The steep price of Israel’s Gaza pullout

23 Jul 2014, 10:23 am

(Paul Mirengoff)As always, once the serious fighting starts, Israel is receiving most of the blame for the current battle in Gaza. And in an important sense, Israel actually is to blame. Had it not pulled out of Gaza, it would not now be fighting this war. This war, like the several before it, is th

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Rising prices and stagnant wages are a bad combination. Why are so many analysts pretending that it's no big deal?

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Michael Barone Government don't do IT good. Not just here in the United States, but in Britain, as this Telegraph blogpost argues.

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The American Spectator

American Foreign Policy Can't Continue to Ignore Middle East Christians

The cause of religious liberty galvanizes Americans of faith, yet America's foreign policy has ignored religion to the point of harming her interests and moderate allies in the Middle East. "America is really, by virtue of its foreign policy, distanced from our natural allies," Andrew Doran, o

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23 Jul 2014, 8:45 am

Feature of the Day: Myths and Misreporting About Malaysia Airlines Flight 17   Morning Headlines   Domestic                                                    
It should come as no surprise to anyone that our secretary of state, John Kerry, was caught on a hot mic bashing Israel during a commercial break while in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Kerry sarcastically characterized the IDF’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza as a &ld
Eliminating freedom by fiat, President Obama signed an executive order this week mandating that all federal contractors conform to his conception of gay rights. Any company or organization that dissents from his view can now be stripped of its contract. “We’re going to prohibit all comp

The Federalist

Rising Prices And Stagnant Wages Are Real

Rising prices and stagnant wages are a bad combination. Why are so many analysts pretending that it's no big deal?

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Gavin Newsom has some good ideas about local governance which he can never put into practice.
Part 2 of a series: Government control of our most intimate decisions depends on many of us refusing to make those decisions wisely ourselves.
Obamacare's drafters deliberately limited subsidies to plans purchased from state exchanges. That, and not a drafting error, is why Obama lost Halbig.

The Washington Free Beacon

Security Firm Awarded TSA Airport Screening Contract Despite ‘Significant Weaknesses’

A security firm that has received more than $3 billion in federal contracts donates over two times more to Democrats than Republican candidates. Akal Security, Inc. was recently awarded a $108 million contract with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to conduct screenings at Kansas Cit

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A major financial backer of the Center for American Progress under John Podesta's leadership is the CEO of a company conducted illegal human experiments that resulted in the deaths of three elderly patients, according to the Washington Examiner.
Republicans have asked for dozens of emails regarding the controversial $215 million renovations to the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau headquarters, the Hill reports.

Big Government

Georgia Dems Nunn and Carter Counting on New Hispanic, Black Voters

Democrats may talk about change but that seems dubious given that the names at the top of their Georgia ticket harken back to the politics of decades ago.  State legislator and grandson of the notoriously failed President Jimmy Carter, Jason Carter, is running for Governor and M

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One of the Church of England's most senior officials has said that women will be favoured over men when the church appoints new bishops. The Telegraph reports that William Fittall, the Secretary General to the General Synod, told parliament’s Ecclesiastical Committee that when a bishop&rsquo
The New York Times urged President Barack Obama to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants already in the country and let the illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border remain in America.  Not doing so--enforcing the country's laws instead--amounts to spitting on the
Using his verified Twitter account, horror novelist Stephen King singled out the Tea Party for a lecture about Christianity as it pertains to the ongoing crisis at the Mexican border. "Revised Tea Party Gospel," King wrote in one tweet, "'Suffer the little children come unto me. Unless they're und

American Thinker

Piling on the Constitutional Corpse

Which of the three branches of our federal government started the wholesale corruption of our Constitution?

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23 Jul 2014, 12:00 am

Obama has been President for 5½ years. He might just be responsible for something by now.

23 Jul 2014, 12:00 am

Traditional America is being diluted, deliberately, in two ways
What would Fluke see in a Rorschach test?

Heritage Foundation

City Officials Accused of Cronyism in Fight Over Uber, Lyft

MEMPHIS—City officials, citing public safety concerns, have imposed cease-and-desist orders against private ride-share companies Uber and Lyft. Now, in the wake of those decisions, officials... Read More The post City Officials Accused of Cronyism in Fight Over Uber, Lyft appeared first on Da

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Tragedy struck Malaysia Airlines for the second time in four months when a passenger plane flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot out of... Read More The post Q&A: The Attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and Why It Matters appeared first on Daily Signal.
City of Hidalgo, Texas—Othal E. Brand Jr. is a man in control, and as such, when drug cartels began exploiting the stretch of river at... Read More The post Border Crossings Stop After Texas Man Takes Security Into His Own Hands appeared first on Daily Signal.
A coalition backing government export subsidies will host several executives of purportedly “small” businesses at a briefing Tuesday to build support for the Export-Import Bank... Read More The post The Not So ‘Small’ Businesses Ex-Im Bank Boosts appeared first on Daily Sign

Illness Threatens the Best of Barbecuers

This could be a terrifying tale right out of the Book of Meat Science Fiction, only this one isn't fiction.

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The terrorist army formerly known as ISIS has conquered about a third of Syria and much of western Iraq. What are these jihadists going to do next?
In short, the same group that requires private citizens to retain financial records for up to seven years under penalty of law is saying that they are unable to produce two years' worth of electronic correspondence relating directly to an active legal investigation, and furthermore that even if back
The downing of Malaysia Flight 17 casts new light on just how inept and decadent the United States and Europe have become.

The Corner

Bureaucratic Checklists Are No Silver Bullet for Reforming Job-Training Programs

Before President Obama signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) into law yesterday, he announced: So the bill I’m about to sign will give communities more certainty to invest in job-training programs for the long run. It will help us bring those programs into the 21st cen

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I learned during the Blind Sheikh case many years ago that Egyptians are not always masters of subtlety in, quite effectively, getting their points across. If he did not know that already, Secretary of State John Kerry knows that now. Israel is poised to deal a major defeat to Hamas, the terrorist
After a powerful Hamas rocket landed near Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, causing extensive damage to two houses, the FAA announced a 24-hour ban on flights to Tel Aviv. This is a huge win for Hamas, and means that any cease-fire in the short term would be a defeat for Israel.  There is
Important columns by former attorney general Michael Mukasey and Caroline Glick make the point that in Israel’s defensive war against Hamas, the main thing to focus on is not the missiles; it’s the tunnels. Perhaps more significantly, they demonstrate that the Obama administration, in i

Red State

The case against an Unconditional Basic Income

An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it. –Sir Isaac Newton Many moons ago with I was a mid-grade infantry captain in the US Army I was selected for an assignment as an investigator with the Department of the Army Inspector General’s office at th

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A divided panel of the DC Circuit this morning handed down its long-awaited decision in Halbig v Burwell, holding 2-1 that Obamacare does not provide subsidies for purchases of insurance on the federal exchange, and that the individual mandate does not apply in states that have not e
Airfare is getting more expensive. The Transportation Security Administration is raising security fees. Fox News has a report on it. But in the interests of intellectual honesty, we here on a Republican site and I, a formerly elected Republican official, do need to point out that the American publi
On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Aaron Blake to discuss the opening salvos fired in the 2016 GOP primary, Rick Perry's makeover and who the GOP dark horse may be. The post Rick Perry vs. Rand Paul and the Start of the 2016 GOP Primary appeared first on RedState.

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