Harf: U.S. ‘Open To Conversation’ With Iran

15 Sep 2014, 11:21 pm

The State Department is once again making itself ‘clear’ regarding the list of potential diplomatic partners for the U.S. in its coalition against ISIL. Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf performed damage control for Secretary of State John Kerry on CNN after he said he “was

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15 Sep 2014, 9:41 pm


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Timothy P. Carney In a country evenly divided on abortion, there's broad agreement that pro-lifers shouldn't be forced to subsidize abortion. washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential

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The American Spectator

IRS Chief: 'Wherever we can, we follow the law.'

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen appeared before the House Ways and Means Committee — again — to answer for how his agency is handling enforcement of Obamacare. In the course of questioning, he made this statement, giving an interesting revelation of the agency’s mentality: “W

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“We’ve always said, all options except for boots,” a State Department spokeswoman said last month. “That is still the case.” The catchphrase has become “no boots on the ground.” Nancy Sinatra used hers for walking. But what about our men and women in unifor
The comedian Joan Rivers died on September 4. She had undergone a “routine procedure,” an endoscopy, for an examination of her vocal chords, on August 28 at what is termed “an ambulatory surgical center” for outpatient surgery. She experienced cardiac arrest, was taken by am
It may be thought that as an Australian I have no right to publish an opinion on American politics, but the whole world has an interest in who leads America. Your hopes and fears are ours. So, as one who has watched Obama’s policies of defeatism, retreat, and serial blundering with dismay, he

The Federalist

Taylor Swift’s New Single Will Make You a Worse Person

A world where everyone takes Taylor Swift’s advice and plugs his ears to all criticism is a world where being rotten person bears a much smaller social cost.

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Responding to charges of quote fabrication, Neil deGrasse Tyson refused to provide citations and said the charges just meant his presentation was a success.

15 Sep 2014, 6:07 am

Denying that kids do best when both biological parents raise them is not just naïve, it’s cruel and abusive.
On foreign policy, Washington should use the moral and political compass given to them by our Founding Fathers.

The Washington Free Beacon

Harf: U.S. ‘Open To Conversation’ With Iran

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The American Conservative magazine is raising money by attacking pro-Israel comments made by Sen. Ted Cruz in a speech last week.

Big Government

Interview: SB Champion Clint Didier on His Run for Congress, Sarah Palin, & Redskins Nickname Flap

Sarah Palin recently spoke out in favor of the Washington Redskins keeping their historic nickname. Now, the former Alaska governor is backing a two-time Super Bowl-winning Redskins star, who's happy to have her support.   "It was a great boost," said Clint Didier, a forme

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The hotel chain headquartered in Minnetonka has withdrawn its sponsorship from the football team that plays in Minneapolis. Radisson took the measure in response to Adrian Peterson's indictment on a child-abuse charge, and the team's reinstatement of their star player on Monday.  "Radisson t
An additional allegation that Adrian Peterson cut a four-year-old boy--separate from the one he faces a charge for beating with a switch--while disciplining him has surfaced in Houston. The allegation stems from a visit the child made to Peterson's home in The Woodlands, Texas, in June 2013. KHOU
Though the developers and supporters of the Common Core standards have repeatedly said the purpose of the controversial education initiative is to close the achievement gap between low-income black and Hispanic and white middle-class students, an online Hispanic publication doubts that may happen.

American Thinker

No Victory without Extirpating Terror Sponsors

How best to bring apparent "allies" to heel when they enable terrorism?  U.S. energy advances provide the answer.

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Talk to the average physician about trying to care for patients in the United States today, and you’ll hear exactly the same sorts of sentiments as those expressed by American soldiers faced with the task of “winning the war” in Vietnam some fifty years ago.
Where is the moral outcry from the West on this barbaric custom?

15 Sep 2014, 12:00 am

People who are well-informed know that the global warming superstition is based exclusively on computer models. But speculation put on a computer is still speculation.

Heritage Foundation

9 Facts About How the Poor in America Live

Many in America, while struggling, also have more assets than you might assume from media reports. >>> Read More Facts: The War on Poverty After... Read More The post 9 Facts About How the Poor in America Live appeared first on Daily Signal.

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Just days before the security of the Obamacare website is the subject of a new report by an independent government agency, a watchdog group today... Read More The post Obamacare Team Knew About Security Flaws but Rolled Out Website Anyway, Documents Show appeared first on Daily Signal.
College football is back, to the delight of students and alumni across the country. But between the touchdowns and the tailgating, student debt continues to... Read More The post 4 Key Reforms That Could Make College More Affordable appeared first on Daily Signal.
The Associated Press (AP) has obtained internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) documents that show deportations are down 20 percent since last year. Sadly, this... Read More The post Deportations Fall to New Lows As Administrative Amnesty Looms appeared first on Daily Signal.


Let’s Just Hope Obama’s Golf Game is Improving

Serious question: With all the time Obama has spent on the golf course, is his handicap getting any better? Does anyone know how well he actually does on 18 holes? Also, The nightmare of Obamacare just never stops Open enrollment (round two) is about to begin, and its not expected to be much better

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On November 30th, voters in Switzerland will head to the polls to vote in a referendum on gold. On the ballot is a measure to prohibit the Swiss National Bank (SNB) from further gold sales, to repatriate Swiss-owned gold to Switzerland, and to mandate that gold make up at least 20 percent of the SNB
"Should Scotland be an independent country?" reads the referendum on which Scotland will vote Thursday. Voters have two choices -- yes or no.

15 Sep 2014, 11:01 pm

Socialism in its many guises depends on the use of force.

The Corner

Ron Johnson: Obama's ISIS Strategy Is Basically Like Poking a Hornet's Nest With a Stick

Republican Senator Ron Johnson is concerned about blowback from America’s limited air campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — if the U.S. fails to destroy the group entirely, President Obama’s plan to intervene will be just like poking a hornet’s n

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Matthieu Aikins, a fellow at the Nation Institute (yes, that Nation), has an inspiring and heartbreaking look into a part of the Syrian civil war you probably haven’t heard about: the work of Syrian civilian first responders, who don white helmets and hop into a truck as soon as they hear a b
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf was adamant that the United States would not be working with the Syrian government to fight the Islamic State — but couldn’t say the same about the Syrian government’s chief ally and patron, Iran.  Harf spoke with CNN&rsquo
The group of nations joining together to fight the Islamic State is a “coalition of the unwilling” for a simple reason, says Charles Krauthammer: “because Obama is unwilling.” “Everyone knows it,” the columnist told his fellow panelists on Monday’s

Red State

Clinton Is As Clinton Does

Jim Geraghty reports that Hillary Clinton has returned to Iowa. Once every four years she whips out a Michelin Atlas and finds it. She visits it with only slightly greater frequency than with which Senator Landrieu makes it back home to Mom and Dad in Louisiana. This year Senator Tom Harkin invited

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What message does Senator Kirsten Gillibrand think that this is sending to people? "Don't rock the boat?" The post Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, New York) still profanely covering up for her male colleague’s sexism. appeared first on RedState.
The situation for Christians in the Middle East continues to get worse, but this time, it isn’t at the hands of a terrorist group or band of rebels. It’s from one of our supposed allies in the region: Saudi Arabia. As Fox News reports, this past Friday (September 12th), agents
Human progress can be portrayed as a long, difficult, but highly successful war against nature, which retaliates with some very spectacular counter-attacks to remind us of our technological limits.  Whenever I hear the state of nature romanticized, I find myself thinking that the “natura