Reading the early voting tea leaves: Republicans closing the gap

21 Oct 2014, 8:21 pm

Getting the worm.

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(John Hinderaker)Faced with major electoral losses this year, the Democratic Party is pulling out all the stops. For them, that means descending, again, into racism. As Glenn Reynolds says: Democrats used to use racial fearmongering to get white voters to turn out. Now they use racial fearmongering

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"Ultimately, those Democratic candidates will have to develop their own strategies..."

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Amid accusations of corruption and insider deals, Sen. Kay Hagan (D., N.C.) declined an invitation from Time Warner Cable to take part in a debate with her Republican opponent on Capital Tonight. Hagan’s empty chair was visible throughout the debate.   Many questions have been raise

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The American Spectator

Wendy Davis Says Greg Abbott Hates Sex Toys

Common sense - even in politics where it isn't so common - would dictate that once you get into a hole, you stop digging. But Wendy Davis has never been accused of having common sense in her political strategy, unless, of course, as I suspect, her candidacy is an elaborate prank pulled on the peopl

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Even though Michele Bachmann hasn't been on the frontlines of foreign policy criticism of late, she has made herself ISIS's Congressional target numero uno. Apparently, ISIS recently released a video that featured the Congresswoman's voice but blurred out her image, probably because an unveiled wom
Yesterday, two Canadian soldiers were deliberately hit by a vehicle in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, about 30 miles south of Montreal. One of the soldiers died while the other is expected to survive. The name of the deceased soldier has not been released at the request of his family. Police pursued the d
Yesterday, I had a piece up on the upstart Kansas City Royals. This notwithstanding, I am picking the Giants in five. The World Series MVP will be Giants second baseman Joe Panik. I do hope Bruce Bochy finds a way to get Tim Lincecum into a game. In four years, he's gone from Cy Young to Sigh. &nbs

The Federalist

RNC Chairman: Can’t “Give Lip Service To The Base To Win A Primary” Then Ignore Them

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says Republicans can't "give lip service to the base" then ignore their priorities should the Senate go the GOP's way.

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The Ebola travel ban debate reminds us that the fatal conceit of technocracy is the assumption that dynamic systems like human society are controllable.
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says his party's 2014 prospects are fueled by a much-improved technological arm.
John Oliver’s easy-breezy ‘How Is This Still a Thing’ segments partake in a broader desire to erase our cultural memories.

The Washington Free Beacon

Kay Hagan Skips NC Debate Amid New Ethics Questions

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Arizona property records show that a condominium purchased by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal was foreclosed less than a decade after it was bought.

Big Government

Thom Tillis Debates Empty Chair After Kay Hagan Declines Debate Invitation

Amid ongoing questions about her family’s apparent stimulus benefits, numerous Armed Services Committee hearing absences, and Ebola flip-flops, Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) did not show up at the fourth and final debate in the U.S. Senate race Tuesday evening.  With Hagan absent and nothi

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Neither Barack Obama, nor another prominent Democrat, "Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, former governor and federal felon Edwin W. Edwards," managed to show up at what was billed as a large Louisiana event for Democrat Mary Landrieu, yesterday. While Landrieu appears to be in troub
Representative Mike McCaul (R-TX) argued that “there’s not an interest” among Americans for high-tech jobs in a discussion on increased guest workers on Tuesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.” McCaul pledged he would “absolutely” oppose any executive order
In an effort to increase turn-out among African American voters in support of two white Democrats, the Georgia Democrat Party is targeting them with a mailer invoking the death of Michael Brown "suggesting it happened because low African American voting turnout left control of Ferguson's gover

American Thinker

This is What You Get When You Reduce Everything to 'Activism'

Obama spends all his time doing politics, raising money and dividing people, and sensibly resting up on the golf course in between his exhausting fund-raising gigs. To hell with governing.

