(Scott Johnson)Facing a November 24 deadline, the…

20 Oct 2014, 7:44 am

(Scott Johnson)Facing a November 24 deadline, the Obama administration is rushing to reach a final agreement surrendering to Iran in the P5+1 talks. Jennifer Rubin takes a look at recent reports and finds that the Obama administration is “Chasing a bad deal with Iran.” This shouldn&rsquo

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Is the worst behind us?

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No options

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A North Carolina court case involving pushy dentists showcases how bad laws let some people employ government power to block entrepreneurs.

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The American Spectator

Those Chemical Weapons: An Iraq War Embed’s Experience

The New York Times report of October 14 should have been bigger news. Big enough to reshape the entire history of the Iraq war that toppled Saddam Hussein at the cost of more than 3,500 American lives and $1 trillion. So far, in the midst of the Ebola crisis, another Iraq war, and so much more, it

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My teeth hurt. Over the past week, I’ve been assaulted by one “news” story after the next about the latest fruit of government motors. Not GM. Tesla. The Model D. It is very slick! And very quick! It has all-wheel-drive! Not one but two electric motors (which isn’t new,
I’m embarrassed to admit that this summer I watched a new cable TV series called The Last Ship. When I stumbled on a TNT trailer of the new series featuring the use of a Navy ship and authentic shipboard scenes, I decided to watch the first episode. It was pretty lame drama, but I was hooked.

20 Oct 2014, 3:00 am

The folks at Media Matters for America are angry at the press. In a sublimely ironic post, Eric Boehlert fumes, “As Republicans seek to gain a partisan advantage by ginning up fear about the Ebola virus… they’re getting a major assist from the news media.” Boehlert believes

The Federalist

Will The Real Government Crony Please Stand Up?

A North Carolina court case involving pushy dentists showcases how bad laws let some people employ government power to block entrepreneurs.

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Obama already had an Ebola Czar before he appointed Ron Klain as one. The two have several things in common, beginning with absence from Ebola meetings.
Except that we did expect it, because it's inherent in the fundamental basis of the left's argument for gay marriage.
Electing a president who limits himself according to the Constitution requires finding a more modest candidate.

The Washington Free Beacon

Poll: 64% Say Things In America Are Completely ‘Out of Control’

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20 Oct 2014, 4:00 am

GRAND RAPIDS, MI—There are thousands of people in the parking lot and red foliage on the trees. The rain that blanketed west Michigan all week has let up. It’s a perfect backdrop for a campaign event as long as you ignore the drunk couple fighting in front of the port-a-potties. Michiga
Many attendees of an Obama campaign rally headed for the exits shortly after the president began speaking Sunday evening.

Big Government

Early Voting Begins in Texas General Election

HOUSTON, Texas -- Early voting for Texas 2014 General Elections begins Monday and runs through October 31st. The General Election date is November 4th. Across Texas voters will go to the polls to cast votes in one of the most influential primary elections in at least a generation. Every statewide

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Jose Manuel Barroso has said the concerns of UK citizens towards the European Union merit a “substantive response”. In a speech at Chatham House, the Portuguese politician who was at the helm of the European Union for ten years sought to address concerns about EU interference and the b
An apparent attempt by Islamic State militants to kidnap a Syrian rebel leader within Turkey has been foiled, raising questions about Turkey's ability to stop militants operating within its borders. The Telegraph reports that Abu Issa, who leads rebel group Thuwar Raqqa, which has been fighting th
New rules intended to encourage “British Values” are being used to threaten a Christian school with closure because they have not invited an Imam to address the school assembly, reports a charity helping to defend them from the Department for Education. The unnamed school, which is a s

American Thinker

Ebola and American Racism

I despair at how American racism distorts discussion of a health crisis and cripples competent response to that crisis.

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20 Oct 2014, 12:00 am

The logic of multiculturalism has dictated the White House response to the Ebola crisis. That logic, however, doesn’t fly with ordinary citizens.

20 Oct 2014, 12:00 am

If Turkey is our ally, what does an enemy look like?
My name is Rivka Edelman, and I am the product of same-sex parenting.  Yet I'm not exactly celebrated among the LGBT community.

Heritage Foundation

Should a Republican Be Allowed to Edit a Democrat’s Wikipedia Page?

A dispute between the Republican research firm America Rising and a Wikipedia editor named “Jehochman” has triggered a debate about editing Wikipedia pages during political campaigns. Jonathan Hochman, founder of... Read More The post Should a Republican Be Allo

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Martha Boneta says a regional conservation group has trespassed repeatedly on her small farm in Paris, Va., about an hour outside Washington, D.C. Boneta says... Read More The post Farmer’s Harassment Claim Against Green Group to Get Airing appeared first on Daily Signal.
Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Chuck Todd this morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the World Health Organization was... Read More The post Why Weren’t US Hospitals Equipped to Handle Ebola Patients
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee is calling on “every pastor in America” to send their sermons to Annise D. Parker, the Houston mayor who is under fire... Read More The post Mike Huckabee Wants to Send a Message to Houston Mayor With ‘Thousands’ of Sermons, Bibles appeared fir


Kansas Senate Race is a National Election

Former Democrat House Speaker Tip ONeills political wisdom that All politics is local has been a staple in political thinking for many years.

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Washington states I-594 has massive money pouring into it, because its apparently the only gun-control measure on the ballot this fall anywhere across the country. There are actually two dueling gun measures in the state.
Im sure that macroeconomic models have grown more sophisticated today, but they still cant predict very well.
Cuba to the rescue Thats right: The communist Caribbean country is stepping up to help fight Ebola in Africa. Of course, it should be pointed out that the world isnt exactly clamoring for Cuban healthcare whenever an epidemic breaks out.

The Corner

The End of Ebola?

Oh I don’t mean as a disease. The plague rages on, alas. I mean as a driver of media hysteria, political finger-pointing and perpetual White House panic, it may be that we’ve seen the worst of Ebola here in the US. The incubation period is winding down. And, without new negative de

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The Boston Globe rounds up comparative studies of how life worked in East and West Germany during their forced 40-year experiment in radically different economic systems. In addition to the clear distinction in financial performance, the division of Germany produced a wealth of information about ho
American C-130 aircraft dropped weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to help the Kurdish forces in Kobani, a Syrian town on the border with Turkey, that’s currently under siege by the Islamic State. The town almost fell to the Islamic State last week, with jihadists occupying significant
My Dutch colleague Dr. Stan Veuger takes on ShadowStats in his latest op-ed: ShadowStats publishes “alternate” measures of inflation and pretends to do so by employing the methods the statistics bureau used to employ, that is, by ignoring the fact that we consume different goods and s

Red State

The Wolf

The boy who cried wolf eventually learned his lesson. After rallying the countryside for his amusement several times, a wolf did show up. By that time the villagers no longer The post The Wolf appeared first on RedState.

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20 Oct 2014, 12:00 am

When conservatives consider the casualties of Obama’s national security policies, their attention is drawn quite naturally to Benghazi. In this shameful episode, the Obama Administration sacrificed an ambassador and three The post The Blood on Obama’s Hands appeared first on RedState.

19 Oct 2014, 11:00 pm

Please make plans to join me on a conference call the day after the mid-term elections, Wednesday, November 5th from 9-10am. I will review the results and give you my The post Post-Election Call appeared first on RedState.
Let's just establish something right here, right now: Self-proclaimed Clinton Democrats are struggling this election cycle, and not even their powerful namesakes may be enough to save them. Both Bill The post If the Clintons were serious about the South, they’d stump in West Virginia. appeare