Francis Scott Key's Fourth Stanza

14 Sep 2014, 12:00 am

Two hundred years ago today, it was the unlikely convergence of a physician and a lawyer that produced the most recited poem in American history

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The fact that high priest Barack Obama, as a central tenet of his religion, condones and even funds abortion serves to discredit the very assertion he made about religion and killing innocents.

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Poor Obama -- still working on President Cheney's mistakes.

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What is behind the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish attitudes of many Christians from the Middle East?

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The American Spectator

British PM Cameron: "ISIS Not Muslim, But Monsters."

Last week President Obama declared that "ISIS isn't Islamic." Now British Prime Minister David Cameron declares "ISIS isn't Muslim, but monsters." Cameron made the comment in response to the beheading of British aid worker David Haines by ISIS over the weekend.  Obama and Cameron can take the

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Over the weekend the latest in the rolling scandal surrounding Mary Landrieu’s practice of charging taxpayers for her campaign travel throughout Louisiana made its way into a sluggish and indifferent local media. You would think the news that since 2000 Landrieu had spent some $34,000 on fort
The Cosmopolitans, Whit Stillman’s new project about American expats in Paris, is several different kinds of experiment: It’s Stillman's first foray into television. It’s a return to the slightly more naturalistic style of earlier movies like Metropolitan, rather than the more sty
When Senator Ted Cruz delivered the keynote address at last Wednesday’s inaugural In Defense of Christians Summit in Washington, D.C., he was expected to place a much-needed spotlight on the plight of the ancient and persecuted Christian communities of the Middle East. Instead, under the guis

The Federalist

This Is The Worst Thing Ever And We’re All Going To Die.

History culminates here. The arrogance of the times demands it.

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Lost in the bitter fights over Ted Cruz's speech to persecuted Christians was the fact that all sides had valid arguments. Consider what you missed.
No, George W. Bush did not say "Our God is the God who named the stars" just days after 9/11. Are any quotes peddled by Neil deGrasse Tyson real?
The best critiques of 'Capital' show that most of the links in Thomas Piketty’s argument are broken.

The Washington Free Beacon

Code Pink Crashes Senate Hearing On ISIL

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Conditions for foreign journalists in China have worsened considerably in recent years, as threats and the use of violence against them by police have increased, according to a new report.
An ad in The New York Times Saturday decrying Hamas' actions featured the signatures of 300 Hollywood celebrities and crew backing the message.
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany will do all it can to fight anti-Semitism, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a speech on Sunday, following a surge of abuse against Jews and spreading anti-Israeli sentiment aroused by the Gaza conflict.

Big Government

EU and Ukraine Sign 'Historic' Association Agreement

The European Union and Ukraine have simultaneously ratified an association agreement designed to bring Ukraine in line with the EU on a wide range of issues from security to human rights, prompting Ukraine’s President to hail the event as a “historic” day. However, following talk

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In Alaska, Dan Sullivan's campaign is out with a new ad, "Pure Washington," hitting Democrat Mark Begich. The Sullivan for U.S. Senate campaign released their latest web ad, “Pure Washington.” The ad highlights how career politician Mark Begich repeatedly says one thing in Alaska, and
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and other Arab states are contemplating taking part in U.S. air strikes against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. According to The Independent, Secretary of State John Kerry has been touring the region seeking support for the U.S. effort, and an u
The Huffington Post successfully recruited readers to pay the salary of one of their reporters for a year.  Using an unorthodox funding strategy, the online news outlet teamed up with to back the hiring of a special reporter to cover the story of Ferguson, Missouri after re

American Thinker

Israel, Palestinians and the Nation State

In dealing with the Palestinians, the West expects Israel to perform like a Western nation-state; so a careful examination of just exactly what a nation-state is, required.

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The IRS is in fact is a perennial, institutional lawbreaker.
When we buy into the lie of radical Muslims that there is but one Islam, we strengthen the extremists.
Iillegal immigrant juveniles are being brought into the U.S. to serve the Democratic National Machine.

