Andrew Tahmooressi released from Mexican jail after 214 days

1 Nov 2014, 7:31 am

Free at last

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(Scott Johnson)Twin Cities internist Chris Foley is a faithful reader whom I know in his professional capacity. In mid-September he wrote us to address the case of the mystery virus. Accordint to ABC News (at the linked story), the cause of the virus was “unidentified.” Dr. Foley comment

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(John Hinderaker)Some dressed-up kids came by our house tonight, trick or treating. That’s all in good fun, but, sadly, we have a dressed-up middle-aged cipher in the White House, pretending to be a president. Or a king. Or something; someone who doesn’t have to worry about a troublesome

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(John Hinderaker)Two left-wing groups, MoveOn and Mayday.US, sponsored a video contest to highlight the “problem” of money in politics. They published the videos that were submitted on a web site, and encouraged viewers to vote for the best one. Sadly, their effort was nowhere near as su

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The American Spectator

Cubs Hire Maddon; Fire Renteria

The Chicago Cubs have changed managers. They have hired former Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon who suddenly became available when he opted out of his contract with the Rays one week ago.  Because the Cubs hired Maddon, they fired Rick Renteria who had two years remaining on his contract. The

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1 Nov 2014, 3:00 am

SaturdaySo, let’s plunge right into it. What is the story on the elections? First, to the extent that the elections are about the state of the economy, the Democrats should do surprisingly well. Here is why. The economy has revived very considerably from the Crash of 2008. That Crash was uneq
Good for Milton Wolf. The man who made the conservative case in the Kansas Senate primary against incumbent GOP Senator Pat Roberts has now endorsed his one-time rival. This is a good thing. Everybody from Sarah Palin to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul has been in Kansas to close ranks behind Roberts, who i
Yesterday, it was announced that the following nine former players and one executive will be given consideration for the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Golden Era Veterans Committee. The Golden Era is defined as the period between 1947 and 1972: Gil Hodges Jim Kaat Minnie Minoso Tony Oliva Ken Boyer

The Federalist

3 Reasons President Obama Is Wrong About Stay-At-Home Mothers

President Obama just took a bizarre swipe at stay-at-home mothers. Here are three problems with his argument.

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Horror is an inherently conservative film genre. From horror pictures, we learn that government programs cannot in fact save us from ultimate evil.
For a so-called independent, Greg Orman sure has a lot of partisan Democrats running his Senate campaign in Kansas.
My grandma endured a painful death from cancer. But nothing could make her undignified.

The Washington Free Beacon

Ambush Interviews and Double Standards

“To Steve: the only other person I’ve been detained with.” That’s inscribed on the first page of my copy of Crapitalism by its author, Jason Mattera. It’s referring to the time a Dave Obey staffer called the Capitol Police after she tried to manhandle me in a futile ef

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Russian nuclear-capable bombers conducted a third day of military runs along Europe’s coasts on Friday as part of heightened strategic activities by Moscow, the NATO alliance said. “On Friday, Russian planes carried out more flights over Europe,” said NATO spokesman Maj. Rob Phill

Big Government

As Commonwealth Exports Soar Economic Case For Leaving European Union Grows

Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have confirmed two things. Firstly, the percentage of our exports to the other 27 member states of the EU is continuing to plummet. Secondly, the percentage of our exports to the Commonwealth and Anglosphere is continuing to rise.

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UKIP's lead in the forthcoming Rochester by-election has jumped eight points in a monthly repeat poll and now stand at 48 percent, indicating Tory defector Mark Reckless is set to retain the seat in three weeks time. Nigel Farage's Eurosceptic party is now a remarkable 15-points ahead of the Conse
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London has updated it's travel advice for all British citizens worldwide, as government intervention against the Islamic State has created a state of “heightened threat” from “individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria&rdq
A few weeks ago I spent most of an afternoon glued to my computer screen watching Keith Vaz MP leading the Home Affairs Select Committee investigation into the Rotherham child-rape-gang scandal. I had only meant to watch for a few minutes but I just couldn't pull myself away. Nor could my wife, wh

American Thinker

In the Middle East, No Permanent Friends. Only Permanent Interests.

