Pentagon lashes out at ISIS war “micromanagement” at WH

31 Oct 2014, 11:41 am

Recipe for disaster.

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31 Oct 2014, 11:27 am

(Scott Johnson)In this edition of Dems Keep It Creepy, cretinous Democratic male candidates are featured disparaging their female Republican opponents. One of the featured candidates is Aaron Wolf, the Democratic opponent of Power Line Pick Elise Stefanik. Ms. Stefanik is going to have the last laug

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As Gov. Pat Quinn (D., Ill.) faces criticism for patronage hires in state agencies, documents reveal that his administration helped secure a senior government job for a woman who was in a relationship with a prominent state Democrat.

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In a new web video Hillary Clinton makes a compelling case for Kentucky voters to reject Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes at the polls on Tuesday. The video produced by America Rising highlights the hypocrisy of Clinton and Grimes’ mutual support on the campaign trail. Grimes has rep

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The American Spectator

Milton Wolf Endorses Pat Roberts

Good for Milton Wolf. The man who made the conservative case in the Kansas Senate primary against incumbent GOP Senator Pat Roberts has now endorsed his one-time rival. This is a good thing. Everybody from Sarah Palin to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul has been in Kansas to close ranks behind Roberts, who i

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Yesterday, it was announced that the following nine former players and one executive will be given consideration for the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Golden Era Veterans Committee. The Golden Era is defined as the period between 1947 and 1972: Gil Hodges Jim Kaat Minnie Minoso Tony Oliva Ken Boyer
You are probably aware by now of that video showing a woman named Shoshana Edwards walking through the streets of New York in silence for 10 hours and the reactions to her appearance. Well, not quite 10 hours. Try about two minutes worth. In any case, these comments are characterized as "verbal str

31 Oct 2014, 3:00 am

Adapted from remarks delivered on October 29 at a forum at Indiana University marking the 50th anniversary of Barry Goldwater’s presidential run. Nineteen sixty-four was billed then and for years to come as the end of that era’s sudden political monstrosity, American conservatism. For y

The Federalist

If Greg Orman Is An Independent, Why Is His Campaign Run By Democrats?

For a so-called independent, Greg Orman sure has a lot of partisan Democrats running his Senate campaign in Kansas.

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My grandma endured a painful death from cancer. But nothing could make her undignified.
A new viral video shows "street harassment." But not all interaction with strangers in public is bad or aggressive intimidation.
America’s top officials and doctors are playing fast and loose with Ebola information, and that’s dangerous.

The Washington Free Beacon

How to Get a Government Job in Gov. Pat Quinn’s Illinois

As Gov. Pat Quinn (D., Ill.) faces criticism for patronage hires in state agencies, documents reveal that his administration helped secure a senior government job for a woman who was in a relationship with a prominent state Democrat.

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Pro-life and pro-choice supporters are in a fierce battle over a ballot measure in North Dakota that proposes an amendment to the state’s constitution to protect human life at any stage of development.
Local New Hampshire blogger James Pindell behaved like a smug jerk during last night’s Senate debate between incumbent Jeanne Shaheen (D) and GOP challenger Scott Brown. In an exchange many liberals are describing as a "gaffe," Pindell tried to make Brown look ignorant of state geography. "Sul

Big Government

Two-Week-Old Baby Girl Survives Ebola in Sierra Leone

In a striking case of perseverance that may be among the youngest instances of Ebola survival in the history of the disease, a two-week-old baby near Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, was declared Ebola-free after enduring the ravages of the illness since before birth. The baby, who does not yet h

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One in seven young adults in Britain has "warm feelings" towards the Islamic State terror group, a new survey has revealed. According to a poll by Populus, 14 percent of under-25s in Britain view the group in a positive light, with 12 percent of 25 to 34-year-olds also thinking positively of the g
Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) argued that illegal immigration has had a “huge impact” on the politics and economics of California and “wears at the very foundation of our country” on Friday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.” McClintock agreed “completely&r
After more than 600 US-led airstrikes against ISIS in the past two months, one thing is evident--the strikes are not slowing down ISIS recruitment.  As October gives way to November, 1,000 fighters are coming into Syria to join ISIS each month, just as they were when August gave way to Septem

American Thinker

Say It Loud, I'm Republican and I'm Proud

Do I need to pen a new version of James Brown's classic?

