Should the next AG be … Republican?

30 Sep 2014, 6:21 pm

Thomas Perez the front-runner?

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Economic growth and national security ... or taxes?

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Paul Gonzalez Hispanic voters were a key part of the coalition that elected President Obama, but lately the demographic has soured on him. Obama’s weekly approval among Hispanics dipped to 45 percent during the period ended Sept.

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Still ducking Obamacare...

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The American Spectator

Perry: Obama Administration Must Address Oklahoma Beheading

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Texas Governor Rick Perry called upon the White House to address the beheading in Oklahoma last week.  At this point, the FBI is characterizing the attack as an act of "workplace violence." Quel surprise. For his part, Perry characterized th

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Not surprisingly the FBI is doing its best to minimize last week's beheading in Oklahoma. Consider the commentary on Alton Nolen's Facebook page. From The Washington Post: The Moore police said that Nolen had tried to convert several co-workers to Islam. Two federal law enforcement officials told
Welcome to today’s edition of “Where are my tax dollars going?” The government’s latest creative use of tax revenue is a $300,000 study on how to ride a bike. Oh, you thought you already knew how to ride a bike? Allow the National Science Foundation to correct you: “(A
Welcome to today’s edition of “Where are my tax dollars going?” The government’s latest creative use of tax revenue is a $300,000 study on how to ride a bike. Oh, you thought you already knew how to ride a bike? Allow the National Science Foundation to correct you: “(A

The Federalist

The 3 Worst Things About Saturday Night Live’s Season Opener

Even this late in his 2nd term, Saturday Night Live is unable to poke even the slightest bit of fun at President Obama. The rest of the show is weak, too.

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The Kansas City Chiefs remind us: If you want to avoid generating outrage, the further you are from Washington or New York, the better.
When it comes to housing policy, the Left’s obsession with diversity has actually put them at odds with cultural sensitivity.
My little daughter doesn’t need to fear her body this young, NPR.

The Washington Free Beacon

Moroccan Soccer Fans Root For ISIL

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The Obama administration must acknowledge the existence of an independent investigation into former White House senior economics adviser Austan Goolsbee’s alleged unauthorized access to the Koch brother’s tax returns, a court ruled Tuesday.
(Reuters) - U.S. health officials said on Tuesday the first patient infected with the deadly Ebola virus had been diagnosed in the country.
Over just a one-year period, the Army and Marine Corps may have wasted more than $100 million returning vehicles from Afghanistan they do not need, according to a Government Accountability Office report released Tuesday.

Big Government

CDC Refuses to Directly Answer If Ebola Patient a US Citizen

Tuesday during the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention press conference, which confirmed the first case of Ebola in the United States, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden refused to directly answer if the man who traveled from Liberia to Texas earlier this month was a citizen of the Untied States.

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Whatever else is going on at the Secret Service, they've got the Obama Administration scandal playbook down pat, which is really depressing. 1. Lie about what happened - They not only misled the public about how far Omar Gonzalez penetrated the White House, they apparently were less than forthcomin
Tuesday on NewsmaxTV's "The Steve Malzberg Show," anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan said in 2005 Nancy Pelosi and top Democrat leaders in the House and Senate said to her face that if she helped them get elected they would end the wars completely, but now they have stopped supporting her even in lig
Louisiana Senate candidate and current Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) expressed his opposition to increased guest workers, and support for securing the border before any further immigration reform was pursued in addition to repatriating the unaccompanied minors and family units that have recently crosse

American Thinker

Confucius Shrugged

Confucius, China, and Communism in a personal history that Ayn Rand would love.

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It is important to unveil the real thoughts of Abbas in his recent speech to the UN.
If the ISIS chaps didn't exist, we'd have to invent them. Otherwise political correctness would go on and on and oppress us more and more, forever.