At this point, timing might be everything in snatching victory from defeat in the Middle East.

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President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder have shown exactly what they think of police officers, based on their actions in two cases.
The consequence for private and home education will be dire.  Even day care and babysitting will take a hit.
Not even Republicans can be trusted.  Marylanders will have to do their research.

Heritage Foundation

School Issues ‘No Trespass Order’ on Iraq Veteran Who Questioned Daughter’s Homework Assignment on Islam

An Iraq veteran was banned from his daughter’s high school after objecting to a required homework assignment about Islam. Kevin Wood, father of an 11th-grader... Read More The post School Issues ‘No Trespass Order’ on Iraq Veteran Who Questioned Daughter’s Homework Assignmen

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A long-awaited report from the Department of Justice’s inspector general sharply criticizes U.S. law enforcement officials for allowing a grenade trafficker for vicious Mexican drug cartels to... Read More The post US Lawmen Allowed Drug Cartels’ Grenade Trafficker to Move Fre
In a sign that Republican efforts to target the youth vote is paying off, a new poll finds a majority of young Americans who intend... Read More The post Poll Shows Young Voters Switching Allegiance From Democrats to GOP appeared first on Daily Signal.
Hopes for repeal of  Obamacare by a Republican-controlled Senate dimmed a week before the crucial midterm elections with surprising words from the man who likely... Read More The post Senate’s No. 1 Republican Explains Why a GOP-Controlled Senate Doesn’t Mean Repeal of Obamacare ap

Remember When Taxes Used to Cause Revolutions?

Sam Adams pro-liberty group managed to attack a handful of customhouses and kidnap a few tax collectors after the passage of the Stamp Act. (Seriously Lois Lerner is SUPER lucky she wasnt around in the 1700s.)

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"I would not be inclined to make a political decision on something as serious as Ebola."
I like the health care sector in the current market environment but I prefer companies that are growing at a faster pace than the Eli Lillys (LLY) and Mercks (MRK) of the world.

31 Oct 2014, 11:01 pm

This week, we got mixed messages on the state of mind of the US consumer.

The Corner

Join the National Review Wine Club and Save $100 — And Get Two Free Bottles of Pinot Noir!

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31 Oct 2014, 9:49 pm

On our latest podcast, Mona Charen and I have a guest: Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal. He has written a book, Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed. There is enough in this subject for 100 podcasts, but we make do with approximately half a one. In our se

31 Oct 2014, 9:43 pm

Charlie, your excellent piece on the cat-calling video reminded me of something. Years ago, during the O.J. Simpson trial, we published a piece by (the great) Gertrude Himmelfarb. (When I say “we,” I mean The Weekly Standard, where I was working at the time.) I am going from memory, but
Guerrilla filmmaker James O’Keefe has prompted investigations into political operatives he caught on camera advising non-citizens they could vote. The North Carolina Board of Elections is looking into whether they broke state law. Meanwhile, Greg Amick, the campaign manager for the Demo

Red State

Tech at Night: Weekend Update

I'm not Chevy Chase, but I've been there. This is your reminder that the FCC is still going crazy: it wants to regulate Internet-based video, which is a pure, unacceptable The post Tech at Night: Weekend Update appeared first on RedState.

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31 Oct 2014, 8:12 pm

Fox news reporting that a Mexican judge ordered the immediate release of Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi!      There is nothing more to say, except thank you God. The post YES HE IS FINALLY FREE appeared first on RedState.

31 Oct 2014, 5:00 pm

Halloween 2014 is now upon us. How will you guys be celebrating it? Are you looking forward to putting on your costumes or dealing with trick-or-treaters for the rest of The post Halloween Open Thread appeared first on RedState.
My Front Page colleague Joe Cunningham has done a great job covering Mary Landrieu referring to Louisiana voters as racist and sexist, but there's a couple more things I'd like to The post #LASen: A Little More on Mary Landrieu’s Slamming of Her State’s Voters appeared first on Red