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A way to prevent the sort of trickery the left loves to use to win elections it otherwise would lose.
The impasse with Iran demonstrates clearly why a Republican Congressional majority is essential for this country's security.
We can hail a united Germany, we can applaud her diplomats, we can embrace former adversaries, and yet the Obama administration denounces our Israeli allies for doing no more in East Jerusalem than the Germans are doing in East Berlin.

Heritage Foundation

School Issues ‘No Trespass Order’ on Iraq Veteran Who Questioned Daughter’s Homework Assignment on Islam

An Iraq veteran was banned from his daughter’s high school after objecting to a required homework assignment about Islam. Kevin Wood, father of an 11th-grader... Read More The post School Issues ‘No Trespass Order’ on Iraq Veteran Who Questioned Daughter’s Homework Assignmen

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A long-awaited report from the Department of Justice’s inspector general sharply criticizes U.S. law enforcement officials for allowing a grenade trafficker for vicious Mexican drug cartels to... Read More The post US Lawmen Allowed Drug Cartels’ Grenade Trafficker to Move Fre
In a sign that Republican efforts to target the youth vote is paying off, a new poll finds a majority of young Americans who intend... Read More The post Poll Shows Young Voters Switching Allegiance From Democrats to GOP appeared first on Daily Signal.
Hopes for repeal of  Obamacare by a Republican-controlled Senate dimmed a week before the crucial midterm elections with surprising words from the man who likely... Read More The post Senate’s No. 1 Republican Explains Why a GOP-Controlled Senate Doesn’t Mean Repeal of Obamacare ap

Does the Military Have a Problem with Jesus?

So no matter how stressful your life can be with juggling family issues, relationships, career advancement, work, school, or any burden that life throws your way, cast it upon the Lord and He will sustain you, the colonel wrote.

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"Already we are seeing nations large and small stepping up in impressive ways to make a contribution on the frontlinesCuba, a country of just 11 million people, has sent 165 health professionals and it plans to send nearly 300 more. (U.S. Sec. of State John Kerry as quoted by Reuters, Oct. 17)
Putin has done a fairly decent job of rejuvenating Russias lagging arms sales business. But Putin isnt exactly concerned with revenue Or value. Hes a whole lot more concerned with how Russias arms transactions position in geo-political relations.
Is there a Yellen put in place? Yes. But more accurately it is a Federal Reserve put. Its been around for quite a while. We dont have real prices. We dont have a real market.

The Corner

Every Day Is a Holiday for the Sugar Industry, Thanks to Our Insane Sugar Policies

Happy Halloween! According to the National Retail Federation, candy sales for Halloween are estimated to reach $2.2 billion this year, up from $2.08 billion in 2013; Halloween alone accounts for 4 percent of our candy consumption. That’s a bit irksome for some parents, but

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The Obama administration’s foreign policy provides a kind of porcelain alliance for America’s allies across the world. Three telling cases in point over the last week brought things to a head. First, a senior Obama official termed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi&rdqu

31 Oct 2014, 11:20 am

As someone who had several summer jobs in New York — foot-messenger (I didn’t deliver feet, I walked), ice-cream vender etc — never mind someone who grew up in New York City and now lives in Washington, D.C., I find it bizarre that anyone needs to argue that cat-calling is real. I
New York Democratic congressman Charlie Rangel slandered his Republican colleagues during a rally for New York governor Andrew Cuomo, comparing them to Civil War–era racists who “believe that slavery isn’t over.” “We’re going to be able to

Red State

@BuzzFeed continues orgy of self-beclowning

Only two days after posting on why BuzzFeed is not trusted by either right or left, BuzzFeed continued to provide proof of the accuracy of that statement. While the crux The post @BuzzFeed continues orgy of self-beclowning appeared first on RedState.

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I'm so tired of Obama and his Democrats continually getting away with their hypocritical "war on women" campaign. They raise this tired and false meme over and over. And with The post The Democrats’ Degradation of Women appeared first on RedState.
A couple of days ago, I wrote about voting machines in Maryland changing Republican votes to Democratic ones. It turns out that there might be more election fraud being committed The post More Election Fraud: This Time in Maryland and North Carolina appeared first on RedState.
On Wednesday,the New York ruled that an uncle can legally marry his niece. Via the New York Post: The state’s highest court has toppled a cultural taboo — legalizing a The post New York court allows uncle and niece to marry appeared first on RedState.