John McCain Speaks For Me On CodePink

29 Jan 2015, 11:14 am

(John Hinderaker)This morning the Senate Armed Services Committee conducted a hearing at which Henry Kissinger was a witness. When Kissinger entered the committee chamber, a ragtag group of ten or so CodePink members stood up, holding signs and chanting “Arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes.&

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Ashe Schow Fox News host Megyn Kelly invited former Arkansas Gov.

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(Paul Mirengoff)As I watched Loretta Lynch’s testimony yesterday, I had the feeling I had seen this act before. Her approach to answering questions, her tone, and some of her word choices left me with a strong sense of deja vu. Only in the evening did I realize where I had seen Lynch’s a

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Ashe Schow Sorority women at the University of Virginia have been told not to party with their Greek brothers — or else face sanctions.

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The American Spectator

George Will Likens Bud Selig to James Madison

I have just read George Will's tribute to Bud Selig who retired as MLB Commissioner last week after serving in that position since 1992. In his piece, Will argues that Selig is to baseball what James Madison was to America during the Constitutional Convention. No, I'm not kidding: Now, as baseball

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We're confirming a new Attorney General this week, and already, Loretta Lynch's hearings are off to a rousing start as we discover that, yes, it actually is possible to do worse than Eric Holder. Unfortunately, rumor has it, behind the scene, most of the committee members have already agr
For the first time, I'm able to manage to get to Washington, DC for the American Spectator's Annual Gala, this year featuring keynote speaker Senator Rand Paul (though I'm just as interested in hearing the always witty and insightful Bob Tyrrell, a true hero of the conservative movement.) I hope yo
Even though it defies the definition of insurance, exemplifies socialism, and is a huge driver of high insurance premiums (as it should be), Republicans are unlikely to brave the political heat required to remove Obamacare's "guaranteed issue" provision which functionally forces health insurers to

The Federalist

Fifty Shades: Now On Sale At Target

Target welcomes ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ products to its formerly family-friendly shelves. Do we really need society to get any more messed up?

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It’s easy to scoff at a mom who bills no-shows for her kindergartener’s birthday party. But many of us indulge in similar birthday madness.
It is not at all clear that the global evangelicalism surge will be good for humanity or orthodox Christianity.
“Raiders of the Lost Ark” was not actually a sacred item passed to humankind on Mount Sinai and Steven Spielberg was not a God.

The Washington Free Beacon

Tens of Thousands of Californians Hurt by Layoffs in Past Six Months

Tens of thousands of workers in California have been impacted by permanent or temporary layoffs in the past six months alone, and despite the governor’s economic development efforts more than 1 million Californians remain unemployed.

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The praise continues to flood in for Megyn Kelly, the host of the newest show in Fox News’ primetime line-up.
A “militant” healthcare union put patients at risk during a weeklong walkout at one of America’s largest healthcare providers, according to company officials.

Big Government

Pope Francis' Disturbing Cuba Activism

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be changing its policy toward Cuba, opening a Havana embassy and expanding travel. “Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people and begin a new chapter among the na

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President Barack Obama revealed his favorite film of the year to People Magazine in an interview released on Wednesday.  Obama named Richard Linklater’s Boyhood his favorite movie of 2014.  “Boyhood was a great movie,” he told People Magazine. “That, I think,
On Wednesday's broadcast of ABC's "World News," network report Cecilia Vega confirmed North Korea was behind the cyber-attack on Sony. “Tonight, ABC News has learned federal investigators have determined North Korea is responsible for the worst corporate cyber-attack in history,” Vega
Minnesota State Representative Greg Davids is calling for embattled MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, the "architect" of Obamacare, to return all $329,000 he was paid by the state of Minnesota as a subcontractor on a 2011 contract to analyze the state's plan to develop its Obamacare he

American Thinker

My Problem with Sarah Palin

With Sarah Palin once again hinting at a presidential run, pundits and politics wonks are all the more aflutter with 2016 talk.

