oct 2014, 2:31 pm

Consider this an object lesson and fair warning for all those other states that are trying to what they can to improve education or even cut through the bureaucracy that seems to cover it everywhere -- like kudzu.
OVER ON the Metro page, my Boston Globe colleague Yvonne Abraham coaxed the Massachusetts gubernatorial hopefuls into taking the Proust Questionnaire, a survey of personality and values regularly featured in Vanity Fair magazine. The responses she received from Republican Charlie Baker, Democrat Mar

The Corner

GOP Takes First-Ever Early Voting Lead in Iowa

Representative Bruce Braley (D., Iowa) has been relying on early voters to propel him to victory in the Iowa Senate race, but Republicans have deprived Democrats of that traditional strength. For the first time ever, Republicans lead Democrats in terms of ballots cast by early voters.  &ldqu

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Michelle Obama made another gaffe stumping for a Democratic candidate on Thursday, appearing to confuse the family history of Colorado’s Mark Udall with that of his Republican opponent. “As a fifth-generation Coloradan, Mark understands what makes this state special,” the first

23 Oct 2014, 2:32 pm

My Politico column today on voter ID: For the left, voter ID is tantamount to a poll tax. It is meant to suppress minority voters and is a last-gasp, unconstitutional scheme by the Republican Party to save itself by decisively shaping the electorate to its advantage. If all of this is true, the
Word inside the Beltway is that President Obama intends to reach an Iranian nuclear-weapons deal without involving Congress. Defenders of the Constitution may just sigh and throw up their hands (again). Obama’s plan only adds to the long list of unconstitutional executive actions taken by thi

Red State

#GASen: Obama Knows What a Michelle Nunn Victory Would Mean

The Georgia Senate race is one of the closest races this election cycle. Democrat Michelle Nunn has found herself in the complex situation faced by so many other red state The post #GASen: Obama Knows What a Michelle Nunn Victory Would Mean appeared first on RedState.

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We knew this was eventually going to happen. And if it was going to happen it would more likely than not happen in California (known as the Cereal State because The post California requires all health plans to cover abortion appeared first on RedState.
It was only a matter of time, but now Canada, a strong ally of the United States and freedom, has been struck with the brutal reality of radical Islamic jihadist The post Canada Comes Face to Face with ISIS and Radical Islamic Jihadist Terror appeared first on RedState.
On more than one occasion in the last couple of weeks (the most vital couple of weeks as we near election day), President Barack Obama has said things that are, The post Out of Ignorance or Out of Spite? appeared first on RedState.