Heritage Foundation

Politically Connected: Ties Link Embattled Government Bank, Well-Heeled Consultants

Clients of a high-powered Washington consulting firm appear to have benefited from the outfit’s ties to the Export-Import Bank and the Obama administration, which wants... Read More The post Politically Connected: Ties Link Embattled Government Bank, Well-Heeled Consultants appeared first on

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Today, the U.S. Census Bureau will release its annual report on poverty. This report is noteworthy because this year marks the 50th anniversary of President... Read More The post The War on Poverty Has Been a Colossal Flop appeared first on Daily Signal.
Over Labor Day weekend, the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol ran a no-refusal DUI checkpoint in Oxford, home of the University of Mississippi. In a no-refusal... Read More The post Blood Testing Could Be in Store for Mississippi Drivers at DUI Checkpoints appeared first on Daily Signal.
A school board in Virginia got an earful from one of its students last week over its ban on lip balm. Last winter, Grace Karaffa,... Read More The post Virgina Schools Bans Chapstick appeared first on Daily Signal.

New Campaign Tactic: Democrats Pretend to Be Republicans

Alright. So, Democrat Alison Grimes is no fan of team Obama. Got it. Of course, this kinda raises a few questions, doesnt it? For example: If you dont like Obamas policies, why are you a Democrat?

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15 Sep 2014, 11:01 pm

Dont Book Your Super Bowl Tickets Quite Yet! Being stunned by the fact that my two favorite professional football teams are undefeated, I decided to bring myself back to reality and analyze what exactly makes up our economy.

15 Sep 2014, 11:01 pm

Outside of creating human beings from scratch, I think the greatest achievement from science would be a perpetual motion machine. Unfortunately, I would have to say that the closest thing we have to a perpetual motion machine right now is our welfare system
The CIA reported this past Thursday that the number of Islamic State fighters is actually three times what previous government estimates were, according to Fox News. A spokesperson for the intelligence agency explained that the radical Islamic group boasts between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters across I

The Corner

The U.S. Response to Ebola Takes Shape

The New York Times reports that President Obama will give public remarks sometime today on the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Among the details of our response: The president will go beyond the 25-bed portable hospital that Pentagon officials said they would establish in Libe

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When the Democrats were defying public opinion in March 2010 and passing Obamacare, they presumably would have been horrified to look into a crystal ball and see a poll from September 2014 finding that, if given a choice between repealing Obamacare or keeping it as-is, Americans would support repea
From this news story: A survey conducted by MTV asked 3,000 Millennials ages 14 to 24 their thoughts on race-related issues, including affirmative action for college acceptance, in May. And what it found was seemingly paradoxical: 90 percent of Millennials surveyed “believe that everyone sh
During the 2008 primary campaign, I was a fairly constant anti-Huck voice on NRO. This morning, Byron York reports that Huck may be gearing up for another run. FWIW, I’m as anti-Huck now as I was then. Why? He’s more of a liberal Christian populist than a limited-government conservative

Red State

Alex Wagner, Eugenics, and Brainwashing

Via Caleb Howe comes this astonishing clip of MSNBC host Alex Wagner showing some justified concern about how eugenics is still practiced even today. Amazingly, however, she seems to believe that the most important means through which eugenics is practiced today is actually important to the prevent

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On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Shikha Dalmia to discuss the westerners that ISIS has recruited, what their numbers say about modern liberalism and what further American involvement in the Middle East will do to ISIS recruitment in the West. The post ISIS and The
Image Credit: UK Daily Mail The Somali and Algerian immigrants, the German and American converts, the black burkas and dyed beards, headed into the dying summer to kill Christians and Kurds, Turkmen and Shiites, to behead babies and crucify critics, don’t seem like monsters. Sultan Knish Some
On Sunday, Bill and Hillary Clinton were Iowa attending the final Tom Harkin Steak Fry event, and Bill was repeatedly pinned down in conversation by folks in attendance. During one such encounter, Clinton got into a discussion with a pro-Palestinian activist who managed to elicit a surprising, or n