30 Sep 2014, 12:00 am

Even in a minefield as perilous as the modern public schoolhouse, where speaking candidly on social issues is akin to walking amidst eggshells filled with nitro, the virtues of honesty and integrity are still held in tenuous esteem.

Heritage Foundation

Reporter Forbidden to Speak To Crowd At Michelle Obama Event

Meg Kissinger, a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, covered on Monday first lady Michelle Obama’s Milwaukee campaign stop for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke.... Read More The post Reporter Forbidden to Speak To Crowd At Michelle Obama Event appeared first on Daily Sign

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Q: Why are thousands of people demonstrating in Hong Kong now? Because when the former colonial master Britain handed Hong Kong over to China, the... Read More The post Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Hong Kong Demonstrations appeared first on Daily Signal.
Doug Stafford says he and his boss, Sen. Rand Paul, got into politics the same way: through their church, which inspired them to develop pro-life... Read More The post Political Strategists Plot How Libertarians and Conservatives Can Unite to ‘Take Back the White House’ appeared first o
In Hong Kong, the streets have been filled with huge numbers of demonstrators. The post This Amazing Video Shows Thousands of Demonstrators Flooding Streets of Hong Kong appeared first on Daily Signal.

The Throat-Clearing President Versus the Throat-Cutting Terrorists

Last week, President Obama spoke to the United Nations about the growing threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In the course of that speech, he discussed a wide variety of threats to Western civilization, ranging from Ebola to global warming, from chaos in Syria to China's incursions in the

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30 Sep 2014, 2:24 pm

Americans now face beheadings, gang warfare, Ebola, ISIS and a new war in Syria. It's natural to assume that the world has gotten more dangerous. But it hasn't.
Derek Jeter aka "The Captain" of the New York Yankees played his last game on Sunday. He ended his career with an RBI single in Boston, after ending his career at home in Yankee stadium with a game-winning, walk-off, RBI single. Jeter defines a leader. He has the 6th highest hit total in the history
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a public relations genius. That's right, a real American genius if you will. If you don't believe it, then you've probably had your brains scrambled so hard that they leaked out your ear and plopped right onto the 50-yard line.

The Corner

Apologize to Israel, Mr. President

This summer, as Hamas was raining rockets on Israeli civilians, storing munitions in civilian buildings, and firing rockets from mosques, schools, and clinics, the Obama administration had the audacity to say that it was “appalled” by Israeli attacks that unintentionally killed civ

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The Center for Disease Control confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that an unidentified man at a Dallas hospital tested positive for the Ebola virus – the first-ever diagnosis of the deadly disease in the United States. According to local news reports, the patient has been under

30 Sep 2014, 3:16 pm

National Review Online is looking for a freelance news aggregator. The work will involve reading lots of articles and compiling links. Applicants must be available to work early in the morning, and should send a résumé and a cover letter to editorial.applications (at) nationalreview.c
Today on the homepage I write about Alton Nolen, a.k.a. Jah’Keem Yisrael, who became the latest perpetrator of “workplace violence” last week when he decapitated one former colleague at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla., then repeatedly stabbed another before being shot by the company

Red State

Roland Burris (D) tried to cash in* while still a US Senator.

*Allegedly The post Roland Burris (D) tried to cash in* while still a US Senator. appeared first on RedState.

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Trailing Gov. Andrew Cuomo by nearly 25 points and unable to get New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, head of the Republican Governors Association, to help him take on Cuomo, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino nukes Gov. Cuomo with a remake of LBJ’s infamous “

30 Sep 2014, 2:00 pm

One of the interesting things about the elevation of science to a secular religion is watching as science begins to mimic the behavior of religion on the eve of the Thirty Years War. In its purest form science is devoted to discovery. Truths are proven. Axioms are tested and retested. Science today
At the RedState Gathering in August, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ticked off a rapid-fire list of accomplishments that have occurred since she has taken office. Among those many accomplishments was the signing of a bill to make state legislators more accountable to their constituents through