Dr. Schumer’s weak, retrospective prescription

26 Nov 2014, 11:16 am

(Paul Mirengoff)Chuck Schumer has caused a bit of a stir by stating that the Democrats erred in pushing through Obamacare. “Unfortunately,” said Schumer “Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them [in the 2008 election]. We took their mandate and put all our focus

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Bathe in it.

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26 Nov 2014, 10:25 am

(Scott Johnson)The feminist establishment has gone completely around the bend. I’m not sure when it happened.; I doubt it is a recent development. In her prescient 1972 book The New Chastity and Other Arguments Against Liberation, Midge Decter examined the first-generation literature of femini

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Ashe Schow Under pressure from the federal government to look tough on campus sexual assault, several Wisconsin universities are adopting misguided “yes means yes” consent policies. “Several Wisconsin universities already have begun informing freshmen as soon as they arrive on cam

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The American Spectator

How Sovereign Patent Trolls Threaten Free Trade

The U.S. is participating in two trade agreement negotiations that, if successfully concluded, will meaningfully improve our nation’s economic future. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would create a trade agreement amongst Pacific Rim countries including the U.S., Japan, Canada, Australia,

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Vincent van Gogh is one of the most renowned painters in the history of the world. His paintings are worth tens of millions of dollars. Unfortunately for van Gogh he would never live to see this good fortune. His renown would come only after his death by suicide. The life of van Gogh was one of ful

26 Nov 2014, 3:00 am

The hucksters who falsely accused Darren Wilson of a racially motivated “killing” won’t face justice, even though they have ruined his life and inspired monstrous race riots. The media should treat them as permanently discredited, but of course it won’t. Outlets will continu
Plymouth Adventure, a 1952 film with Spencer Tracy and Gene Tierney, is not a great movie. But as the story of the Pilgrims’ passage on the Mayflower it appears every season around Thanksgiving. It’s melodramatic and somewhat dated but still warmly moving and instructive. Tracy, true to

The Federalist

Celebrating Bad Food: An Interview With Christopher Kimball

Cook's Illustrated founder Christopher Kimball believes food isn't art. Here's how his views have prevailed in a world of food porn.

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If the media want to do a better job next time—and that's a big "if"—here are five rules they ought to have followed in Ferguson.
The question about Chuck Hagel isn't why he's leaving. It's why he was appointed in the first place if President Obama had no intention of listening to him.
New York Magazine writer Jonathan Chait is known for cherry picking thoughtful arguments when he struggles to respond to them. But now he's getting worse.

The Washington Free Beacon

Steyn vs. Mann and the ‘Toilet’ D.C. Justice System

Mark Steyn is tired of the “toilet” D.C. justice system. And he still has a long way to go. More than two years have passed since Penn State University professor Michael Mann filed a defamation lawsuit against Steyn and other conservatives for criticizing his global warming research.

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The CIA was spying on arms shipments from Libya to Syrian rebels at the time of the 2011 attack on its Benghazi facility, according to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. But a controversial Committee report asserts the CIA did not make “unauthorized” arms shipments to

26 Nov 2014, 4:00 am

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has told a member of the House Armed Services Committee that the Pentagon has no information about a covert U.S. Special Forces ransom payment earlier this year that was made in a failed bid to win the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Big Government

Poll: UKIP Replaces Labour as Party of the White, Working Classes

Labour has been trumped by the UK Independence Party as the party of the white, working class voter according to a new poll. In a recent poll, YouGov asked voters which party they thought was the party most in touch with the white, working classes. They found that 27 percent of voters thought it w

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Federal authorities have arrested a top member of a prison gang called the Mexican Mafia. The gang member is believed to be the mastermind behind the murder of a Texas cop. The Federal Bureau of Investigations and San Antonio Police arrested Ruben “Menace” Reyes, a top lieutenant withi
Say what you want about her, for some reason, "Hillary Clinton is hosting a New York City fundraiser for Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., on Monday," meaning she's standing by Landrieu despite expectations that she's headed for a landslide loss again republican Bill Cassidy. Landrieu, trailing in recen
One doesn't have to like NY Senator Chuck Schumer to admit he's a smart and ambitious man. His being the first prominent Democrat to come out strong against Obamacare - without doing anything to derail it - could prove to be a shrewd move for a guy known to make them. If Obamacare sees a significa

American Thinker

Obamacare 2015 Includes Federal Subsidies for Abortion

ObamaCare is perhaps the single greatest expansion of funding for elective abortion coverage.