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Leave it to Karl to orchestrate a cover-up that actually hides information exculpatory to his President and his party. He did just that on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq.
The mainstream media continues the cover-up of Islamist violence in the United States.
The military leaders of ISIS are following the same tactics used by Muhammad more than a thousand years ago

Heritage Foundation

Twitter Temporarily Blocks Petition Supporting Houston Pastors

In response to subpoenas issued by the city of Houston to pastors who spoke out on same-sex marriage, a faith-based organization launched a petition demanding... Read More The post Twitter Temporarily Blocks Petition Supporting Houston Pastors appeared first on Daily Signal.

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The Treasury Department released this month figures showing that federal tax revenue exceeded $3 trillion in fiscal year 2014—the first time revenue surpassed that mark.... Read More The post Thanks to Obama’s Tax Hikes, Tax Revenue Surpasses $3 Trillion for First Time Ever appeared fir
Watch out: dangerous guitar players could threaten you next! That seems to be the mindset of the New York Police Department. The NYPD recently arrested... Read More The post Watch This Man Get Arrested for Just Playing His Guitar in New York City appeared first on Daily Signal.
Pakistan has, yet again, demonstrated that it does not respect religious liberty. Yesterday, Pakistan’s Lahore High Court upheld the death penalty for Aasia Bibi, a... Read More The post No Justice for Persecuted Christian, Aasia Bibi, in Pakistan appeared first on Daily Signal.

The Antidote for Income Inequality is Economic Opportunity

Recently, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the worrisome and widening gap between Americas rich and poor. Policymakers ought to pay attention, because the circumstances are in fact tragic. Our nations youth are plagued by a 14.9 percent unemployment rate.

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Los Angeles-based artist Paul McCarthy recently made international news by erecting a giant green sex toy in Paris' Place Vendome and calling it "Tree." Before the installation could officially open this week, some Paris residents forced the object's removal by cutting its support ropes. A week earl
Everyone has it wrong. Americans are frightened to death of the medical implications of Ebola- as well they should be. Ive never in my lifetime seen a disease that has infected and killed so many stock market crash.

The Corner

Krauthammer's Take: Dems' Midterm Strategy Is 'Total Humiliation for Obama. . . and He Can't Take It'

Democratic candidates want nothing to do with President Obama, and, says Charles Krauthammer, “he can’t take it.” “This is a guy who six years ago had a worship service at a Denver stadium, being cheered by people while he was behind Greek columns. A few weeks earlier, he

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21 Oct 2014, 5:45 pm

Is a Russian submarine lurking in Swedish waters? The BBC: Naval vessels searching Swedish waters for a suspected foreign submarine are focusing on a bay near the capital Stockholm on the fifth day of the biggest such operation in years. Ships equipped to detect submarines are among at least fiv

21 Oct 2014, 5:23 pm

When a baseball pitcher is trying too hard, his manager will walk out to the mound and say, “Trust your stuff.” What this means is: Rely on what got you this far in the first place; understand that the speed, movement, and control (collectively, “stuff”) of your pitching is
The fun has begun in Colorado, where a new law has loosened an avalanche of mandatory mail-in ballots. With polling booths there having gone the way of wooden skis, a so-called “honor” system assumes that eligible people, and no one else, will complete their own ballots. This touchingl

Red State

Senate Breakers Report October 21, 2014

Since I last looked at the Senate races 11 days ago, the picture of the home stretch has started to come a little more clearly into focus, albeit with a The post Senate Breakers Report October 21, 2014 appeared first on RedState.

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21 Oct 2014, 3:00 pm

The Arkansas Senate election is now over*. Arkansas Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Mark PryorSenate Democrat AverageSee Full Scorecard9% argued that the federal government’s desegregation of Arkansas’s largest public school in 1957 The post Arkansas Senat
A committed Christian.  A mother of five.  A loving wife.  A servant of all. But will she also be a martyr? That’s Asia Bibi.  She’s been sentenced to death by The post Pakistan Sentences Christian Mom Asia Bibi to Death for “Blasphemy” over a Cup of Wate
One of the important things to understand about US military strength is that the size of the armed forces is one of the most intensively studied subjects in the US The post Chuck Hagel: the Army could maybe focus on coastal defense appeared first on RedState.