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Jeb Bush thinks he can ride Common Core to the White House.  This is a grave misjudgment. 
Why are some Republican politicians hell-bent on alienating their millennial base?
Many Republicans believe we have lost the argument and the only way to win votes is to abandon core principles, surrender and campaign according to the Left's/Democrats' false premises.

Heritage Foundation

Mike Lee Grills Loretta Lynch on Operation Choke Point

President Obama’s nominee for attorney general, Loretta Lynch, faced questions about the government’s controversial Operation Choke Point in her Senate testimony yesterday. “I’m generally familiar... Read More The post Mike Lee Grills Loretta Lynch on Operation Choke Point a

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The latest bailout of the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) expires at the end of May, so the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee called a... Read More The post Senate Hearing: Four Surface Transportation Policies Worth Knowing About appeared first on Daily Signal.
Tonight, the series finale of one of my favorite shows of all time — “Parenthood” — airs. It’s a show that has touched my heart... Read More The post Why ‘Parenthood’ Was the Best Show On Television appeared first on Daily Signal.
In a segment on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today, NBC foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin described Chris Kyle, whose life is depicted in “American Sniper,” as going... Read More The post NBC Correspondent Accuses ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle of Going on &lsqu

Can Israel Survive?

Given the rise of radical Islam, the huge petrodollar wealth of the Middle East and lopsided demography, how has Israel so far survived?

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Whereas the Soviets refrained from nuclear confrontation out of a self of sense preservation, it doesnt take an active imagination to ponder Iranian leaders who lack that sense of proportion.
Bill Maher called Chris Kyle of "American Sniper" a "psychopath patriot."

29 Jan 2015, 9:00 am

The network meteorologists barely had time to come up for air while "forecasting" the latest snowstorm non-disaster. Politicians, fearing what might happen to their approval numbers if a blizzard hit, went on TV to announce they were taking proactive measures.

The Corner

Twelve Things that Caught My Eye Today (Jan. 29, 2015)

1. I love the title on this: 800 Years of Prayer. 2. Boko Haram ’slaughtered people like rams’ in northeast Nigeria rampage — CBC News (@CBCNews) January 28, 2015 3. From Alabama: Geneva County Probate Judge Fred Hamic didn&r

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“Je suis Charlie” — if that’s all right with you, of course. Via the Telegraph: An artwork depicting high-heeled shoes on Islamic prayer mats has been removed from an exhibition after a Muslim group warned of possible violence in the wake of the Paris attacks. The French-

29 Jan 2015, 10:41 am

I wrote my Politico column today on the $889 million the Kochs are planning to spend in the 2016 cycle: One sign it is still a free country is that a band of like-minded people, devoted to principles they consider essential to the country’s thriving, can get together and try to ef
Code Pink demonstrators learned not to cross Senator John McCain on Thursday. The left-wing activist group drew ire from the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman when some of its supporters called for the arrest of Henry Kissinger, who was a witness at a committee hearing. “Arrest Henr

Red State

NBC Reporter Says American Sniper Chris Kyle Was A Racist On ‘Killing Sprees’ In Middle East

Keep in mind that this is MSNBC, but the reporter, Ayman Mohyeldin, is supposedly a straight news correspondent – the foreign affairs correspondent mind you – for NBC News. A lot of stories about when he was back home in Texas. A lot of his own personal opinions about what he was doing

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In case you missed it, this week is National School Choice Week. While this post is slightly off the topic of school choice, as most know, many of America’s teachers think they have no choice when it comes to unions–when, in fact, they do. Unaware that they have alternatives like the As
On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Josh Zerkle to discuss the Super Bowl, Deflategate, and look at the key match-ups for Sunday's big game. The post Josh Zerkle Talks Super Bowl XLIX appeared first on RedState.
There was a lot of concern among conservatives earlier when Obama announced his major breakthrough in relations with Cuba. Many felt that Obama gave away the store, that he gave Raul Castro a lot and received precious little in return. President Obama will move as soon as next month to defang the 5

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