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26 Nov 2014, 12:00 am

Wow. That's some executive order in illegal immigration amnesty. Except there isn’t one.

26 Nov 2014, 12:00 am

“You know, this is a country that allows everybody to express their views.”

Heritage Foundation

White House, Congress Raided Hundreds of Millions from Anti-Bioterrorism Fund

Congress and the Obama White House looked for billions of dollars a few years ago to offset the costs of a legal settlement with black... Read More The post White House, Congress Raided Hundreds of Millions from Anti-Bioterrorism Fund appeared first on Daily Signal.

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Smokers and nonsmokers alike in Westminster, Mass., came together to push back against a move by the town’s board of health to ban the sale... Read More The post After Debate, Massachusetts Town Won’t Ban All Sales of Tobacco appeared first on Daily Signal.
Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Tom Wolf won’t take office for another two months, but one part of his Fresh Start policy plan already has business types feeling... Read More The post Governor-elect’s Proposal for Sick Days Upsets Some Businesses appeared first on Daily Signal.
As a startled nation watched on television, protesters turned violent in Ferguson, Mo., after a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who... Read More The post Raw Footage of Violence in Ferguson After No Indictment appeared first on Daily Signal.


Slaughter in the Synagogue

Israel's enemies are as barbaric as any in the Middle East.

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26 Nov 2014, 10:53 am

Of all the wild talk coming out of Ferguson and the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer -- and all that angry and predictable noise emanating from race hustlers like Al Sharpton -- there are two things I just can't shake.
We havent even had time to hang the mistletoe and would you believe there are already skirmishes breaking out in the war on Christmas?

26 Nov 2014, 7:06 am

When the Barack Obamas and Eric Holders of the world step out to tell us we have much work to do on race, they are right. But the racial progress we need to make is nothing like what they envision

The Corner

Battleground Ohio and the Convention-Site Effect

If I were the DNC, I would choose Columbus, Ohio, for the 2016 convention, if only to neutralize any statewide advantage that the Republicans stand to gain from holding their convention in Cleveland. Not that it would be a home run for the Democrats. More like a throw to first, to keep the runner h

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26 Nov 2014, 10:46 am

If you think that Obamacare is a great improvement in public policy–that it is making America a better place–and that there was no more politically attractive way of achieving its objectives, then of course it was worth doing at some political cost. I’ll give that to Senator
Halifax – At an annual gathering of government, business, academic, and civil-society leaders from democratic nations here, one theme emerged clearly: The world has moved beyond Barack Obama. Whereas debate over Obama and his policies figured heavily in previous gatherings of the Halifax

26 Nov 2014, 10:32 am

The New York Times reports today on possible Republican responses to the president’s immigration order: Mr. Lowry suggested one way Congress could react. “If I were John Boehner,” he said, referring to the House speaker, “I’d say to the president: ‘Send us your

Red State

This Thanksgiving, Let’s Help Those Affected by the #Ferguson Riots

The ongoing events in Ferguson have altered the Thanksgiving and Christmas plans for quite a few of the city's residents for the worse. The business owners who have seen their stores The post This Thanksgiving, Let’s Help Those Affected by the #Ferguson Riots appeared first on RedState.

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Yesterday, liberal Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer lambasted Democrats for the political failure of both ObamaCare and the stimulus. While he certainly has not changed his core belief that government can The post Schumer: Stimulus “Was a Mistake,” ObamaCare Addressed “Wrong Problem
This is not a post about whether or not Darren Wilson should have been indicted. This is not a post defending the rioting and looting that has come after. This The post White People, Ferguson, and Empathy appeared first on RedState.
Equivocating While Ferguson Burned The heavily-burdened Grand Jury has handed down a decision stating that they will not indict Officer Darren Wilson for any criminal wrongdoing The post Brave Sir Robin And The Riots In Ferguson, MO appeared first on RedState.