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30 Sep 2014, 10:01 pm


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Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said 2014 will be remembered as the year that the U.S. “surrendered” on preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Reflecting on Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the UN General Assembly on Monday, Krauthammer said the Obama

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(John Hinderaker)Today is the last day of the quarter, the final FEC deadline before November’s election. So every candidate on both sides of the aisle is bombarding potential donors with emails. I have gotten several hundred today, from both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats are follow

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The American Spectator

Perry: Obama Administration Must Address Oklahoma Beheading

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Texas Governor Rick Perry called upon the White House to address the beheading in Oklahoma last week.  At this point, the FBI is characterizing the attack as an act of "workplace violence." Quel surprise. For his part, Perry characterized th

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Not surprisingly the FBI is doing its best to minimize last week's beheading in Oklahoma. Consider the commentary on Alton Nolen's Facebook page. From The Washington Post: The Moore police said that Nolen had tried to convert several co-workers to Islam. Two federal law enforcement officials told
Welcome to today’s edition of “Where are my tax dollars going?” The government’s latest creative use of tax revenue is a $300,000 study on how to ride a bike. Oh, you thought you already knew how to ride a bike? Allow the National Science Foundation to correct you: “(A
Welcome to today’s edition of “Where are my tax dollars going?” The government’s latest creative use of tax revenue is a $300,000 study on how to ride a bike. Oh, you thought you already knew how to ride a bike? Allow the National Science Foundation to correct you: “(A

The Federalist

The 3 Worst Things About Saturday Night Live’s Season Opener

Even this late in his 2nd term, Saturday Night Live is unable to poke even the slightest bit of fun at President Obama. The rest of the show is weak, too.

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The Kansas City Chiefs remind us: If you want to avoid generating outrage, the further you are from Washington or New York, the better.
When it comes to housing policy, the Left’s obsession with diversity has actually put them at odds with cultural sensitivity.
My little daughter doesn’t need to fear her body this young, NPR.

The Washington Free Beacon

Krauthammer: ’2014 Will Be Remembered As The Surrender On Iran’

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The Obama administration must acknowledge the existence of an independent investigation into former White House senior economics adviser Austan Goolsbee’s alleged unauthorized access to the Koch brother’s tax returns, a court ruled Tuesday.
(Reuters) - U.S. health officials said on Tuesday the first patient infected with the deadly Ebola virus had been diagnosed in the country.

Big Government

What You Need to Know About Ebola

The current outbreak of Ebola virus in Dallas has people all over the United States panicked about the possibility of Ebola coming to their hometown.  Apparently, the person who contracted Ebola did so while in Liberia, then traveled to the United States without symptoms. According to Centers

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COLUMBIA, South Carolina — Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) heaped contempt on President Barack Obama’s executive overreach in a speech to University of South Carolina students here Tuesday morning, saying that Obama is behaving like a banana republic dictator. Paul’s harshest criticism
On Tuesday, The New York Times ran a lengthy piece ripping Israel for supposedly hiding its Israeli Arab population. Pointing out that Israel’s population authority originally left the top baby name in Israel – Muhammad – off its pre-Rosh Hashana list of top baby names, the Times
If one is looking for reasons why Washington has become so caustic, divisive and bitter, look no further than retiring Attorney General Eric Holder. If reports first published by the Los Angeles Times are correct, the always controversial Holder, aged 63, will soon announce a new and permanent ba

American Thinker

Confucius Shrugged

Confucius, China, and Communism in a personal history that Ayn Rand would love.

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It is important to unveil the real thoughts of Abbas in his recent speech to the UN.
If the ISIS chaps didn't exist, we'd have to invent them. Otherwise political correctness would go on and on and oppress us more and more, forever.

30 Sep 2014, 12:00 am

Even in a minefield as perilous as the modern public schoolhouse, where speaking candidly on social issues is akin to walking amidst eggshells filled with nitro, the virtues of honesty and integrity are still held in tenuous esteem.

Heritage Foundation

Kentucky Senate Candidates Want You to Know They Care

Kentucky’s U.S. Senate candidates have stopped the mudslinging–for now–and are tugging on the Bluegrass State’s heartstrings with ads aimed to show Kentuckians they care. Incumbent... Read More The post Kentucky Senate Candidates Want You to Know They Care appeared first on

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Meg Kissinger, a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, covered first lady Michelle Obama’s Milwaukee campaign stop Monday for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. But, Kissinger... Read More The post Reporter Forbidden to Speak to Crowd at Michelle Obama Event appeared fi
Q: Why are thousands of people demonstrating in Hong Kong now? Because when the former colonial master Britain handed Hong Kong over to China, the... Read More The post Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Hong Kong Demonstrations appeared first on Daily Signal.
Doug Stafford says he and his boss, Sen. Rand Paul, got into politics the same way: through their church, which inspired them to develop pro-life... Read More The post Political Strategists Plot How Libertarians and Conservatives Can Unite to ‘Take Back the White House’ appeared first o


NY Professor: Global Warming Created ISIS

I know I was surprised to learn that 1.4 degrees of warming (over the last century) was enough to push the cradle of civilization into mass chaos. (Because, as we all know, it was always such a peaceful corner of the world up until recently.)

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30 Sep 2014, 11:01 pm

According to Students for Life of America, 70% of all abortion-providing and abortion-referring facilities are located within five miles of a college campus.

30 Sep 2014, 11:01 pm

Nearly half of the abortions in this country are performed on college-age women. According to Students for Life of America, 70 percent of all abortion-providing and abortion-referring facilities are located within five miles of a college campus. Given those staggering numbers, it would seem that cam
Did you hear about Willie Nelson (81, from oil-rich Texas) joining up with Neil Young (68, Canadian citizenship, now living in California) to sing against the Keystone XL pipeline?

The Corner

Poll: Economists Unanimously Think that Uber Is a Good Thing for Consumers

The University of Chicago’s Initiative on Global Markets runs an interesting project where they ask a panel of highly regarded expert economists — who are somewhat dispersed across the political spectrum of economics, such as it exists — to answer whether they agree or disagree wi

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The family is in crisis, as Pope Francis has said, and the world’s press is fixated on, of course, conflict, much of it distracting, even as it involves important practical and pastoral concerns and pain in the lives of Catholics wanting to live lives according to Church teaching. The p

30 Sep 2014, 7:52 pm

In a fine report on the Russian sanctions, the (leftish) European think-tank Bruegel notes this interesting point (my emphasis added): FDI (Foreign Direct Investment] flows from Europe [into Russia]  have been shrinking significantly in the last three quarters up to March 2014. This occurred
I admit that I haven’t had much confidence in the chances of lawsuits, which argue against federal subsidies in states without exchanges, prevailing. Sure, the law explicitly states that only residents in states that set up exchanges qualify for federal premium subsidies. And

Red State

Ebola Comes to the United States

With the CDC in Atlanta, of course I spent my whole show talking about the Ebola outbreak. You can listen to the show here: And go sign up for the show notes email. The post Ebola Comes to the United States appeared first on RedState.

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At some point the Supreme Court is going to jump into this one. There's just been too much disagreement over this, and the Democrats have simply been too nakedly partisan in the process. The post Pruitt v. Burwell gets decided against government, starting up the #Obamacare subsidy rodeo again. a
As you guys know, I have a radio show on the largest talk station in the country, WSB Atlanta. The CDC is based in Atlanta. This evening, during break, an individual called the program claiming to work for the CDC and to have knowledge of the patient in Dallas, TX. The source gave me information to
*Allegedly The post Roland Burris (D) tried to cash in* while still a US Senator. appeared first on RedState.